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I'm Sure All The Readers Of The Big Wobble Will Be Thinking Of You And Praying For You As Hurricane Ian Makes Land-Fall Near You: God Be With You Buddy! The Tampa Bay region, which is home to more than three million people, is among the most vulnerable places in the US for severe flooding.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Typhoon Vongfong leaves a trail of destruction in the Philippines as the situation in evacuation centres becomes a nightmare due to social distancing with Covid-19 and a dengue fever outbreak

Credit Japan’s Himawari-8 satellite.

The Philippines are still reeling from 21 tropical storms which hit them in last years season, causing more than a million people to be evacuated along with many deaths. Now Typhoon Vongfong has kicked off the new season leaving a trail of destruction in the country as the situation in evacuation centres has turned into a nightmare due to social distancing with Covid-19 and a dengue fever outbreak.

MANILA: Typhoon Ambo (Vongfong) has left a trail of destruction in the central Philippines as it continues to hit other parts of the country, adding to the woes of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who had to be evacuated amid the coronavirus lockdown. In Eastern Samar, where it made its first landfall on Thursday, the storm caused “unimaginable” damage to infrastructure, Governor Ben Evardone said on Friday. Among the damaged facilities were schools that have been converted into COVID-19 quarantine centres.

Several major roads were blocked by floodwater and debris. In a radio interview, Evardone said that many areas in the province were left without power and communication lines were down. “As of now, the storm has subsided but electricity and communications lines are down in some of the towns. Even the radio facility of the province was destroyed,” he said. He added that the situation in evacuation centres was a nightmare for maintaining physical distancing to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. The volatile situation has been further aggravated by a dengue outbreak in the province. Arab News

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A man alone in his car passes out at the wheel caused from lack of O2 from wearing a facemask and goes headlong into a tree, another man, all alone jogging with facemask nearly dies after collapsed lungs from wearing a face mask and lack of O2..........hows that 'distancing and facemask crap workin out for ya'

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Allegedly I would take the over he was texting and blamed it on the mask