Sunday, 2 February 2020

Summer arrives in parts of Europe: Several locations in Spain pushed above 25 deg C, 77 deg F. Valencia peaked at 27 deg C, 81 deg F. Skittish jet Stream to blame: Cold and wet in not Europe!

Earthwindmap showing incredibly warm weather in Europe and not Europe at the moment!

2020 has shown some remarkable events already, none more so than the crazy weather. Where I live in Holland, winter has been replaced with a sort of temperate grey, wet and windy end of Autumn type of weather with the temperature usually hovering near the 10 deg C, (50 deg F). I can't remember one frost this winter, and definitely no snow. The climate is definitely changing here, no two ways about it but I don't believe it's anything to do with Al Gores CO2 theory because of other lands furth south from here have had unusually cold and snowy weather. Spain Portugal and Greece have all suffered from colder and snowier winters than usual.

The first day of extreme warmth of the new year was verified yesterday, on Saturday, Feb 1st. Several locations across the Mediterranean and the Balkans peaked into low 20 deg C, around 70 deg F, here on the Eastcoast of Europe some parts of Holland recorded 16 deg C, almost 61 deg F. Even southern Scandinavia and Denmark reached up to 11 deg C, 52 deg F. Spring weather across eastern Spain – several locations pushed above 25  deg C, 77 deg F. Valencia peaked at 27 deg C, 81 deg F.

It's not all about warmth, I understand that. Last week the Westcoast of the US and Canada ad torrential amounts of rain and snow. Record-breaking amounts of rain hit Northern Australia last week. Northern India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have had record amounts of snowfall and cold stretching back to December 2019.

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DerHundIstLos said...

While you may not agree with the world scientific community, the fact of the matter is NOAA just announced 2019 was the second hottest year in recorded history and the preceding ten years were the warmest on record as well. In terms of cooling, the last time the Earth experienced a 30 day cycle of cooler than normal temperatures was December 1985.

Gary Walton said...

I absolutely agree with you Sir

Jhon Smith said...

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