Friday 9 September 2016

A mag 6.1 - 28km SW of Macquarie Island, Australia is the third major quake of September

There is No Tsunami Threat or Tsunami Warning, Advisory, or Watch in effect.
A mag 6.1 - 28km SW of Macquarie Island, Australia was registered last night, it was reported originaly as a mag 6.7, then downgraded to a mag 6.3 and finally confirmed as a mag 6.1 at USGS.
Last nights major quake is the 3rd of September and the 96th of 2016.

August weighs in with 14 major quakes including the deadly quake of Italy which killed 300

Chart The Big Wobble

A total of 14 major quakes were registered in August, 2016.
Three big quakes of mag 7 or higher were recorded, the biggest being the magnitude 7.4 east of the Falkland Isles on August the 19th
The most deadly quake was the magnitude 6.2 which killed almost 300 people on August the 24th.
The deadliest quake of the year is the massive magnitude 7.8 which killed 673 in Ecuador on April 16th, which incidentally ties with the magnitude 7.8 in Indonesia on March the 2nd as the two biggest quakes so far of 2016.

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