Tuesday 2 January 2024

We have a possible major quake area, south of Aleutian Islands to look out for tonight—Along with chance of Solar Flares and a probable G1-class geomagnetic storm: Storm Henk batters the UK, Europe and Western Europe: Volcano Watch!

Credit EarthWindMap

We have a possible major quake area to look out for tonight, see above. A massive storm is moving East, South of the Aleutian Islands, West of Alaska. It is part of the same system which was over Japan when the mag 7.6 quake struck on New Year's Day. The Japanese could still expect large aftershocks.

Storm Henk, the 8th storm of the winter for the UK and Western Europe is bringing more misery with flooding and wind damage with massive disruption to travel and infrastructure. Two massive low-pressure systems are heading eastwards with nearly 100 mph gusts, 160 km/h, see map below.


The CME which was ejected from the massive sunspot, AR3536 on New Year's Eve and produced a major X5-class solar flare in the process is expected to graze Earth's magnetic field today. According to Spaceweather.com, normal grazing impacts have little effect, but this one might be different. The CME was hurled into space by the strongest solar flare of Solar Cycle 25, an X5-class explosion. G1-class geomagnetic storms are likely if/when the CME arrives.

Could we be in for more fireworks?

Credit SDO—Massive Sunspot AR3636 

In the past 2 days, AR3636 has unleashed four M-class flares and an X5-class flare that ranks as the most powerful explosion of Solar Cycle 25 (so far). NASA is predicting a 60% chance for more M-class flares but only a 25% for more X-class flares in the coming 48 hours!

NASA was somewhat caught out and predicted a 0.1% chance of an X-class flare when the X5-class flare struck on New Year's Eve, proving God calls the shots—Stay tuned!

Credit Volcano News


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