Monday, 30 January 2017

Millions of dead sardines wash up on a beach in Chile: Dead fish as far as the eye can see!

Translated from Spanish
A new marine life disaster in Chile as millions of dead sardines washed up dead last Thursday in the beach of the locality of Aucho in Quemchi.
The find has attracted the attention of the inhabitants of this coastal sector who did not hesitate to approach to the edge of the place to verify the situation.
Yohana Rodríguez, a tourist entrepreneur, said it was some visitors who first noticed the fish sighting on an entire stretch of the beach and intensified on Friday morning.
"The tourists found the surprise of this stranding of sardines and today we went to see how big it was and of course it was a lot of small sardines," explained the local entrepreneur.
The population of Auchao added that "if what was catching our attention days ago is that it was getting too much seagull".

The unusual phenomenon is already in the knowledge of the port captaincy of Quemchi that moved to the beach of Aucho to inform of this strange event in the coasts of the place.