Friday, 12 July 2019

A mag 6.0 quake rocks Papua New Guinea: Southern Cal "swarmageddon" passes 10,000 quakes but shows a slight reduction over 24 hours

Credit, Southern Californian Seismic Network

A mag 6.0 - 174km N of Arawa, Papua New Guinea is the 6th major quake of July, all 6 have occurred around the Pacific Ring Of Fire including the magnitude 7.1 and 6.4 in Southern California.

Meanwhile, what is being called "swarmageddon" by the locals, the number of aftershocks since the powerful mag 7.1 quake has now reached almost 11,000, however, the swarm in the last 24 hours is showing signs of reduction with a total of 1,600, see screenshot above.

The total number of major quakes (mag 6+) so far this year is an impressive 83, the same period in 2018 delivered just 46 and the same period in 2017 delivered 49, 2016: 75, 2015: 79, 2014: 98, 2013: 77, 2012: 74, 2011: 135, which of course was the year of the Fukushima disaster Japan which suffered more than 70 mag 6+ aftershocks.

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