Thursday, 14 February 2019

Record-breaking 2019 continues: Moscow suffers record snowfall: California city of 100,000 cut off from record snow: 100,000 without power


2019 is only 45 days old but we have had record heat, record cold, record rainfall and record snowfall all over the planet and weather records are being broken on an almost daily basis.
The newest area to suffer a record-breaking weather event is Moscow, the capital of Russia.
According to France 24, seven centimetres (2.8 inches) of snow fell overnight, according to the national meteorological service, with drifts reaching up to 45 centimetres (18 inches).
The Moscow meteorological service said the snowfall beat a record set in 1995 and amounted to almost a third of the average monthly figure, according to news agencies.
City authorities said they sent out more than 60,000 people to shovel the snow.
Some 10,000 snow ploughs and 2,000 trucks were dispatched, they added.
The heavy snowfall hit the whole of central Russia but ended in Moscow by nightfall.

Meanwhile, in the US, the California city of Redding, which averages about 3 inches of snow per year, received upwards of a foot of new snow from Nadia, effectively shutting down the city of nearly 100,000.
Roads were impassable and much of the city's homes and businesses lost power as inches of heavy snow weighed down power lines.
"We've been here since 2002 and we've had snow maybe four times, but nothing like this," local resident Chris Belcastro told SF Gate.

According to the Weather Channel, the heavy snow caused numerous power outages; up and down the West Coast, more than 100,000 homes and businesses were in the dark because of Storm Nadia, according to

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  1. Dane wiggington states on Jeff fence radio, 50 gigitons have probably erupted from the we know how many gigitons are being released per year?? Anybody?

  2. Don't know the per year amounts, you can leave Dane a comment asking this. He is good about answering our questions. Sounds like he might have meant 50 Gt is the total to date, from incremental releases, not all at once? Hope so because I read that 50 Gt's of methane is the amount expected to be released in one big blow out firestorm predicted to begin possibly as early as 18-19 months from now and to culminate in 1-4 years. Predicted start dates are as early as 7/15/20 - 9/4/21. Will cause a 10c global temp rise! Dubbed a Permian style extinction event. Info is from NASA GISS data.
    This must be why a few days ago Popular Science reported that they can't be sure but they feel these winter cold snaps will end soon and winters will start to heat up instead. Could be their geoengineered cold snaps can't keep up the winter fooled ya weather under extreme conditions such as these predictions? Guessing. Please repost if you find out the per year amounts. Thank you.