Sunday 10 March 2024

Signs And Wonders—Earth gets lucky again—A huge magnetic filament erupts from the sun's far side from the area where sunspot group AR 3590 should be. This colossus sunspot group peppered Earth with 3 X-class flares two weeks ago.

Credit LASCO Coronagraph NOAA

Earth gets lucky again—A huge magnetic filament erupted from the sun's far side on March 9-10, see the picture left. The huge filament blast will impact Mercury missing Earth. The impressive blast came from the area where sunspot group AR 3590 should be. This colossus sunspot group peppered Earth with 3 X-class flares two weeks ago. The X6.3 flare was the largest of the three X-class flares, the strongest of this solar cycle and also the largest since September 2017.

According to, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured only a fragment of last night's "500,000 km-wide blast": Debris from the explosion is emerging from the sun in the form of a CME: The CME will not hit Earth. Instead, later today, it will slam into Mercury.

Meanwhile, massive sunspot group AR3599 ejected a very powerful M7-class solar flare around lunchtime today and poses a threat to produce X-class flares in the coming 48 hours. While our Sun continues to remain increasingly active, the same cannot be said about seismic activity here on Earth. While only 4 major quakes (mag 6 or higher) were recorded in February, March 24 appears to be heading the same way with just 3 major quakes so far!

Credit—Space Weather Prediction Centre showing this lunchtime's powerful M7-class flare. . .


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Hawkeye said...

Speaking of the sun, depletion of earth's protective ozone layer is allowing harmful solar UV levels to soar here on the ground. The problem is not the sun, it's the lack of earths ozone protection that is the problem and geoengineering aerosol spraying operations are a top of the list reason why the ozone layer is depleted and full of holes.

The proof of our depleted/lost ozone layer is in the UV readings being monitored by government weather related agencies globally. Sadly under reported to the public! Beware! Skin cancer is so very common these days due to the very high solar UV readings we have on a daily basis for many years now and still continuing.
0 - 2 "Low" this reading means you can safely enjoy being outside without any skin protection. (This range is extinct! Doesn't exist anymore)
3 - 5 "Moderate" this reading says seek shade during mid-day hours. Wear a shirt, sunscreen and a hat!
6 - 7 "High"
8 - 10 "Very high" readings of 8 or higher means avoid being outside. Make sure you seek shade! Shirt, sunscreen and a hat are a must!
11+ "Extreme" dangerous to your health! Plants and trees can not tolerate UV this high continuously. Evidence of this extreme UV is seen on tree barks turning black, or loss of tree bark, holes in tree trunks, dying trees, plants that won't grow normally or at all, and plant/tree diseases and or insect destruction causing plant & tree sicknesses.

Most places on earth now have daily UV readings of 10 or higher on sunny days and even with cloud cover readings can still be as high as 7 or 8. Some local weather news stations do report daily UV readings but you may have to search for it on their web sites, TV weather news never tells these readings!
Here is a link from MSN news about popular travel destinations, globally, and their UV levels. Please check it out and tell your friends! No one should be sunning themselves anymore but we see it all the time. Chances are that is happening because people don't know about this, or they don't believe in the global warming/climate change crisis. The fact that real estate sales and vacationing in many of these popular travel places still remains very active is a tell tale sign of people unaware of the sun danger we are under. You will get skin cancer from it, so just don't expose yourself!

(In case of an error in that link, Google the title: Travel Hotspots! Countries with the greatest UV levels.)

Hawkeye said...

In follow up from my previous UV comment above ...
I could not find any UV level readings on my local news weather section, seems it has been removed, so I just did a Google search; " SWFL daily UV level readings". Several results locally and wow it's alarming!
Every day under sunny or partly sunny skies the UV is an "ALERT" issued! But local news is not "alerting" the public of these "alerts"!?
Before sunrise it's at zero. At sunrise and up to the 10 a.m. hour the UV reading is a 5, then the alert kicks in for the hours of 11 a.m. thru 5 p.m. with a reading of 9+ (very high) issued and some days up to an 11! OMG!!!
The alert is a warning saying avoid being outside or use protection to avoid harm to your skin.
This is very serious and I'm posting this info to help people know truth.
Try doing a similar Google search for your local area to be informed. I am wondering how I can get my dog to wear sunglasses! Walk them after 3 p.m. or later if possible!
This is a very concerning situation folks! Know the truth and protect yourself and your pets!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, Hawkeye!

Great advice for the pets.

Stay safe xxx