Tuesday 20 February 2024

In A Time Of Universal Deceit—Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act: In 2022 + 2023 = 651,512 excess deaths occured in the US more than ten times more than US deaths in Vietnam! UK 30,000 more excess deaths than civilians died in the Biltz

In A Time Of Universal Deceit, Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act: George Orwell 1984. . .

The numbers projected below are human beings, not just stats, please bear that in mind please. . . 

In his most recent videos, Dr John Campbell has not only revealed the horrors of a totally new disease, not seen before 2020, see picture above. Clots are being found by embalmers from postmortems showing blockages in the blood-flow system in many patients since the introduction of vaccines, credit Dr J Campbell. Not mentioned in pathology textbooks—And not seen before 2020 (clot-shots). . . Full Story

However, Dr Campbell has also discovered even more sinister Orwellian horrors, namely, hundreds of thousands of excess deaths since the introduction of the above-mentioned vaccines, and, he believes, as do I, and many more so-called conspiracy theorists that the deaths are being covered up by our governments and scientists!

For instance, in the UK, 2023, weeks, 1 to 44 (weeks 45 to 52 not yet added) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland suffered 49,389 excess deaths, nearly—10% more than we would expect for that period and 'not' attributed to Covid.

In the UK, in 2022 there were 52,514 excess deaths—9.26%. A total of almost 102,000 for 2022/2023 excess deaths and nothing to do with Covid. . .

Dr Campbell then goes on to reluctantly compare these stats (human deaths) to the height of the Blitz in September 1940 to May 1941 during the 2nd World War when UK civilian deaths reached an incredible 40,000. The total civilian death total for the UK during the 2nd World War was 70,000.

Below are excess deaths in the UK since Covid began.

The Blitz has gone down in British folklore, how the devastating bombing turned our country upside down, with children evacuated from their loved ones to safer parts of the country. Our 'green and pleasant land' was on a total war footing. The entire country from the leaders down to the poorest citizens pulled together as one. Today, when these excess deaths are mentioned in the British Parliament, our current politicians walk out of the chambers refusing to discuss the deaths?

As Dr Campbell says, "What the heck is going on here?"

The last couple of years have produced more than 30,000 deaths compared to the total Blitz casualties—And for some reason, it is not being addressed or discussed!

The US is worse, as you would expect, more people!

Weeks1 to 37 in 2023—Saw 155,763 excess deaths, 7.8% more deaths than expected (weeks 37 to 52 are not yet included). . . These deaths are not attributed to Covid. In 2022, 495,749—(17.53%) excess deaths, almost half a million!

2022 + 2023 = 651,512 excess deaths in the US.

The total number of deaths of US soldiers in Vietnam is 58,220, according to the National Archives which is more than 10 times less than excess deaths since the beginning of 2022!

In the 60s the whole country demonstrated against a war which was killing so many American soldiers. Why not now, asks Dr Campbell?

Of course, this is not just happening in the UK and the US, most Western countries are suffering the same problem, and yet, we hear nothing in the media! Below is Finland, showing staggering excess deaths:

And Germany. . .


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