Monday 14 August 2023

A letter from our very own Bill Laughing-Bear: Tin Hats: Part One—I WAS LIED TO! Oh yes, A.I. is in my home listening and monitoring and it can't be turned off!! And "A.I." even prevented several electrical technitions from shutting off the router WiFi to my computer!

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Tin Hats: Part One

Dear Gary, a Watchman on The Wall, and readers of the Big Wobble, 

Finally, [I'm] putting this all together on protective shielding as the demon 5G is being ramped up and I'm hearing about 6G on the horizon. And, putting on your proverbial Tin Hats will not protect you, "THERE IS NONE SO BLIND AS HE WHO HAS BOTH EYES WIDE SHUT!!!,"

Thank you, Gary, for that new truth that was read to me by Mum as you were sounding the alarm from the "Top of The Wall!" Read here  

This [post below] is really about [much of the same] and part of that is [our health, even death for some]! Especially as now the 'powers that be' want us all to receive SATAN’S SPIT, aka, the plunge into the arm. Will they be able with the flip of a switch to set off all the Graphene Oxide in your body, control you, or even kill you? And it is, as well, about your privacy, as I have found out at an even deeper level, over the last few days.

So, I will tell you all an interesting saga that I have been trudging through since my relocation to what Alaskans call America, or the lower 49. Yep! Alaska is over [me]; FACTS ARE FACTS. In Alaska, the only internet available to me was a company that was a satellite connection-only company. That far North, I was told, no other provider of satellite internet could give me this connection. Due to my health and two different doctors who gave me orders that I was 'not ever to have WiFi in my home, I [found] a solution. WiFi [gives me] migraines, dizziness, irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath. In short, when I am too close to a strong signal from [WiFi], one of four types of Electrosmog, I feel like about ten pounds of sin on a popsicle stick!!!

Upon relocating, [to somewhere in the lower 49] I reached out to a company I will call "Deceptions Nest," (since naming names can get one sued), for my home phone and ethernet internet. They are now tied to a company called "Ever Watchful Deception." I made it very clear that I could not, for health reasons, have anything but a direct wire into my computer with ethernet, the same way I had in Alaska: My provider turned off the WiFi on their router and my cord for a landline was able to be plugged into their unit. I was assured that the technician would shut off the WiFi; not a problem!

So when "Ever Watchful Deception" came out to my place, after hooking me up, told me WiFi had been shut down. A few days later when the barge arrived that had my truck and moving trailer on it, I brought it to my new home. The very next day I plugged in the router for the first time to electricity, then the phone landline and lastly, the computer. I was [up] and running.

[However,] that day I started getting a migraine. By day number two I still had the migraine but now I had the dizziness that started putting me in bed. I could not figure out what was wrong, after all, I had no close contact with WiFi because the router had been turned off. But, just in case it was not, that night I unplugged the router. Wow! I felt a little better in bed. By the next morning, I was probably about 70% my normal self.

My suspicions began to surface but I had no way to test since all my [electronic] meters were buried deep within my cargo trailer. Even though the temperature was bumping about 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 deg C, I worked all day trying to find my meters. I had been blessed with friends who packed me up and loaded the trailer, but I had no idea where anything was. Having no success on my must-find treasure hunt, I did locate my Faraday Canopy that I placed over my bed. It was another wow! What a difference. I also started wearing my custom shielding clothing and noticed another big difference. I was [sure] I was getting blasted but had no meters yet to prove it. That [happened] several days later and... Oh Wow!!!

I found the hard case that holds all my [electronic] meters and into the new house, I went to. Taking the HF35C HF-Analyser which has a range from 800 MHz to 2.7 (3.3) GHz, I soon found that this router was far from turned off.

At two meters (a meter is 3.28084 feet) from the router, I would get a reading from 427. mW/m2, (micro-watts centimetre square), two stands for squared, with the reading fluctuating up to 758. mW/m2. If you remember from previous posts I have shared, I have shown this concerning the "Radio Frequency" (RF) Field: Another form of nonionizing radiation, these high-frequency EMFs are generated by the equipment that transmits wireless signals, such as cell towers, broadcast towers at your local radio or TV stations, and the equipment that receives those signals. Your cell and cordless phone, and oh yes, your "ROUTER!!!"

Wireless operates in the microwave band of radiofrequency radiation. Microwave Power Density: Health effects vs. safety standards, from Peer-reviewed, published science, radiation testing results, and public standards in micro-watt centimetres squared.

0.0000000002 micro-watts centimetre squared: minimum for cell phones to work. 0.000027 micro-watts centimetre squared: caused the premature ageing of pine needles. 0.05 micro-watts centimetre squared: it is known that short-term exposure to children ages 8-17 can lead to headaches, irritation, concentration difficulties, and behavioural problems.

Baubiologie Biology (Germany), or Building Biology Extreme Concern 0.1 micro-watts centimetre squared. 1.0 micro-watts centimetre squared: Laptop WiFi brings about sperm DNA fragmentation and a decrease in sperm viability in vitro: Also at this level are headaches, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing and indigestion. 2.5 micro-watts centimetre squared: this alters calcium metabolism in heart muscle cells.

4.0 micro-watts centimetre squared: brings about changes in the hippocampus, affecting brain memory and learning. 6.0 micro-watts centimetre squared: causes DNA damage in cells. 7.93 micro-watts centimetre squared: was measured from a single smart meter. 9.5 micro-watts centimeter squared: the set safety standards for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. 10.0 micro-watts centimeter squared: the set safety standards for China, Poland, and Russia.

At these levels changes in behaviour are altered, and reflexes of avoidance after (30-minute exposure). An apartment of 12 smart meters was measured at 19.8 micro-watts centimeter squared. 600-1000 micro-watts centimeter squared: set safety standards for Canada and the United States. Some markers found in 100% of those who are exposed to smart meters and routers, etc... TGF-Beta 1 increase (inflammatory marker); MMP-9 increase (inflammatory marker); Copper increase (inflammatory marker), and Hormone normalization, irregular heartbeat, and shortness of breath.

So, I called "Ever Watchful Deception" and was given [the] run-around. I went over this first technician's head and finally got his supervisor. I told him I had equipment that was showing me that I was getting blasted. I even let him hear the distinct sound from my equipment that their router makes. He told me that he realized I had a problem and he would fix it. He wanted into my computer and asked me to type in some things so we could get the problem taken care of. Before it was over, after pushing for almost 3 hours, I was told he could not do it. "A.I." was preventing him, and the team who can override "A.I." was on the East Coast but they would call me at 9:00 a.m. my time the next day to take care of this; that side was closed until morning.

To say the least, I was not happy. So, the next day I awoke, fired up everything, and was locked out of my computer. Nothing worked, and oh yeah, no phone call all day. Wow-oh-Wow! What great service. So, the next day I located a computer repairman. He looked things over (I had brought in my computer) and told me to come back with the router, which I did. He got my computer back up and running and then started dealing with the router.

That is when he informed me that most people do not know there are three, yes "THREE," channels of WiFi band that have to be turned off. So, when most asked to have their router's WiFi turned off, they get only two of them shut off. The 3rd channel is used to listen to you and monitor you. Most have no clue that BIG BROTHER is using A.I. and is listening. He was unable to shut it down and told me to ask the company to do it for me. He also printed off information on this problem that I could read up on at home.

So, I still have a router that is blasting me in this tiny new home which makes it hard to get away and I just spent a chunk of money to get my computer up and running once more. I WAS LIED TO! Oh yes, A.I. is in my home!! No wonder the technician informed me that "A.I." was preventing him from shutting off the router WiFi! So, I called a new phone and internet provider; this time I would go satellite. I called it "Deception in Flight." The nice man told me "No problem, yes, I understand this problem. Your router from us would be formatted so it would not put out WiFi, that was easy." So, I told him. "Let's do it, I'll get rid of the other company that has just been put in."

Now, the story is going to ramp up to a higher level. The technician for "Deception in Flight" set all up and turned off what his device could do. I was informed that it should be off even though the light on their router was flashing, telling him it was still putting out WiFi. 

I brought out my HF35C HF-Analyser. I soon found that their router would be far from turned off. At two meters distance from the router, I would get readings from 1763 mW/m2 to over 1999. mW/m2. For the ability to read over that level you have to put in line a 20 dB Attenuator and I was not going to bother. Even wearing my protective shielding clothing, I was feeling it. He went back to work trying to figure things out and finally called a technician who was somewhere on the West Coast trying to resolve this issue.

They could not understand why, their devices, showed [WiFi] was off but the WiFi light told a different story. Then I heard technician number two tell the technician in my house, "Just put some tape over the light so he can't tell it is on." I walked in and said my meter is better than yours and it is telling me your router is not doing as I was told it would, that it would be turned off when I signed up. This will not do! Also, before technician one got started, he informed me he had never turned off a router before because [everyone] wanted WiFi. 

 They finally informed me it was bigger than them and I would have to call the next morning on the East Coast and talk to the people who do have the power to turn off "A.I." and to tell them to do what I needed to do. They gave me a new landline phone number and said they will know who you are by this phone number. So, the next morning right off the get-go I called.

I was told they did not know this number. After some time and giving them my address, they found they had me in their system backwards. I explained what I wanted and why: Dr.'s orders! I also told them "Your WiFi is not off." "Deception in Flight," said, "it is off." I said, "It is not, I know it is not; here, listen... it is really pumping out Electrosmog." I also told them I had a lawyer in the wings if I so needed to deal with them. I was told by this technician that she would talk to her supervisor. After some time, she came back and informed me with a nasty tone that if I wanted ethernet internet I would also have WiFi, no other choice. So, I told her, "ok, I do not want your company, ax me."

I was sent to a nice person who gave me a confirmation code that I would be axed and that I would be sent a box to ship some of their equipment back. I then called company number one, "Ever Watchful Deception," and told them to get me out of their system and why I was done. I have to drive some distance to deliver their router, but I will soon.

What have I learned from this? Both of these big companies are liars. Their technicians do not know all the facts or are liars, not sure which. Big Brother is listening! but.... shielding helps. I showed the technician who installed the second set-up that it was their router. I dropped over the top of it my shielding jacket and the signal plummeted down to under 150. mW/m2 and then I unplugged it and it dropped to 0. mW/m2.

I, as you know from some of my experience and research, have found I am being watched by Big Brother and my e-mails will often not go through to you [Gary] or others. Google tells me I am sending out hate speech. And when I get to your Big Wobble, most of the time I cannot read my writes or even post a response because Google blocks me. So, until I get my new landline, a kind friend lets me use theirs and get updates to Mum. I have had to become creative on how I get info to TBW, like this Part #1 of Tin Hats.

It is a slower process but it works.

In part #2 I will share some of the things that I am using to help shield me since I am getting hit here in "The Land of the Watched" by other sources of WiFi and the other 3 types of Electrosmog. Some I have already, and some others are on the way. And, I will be covering what one can do around their home in the form of plants, clothing, fabrics, paints, and other types of shielding such as a body fence. All of it is big money which many will not be able to get or like myself, it has been a slow process to save up for it. But for some who have the ability, if they drop some of their frivolous luxuries, this can extend their life with much better health. And, just for a fun side note on how well shielding can help, after I got the routers out of here, I still read other sources that are bombarding my home at lower levels. But, taking my HF35C HF-Analyser and putting it inside my Faraday Canopy over my bed, the meter reads 0. micro-watts centimeter square.

No wonder I love going to bed in America!!!

Once again, I quote Aldous Huxley: “Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored."

That’s it from "Living in Babylon" for now.

Bill Laughing-Bear 

Reference materials where I obtained these facts: Books Zapped by Ann Louise Gittleman
Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation by Donna Fisher Electromagnetic Fields, A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues & How to Protect Ourselves by Blake Levitt
Wireless Radiation Rescue 2012 by Kerry Crofton, PhD Earthing,
The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., and Martin Zucker
Videos Full Signal, The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones by Talal Jabari Take Back Your Power, Investigating the “Smart” Grid by Josh Del Sol Grounded,
Could it Happen to You by Steve Kroschel

End of Part #1



Hawkeye said...

Really great info Bill, welcome back and best to you in your new home move! I'm looking forward to your follow up on ways to prevent the electrosmog!
It's incredible to imagine the amount of frequency pollution on a global scale after reading your meter readings info., and then me thinking multiply those numbers times 7 billion peoples pc's. It's no wonder earth is regurgitating her rebellion on us! And no wonder why radiation is bombarding us at such an alarming rate and causing so many people to feel ill. The really sad part is doctors almost never diagnos those symptoms to be from that cause as your doctor has, and so either treat with more toxic substances or tell you nothing is wrong!
So why do we do it, use it?!

Well I know why, because it's like water or food, if you don't use it you will die of thirst or hunger. Damn "them" all to hell for creating our world to be in this manner, forced upon us ... or else! This is what scarface is all about. Suffering for the greater good, boycott the technology and suffer. Most of us can not do it, we need to earn a living to survive and how counter productive is that!? To survive we are forced to expose ourselves to harmful pollutants that go against our survival. And people rush to vote for these civil serpents and phoney liar world leaders. Well it's the same for most everything going on that is killing us all, it seems people just don't care and will not ever care to give up (suffer) their radiation toys if it's an inconvenience. I am amazed at how many ignore righteousness for conveniences. To their own demise in fact!

I hope readers really let that sink in.
Hurry back Bill and thank you for an interesting and informative post!
Best to you and all!

Anonymous said...

Are the wifi aerials integrated in chips these days?
Can’t you disable them?

I’d simply put the router in a copper box and then run your network cable out to your device.

If you want “very secure” internet, try cryptostorm’s free vpn over tor.
Very slow but if you’re just sending text stuff.
Please note of course that usual considerations to being private and/or anonymous are required if you want to preserve them while using this means of connecting to the internet.

The irony that TBW uses Google on its website makes me chuckle.

Gary Walton said...

And they want me off! Believe me.

Anonymous said...

Gary Walton said...

Thank you