Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Why our European leaders are guilty of murder and the real reason our left-wing establishment is allowing millions of refugee's into Europe

Photo The Sun

For months and months the European people warned their politically correct, fair, free Western democratic, socialist leaders not to let in millions of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, not because they hate Muslims or because they are racists no, Europeans in general are fair tolerant people, no they knew that for every 100 genuine refugee’s allowed across our borders at least ten more would be a terrorist and would commit murder on European soil. If the kind tolerant citizens of Europe knew what would happen by letting in waves of asylum seekers into our countries why did our jelly bellied leaders not know? Well of course they must have known but they chose to ignore the threat and worse still the elected leaders arrogantly refused to listen to their electors.

So you see, it’s not just the terrorists to blame for all the deaths in France, Germany and Belgium in recent months but also the politicians who willingly let these demonic people into Europe without so much as a passport control, what our leaders have done here is nothing less than murder and it’s just the beginning but wait, worse still, Brussels wants to keep open their borders for these killers to enter and I myself couldn’t understand as to why until now.

The phoney loveleyism of Western democracy may seem the true way for a perfect peaceful world but that will only work if all parties are singing from the same hymn sheet, your average jihadi doesn’t crave a perfect peaceful world, he or she craves, death to all who doesn’t worship their evil god, and of course even our puffed up libtard politicians know this but care to ignore it because flooding our streets with poverty class refugees will bring millions of more votes for their socialist agenda which is exactly the very same tactics Tony Blair used in the late 90’s when he allowed more than 2 million asylum seekers into the UK so he would gain more votes. So you see, We have been tricked once again by the very people who should have our interest at heart, they pulled on our strings telling us how compassionate we should be for these poor souls all the while, knowing they had deceived us and knowing they would bring murder…Perhaps Brexit and President elect Mr Trump will be the down fall of the left-wing establishment!