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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Second case of bird flu in the U.S. this week: Jennie-O Turkey Store in Wisconsin and Highly Pathogenic Avian flu in Tennessee chicken farm

Click on RSOE Alert map to enlarge, red squares indicate humans infected or dead
Officials confirm a low-pathogenic bird flu strain has been detected in a Jennie-O Turkey Store operation in western Wisconsin.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture posted notice of the case to the Organization for Animal Health's website Tuesday.
Austin, Minnesota-based Hormel Foods Corp., which owns Willmar, Minnesota-based Jennie-O, confirmed the H5N2 strain was detected Saturday at its Barron, Wisconsin, operation.
The Star Tribune reports it is the second case of bird flu reported at a U.S. commercial poultry operation in a week.
The first case, reported late last week at a Tennessee chicken farm, is the highly pathogenic bird flu (HPAI) H7.
In a statement, Hormel said Jennie-O has no turkey flocks in that area of the country.

There is a large surge in human cases of deadly bird flu in China which is causing alarm amongst scientists.
A significant increase since October 2016 and the flu strain is evolving

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