An Open Letter From A Good Friend In America! What do goats, tap water and PCR tests have in common? | Catholics, take note | Biden's China

Dear Family and Friends,

I will be the first to admit plentiful ignorance about what exactly a virus is and what does it do in the body - is it friend or foe? My admittedly confused assumption prior to watching the two videos below, was the understanding that viruses were extremely small, alive, can easily pass from person to person and through most any mask not electrostatically charged, exists mainly to do harm and could potentially replicate out of control to do much damage or even cause death.

Be that as it may, I had to watch each of the two videos a few times to get a rudimentary understanding of what was being said on many points, of which was completely different from my apparently erroneous understanding. Like everyone else, not in a clinical setting, I have to base my opinions according to what presents to me the most reasonable understanding. I send the two videos for your review . . . because what was and how it was presented sure does make good sense to me.

In the quest of forming a mental picture based on the video information below and doing some online research, I could not help but to be faced with an either/or proposition, as there was really NO common ground, no resemblance in definition of being or activity of a virus. One side of virus-think, would present a virus as an active invader and potential destroyer that requires an electrostatically charged N95 mask and many feet of separation from the viral host to be employed in order to be "safe"; the other side (videos below) would describe viruses as being only dead cell fragments which are breaking down from the natural cell death process. Every cell that dies has within it a deconstruction crew of bacteria which are immediately activated by the normal process of apoptosis (cell death), the break down products are then in short order carried away and eliminated through excretory channels.

Providing it is true, the information is so earthshaking that if all of humanity were able to watch this and grasp the explanations as are related to the viewer, there would be protests against mask mandates and lockdowns so enormous that it would devastate the globalists' agenda and not another jab would be administered, ever.

PCR tests are an absolute joke (what do goats, tap water and PCR tests have in common? Go to the 10:30 minute mark in first video link to find out). Do not submit to a PCR test, or force others under your supervision to do so. Due to the very high sensitivity of the PCR test it readily generates false positives, which become statistical "cases" and thus more food for fear is spun in the media.

Many times I would wonder with curiosity why doctor-interviewees who said there was no evidence to be found in recent virology literature or in personal pursuit by phone, of the CDC to obtain documentation for the evidence of a sars-cov-2 virus. Why the absence of information? A person would think that by now something would have been published, but none to be foundthis is very telling. The absence of proof aligns with the information in the videos.

Adding a second layer to the global bizarre-ness, why the widespread social media censorship, wiping away any opposing viewpoint and information of sound, proven protocol information about hydroxychloroquine and Ivermection, Vitamin D, Zinc etc. - another very telling sign not based in any imaginable way as being reasonable, but yet it is done routinely. It appears as an act of desperation on the part of globalists to demonize effective protocols, so as to sell the (never mentioned gene therapy injection) so-called vaccine. With eyes wide open and mind engaged to ponder the mystery, it would appear most likely an effort to achieve a silent, but absolutely massive agenda of stealth depopulation.

Please take a look at the two links below and if you have comment I would like to hear it. In closing I will quote the last sentence in the first video link pertaining to viruses:

"You cannot catch something that does not exist."

Virus = dead cell debris:

Refuting virology:


Catholics, take note: "I want the confusion" - Francis  
(*this [reported on] desire of Francis is prophesied many times in The Book of Truth
that he [the man who will succeed Benedict XVI] will create great confusion, division
and eventually schism and bring about much more destruction of Christianity to follow, ultimately leading the Church into the one world religion):

Book of Truth messages found here:


For your review - election politics/Biden and China:


Thought this was a fascinating interview with Dr. David Martin: serious COVID patent
irregularities, etc. (dry at first but gets much more interesting):


Hawkeye said...

I think I told you this months ago! The definition of virus in my websters dictionary copywrite 1980 said, dead cell excrement! Actually the first word it uses is "poison". Virus is more like a process and not a thing. When cells have been touched by poison elements its outer layer gets damaged first and that is what sheds off as excrement, then the body works to remove that shedded layer and that is where flu like symptoms come from. Not contagious!

If cells get too damaged by the contact poison they can be more severely damaged and we call that cancer or another disease. A disease is not contagious. Covid is really a vascular disease....caused by a virus.....cells excreting a poison that attacks vascular systems in bodies. The covid pandemic is all about "flu like symptoms" , bogus pcr testing IF YOU SHOW FLU LIKE SYMPTOMS for a vascular disease? The lunatic leaders have spun this theory to levels so non sensible that people do not even consider anything other then what the dr or today, the media, tells them. Doctors have been trained incorrectly and are guilty of not doing their own research, only maybe reading the spin talk put out by the lunatics.

To determine what/where the contact poison was from you look to what/where the symptoms have shown up. For example; if its respiratory then it came from breathing a poison. If its vascular then it came by means of skin exposure or the like. If its cellular similar to vascular, whole body exposure to a toxin/poison, possibly radiation for example. If its digestive system it most likely came from eating or drinking a toxin. This makes sense, the covid narrative we are being fed does not make sense. Way too many holes in their narrative.

I have done my research and this is the most sensible conclusion of all. But hey, you decide.

Gary, this post is covered partially by the right side bar of thumb nail posts and so a good part of it is not readable. I write this based on the parts I could see, so excuse me if I spoke off subject. Can you fix it?


Gary Walton said...

Oh thanks Hawkeye, I will have a look