Thursday 16 March 2023

More Signs And Wonders! After an extremely rare Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)—THE MOST POWERFUL IN DECADES and travelling faster than 3,000 km/per second missed us: A very powerful, magnitude 7.0 rocked the Kermadec Islands last night in the middle of a Coronal Mass Ejection, (CME) and bright auroras!

Credit, Earthwindmap.

This week, once again, we witnessed just how incredibly lucky we are as a species. An extremely rare Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) THE MOST POWERFUL IN DECADES and travelling faster than 3,000 km/per second which compares to the Carrington Event in 1859 was ejected from our Sun and would easily have taken down all of earth's satellites in space, along with the internet and electricity grid here on Earth. . . However, once again the 'DEATH RAY' missed us! 

Last night, a very powerful, shallow (22km deep) magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the Kermadec Islands, it was already the 4th major quake, (mag 6 or higher) to hit the islands so far this year. However, what is so special about this powerful quake is, it was recorded in the middle of a solar storm pounding our magnetosphere. See the map above. . . 

Last night's major quake, mag 6 or higher was the 31st to rock our planet in 2023

What has been recorded so far in 2023 is an incredible, astonishing sequence of events which is not just a warning to all of us but, should also leave you with absolutely no doubt, geological events here on earth, such as seismic, volcanic and cyclonic storms are linked to and affected by solar storms and solar activity out there in space, there can be no doubt whatsoever.

We can add to this with the added knowledge, certain animals, mammals and insects are also affected in their efforts to navigate correctly under certain solar events and solar activity is almost certainly behind mass whale and dolphin strandings.

And then there are human beings and their beloved pets—Bill Laughing-Bear, who is part of the team here at The Big Wobble lives in Alaska. Recently, he had to put his dog Cyrus down after his pet had two major seizures. The veterinarian was not able to find anything wrong with Cyrus after all the tests and blood work that he did. Cyrus did not live under stress. He slept inside on the couch, travelled in the car, and had daily walks. The only thing that can explain these seizures is that they both happened during Category 5 Solar Storms.

While his seizures were taking place, on the same day, some members of the “Dead Heads,” Bill's brain injury support group (TBI) were fighting migraines, seizures and cognitive function issues.

Bill openly claims, based on the accumulative information from my research, and yours, Gary, there can be only one conclusion: fluctuations in the ionosphere bring about all kinds of havoc with all life on our planet as well as the earth itself. This brings us to the latest major quake, mag 6 or higher here on our planet, coinciding with a solar storm. . .  

Yes, indeed, another astonishing geological event happened last night: A very powerful, shallow (22km deep) magnitude 7.0 rocked the Kermadec Islands, it was already the 4th major quake, (mag 6 or higher) to hit the islands so far this year. However, what is so special about this powerful quake is, it was recorded in the middle of a solar storm pounding our magnetosphere. See the map above.

The Coronal Mass Ejection, (CME) struck the earth's magnetic field yesterday. It was so strong it caused beautiful arouras at both poles and almost certainly caused the magnitude 7.0 quake which rocked the Kermadec Islands. The map above shows the date and time of the solar storm but also, the coordinates and time of the massive quake. They are all in cinque.

Space and solar activity along with geological coincidences here on earth have become commonplace in 2023. I like to call the 'Signs and Wonder!' Because they are!

Let me explain—In early March, for the third time in less than a month a major quake, (mag 6 or higher) was recorded in or around an active cyclone. On the 4th of March, a very powerful mag 6.9 rocked (once again!) the Kermadec Islands north of New Zealand, the third major quake in this area in as many days. However, this particular powerful quake occurred smack-bang in the middle of two cyclones Kevin and Judy. . . See the map below:

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

This unusual pattern has become a regular occurrence in 2023. For instance, the one above was the second time in March, a major quake struck an area during a cyclone. The day before around 19:00 hrs, (UTC) a powerful magnitude 6.5 major quake, (mag 6 or higher) rocked the West coast of the South Pacific island Vanuatu at the same time the island was being pounded by Tropical Cyclone KEVIN-23, see map below.

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

Stranger still, in the middle of February, a powerful magnitude 6.1 quake was recorded once again near the Kermadec Islands, above the North Island of New Zealand and this powerful quake had the audacity to arrive at exactly the time of the arrival of Cyclone Gabrielle, see map below.

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

More signs and wonders: On January 9th this year, a very powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked Indonesia at precisely 18:47 UTC—Just 3 minutes later at 18:50 our Sun launched a powerful X-Class flare from sunspot AR3182! I have never seen these two powerful events so closely linked together before. Full story.

When space weather meets major seismic activity! 

I have been blogging about quakes and spaceweather since 2008 but I have never witnessed this before. . .

That afternoon (Jan 9th 2023), a very powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked Indonesia at precisely 18:47 UTC—Just 3 minutes later at 18:50 our Sun launched a powerful X-Class flare from sunspot AR3182! I have never seen two powerful events so closely linked together before!—I was flabbergasted. . .

On March 16th and not for the first time recently our planet was in the right place at the right time after yet another coronal mass ejection, (CME) missed us once again. This one, however, was very powerful and if it had been an earthquake would no doubt have been off the Richter scale. 

Had this CME hit our planet's defence mechanism, the magnetosphere head-on, well, we would today be sat behind our telephone and computer screens without any power. . . No internet, no power, no electricity, no satellites. . . Nothing. I certainly wouldn't be writing this post!

This very special CME has fired away from Earth and has been clocked at over 3,000km per second which is a 'mega event' and can be compared to the Carrington Event in 1859 which took down the internet of the time, the telegraph system. And the mighty solar flare of 2012 which, once again luckily missed our planet.

I personally have never witnessed a CME of anything near this speed in all my years as a blogger! 3,000km per second is something this head can't comprehend, it is extremely rare and once again (I keep on saying this) we were very lucky, folks, it is a question of when and not if!

We are still in early March but so far in 2023 the solar fireworks just keep on coming— On the 3rd of March the 6th X-Class Flare exploded from the sun's surface and it came from the then departing sunspot AR3234.  Luckily the bulk of that CME also missed earth.

In early March, an M8.6-class flare caused fantastic auroras seen around the world after the solar wind hitting the Earth's magnetosphere was measured at 866km per second, this was the fastest recorded speed since October 2017 and caused dazzling auroras in the northern and southern hemispheres for three nights with the light-show as far south as northern France in Europe. The 866km/per second CME has now been blitzed after the latest mind-boggling 3,000km/per second CME was recorded yesterday.

Since January 1st our sun has blasted off 6 massive X-Class flares and many more strong M-Class flares. It is only a matter of time before our sun receives a massive direct hit from a very powerful Coronal Mass Ejection or solar flare which could cause our planet irreversible damage.

Back in late January, the massive Sunspot AR3190, the biggest sunspot in years and visible to the naked eye failed to deliver, which is maybe a good thing. The impressive sunspot, more than 4 times larger than the earth did not eject the massive X-Class solar flare many astronomers were hoping for.

We are reminded, ad nauseam by Bible scholars and religious leaders that mankind is entering the last days. On that last day we are warned of an earthquake so terrible it will move every mountain and island from their foundations and fire and brimstone will rain down on mankind. I don't know if you saw the pictures of the damage the Turkey/Syrian quake did, however, if you did, just try and imagine that kind of carnage but on a global scale—We won't always be lucky. . .

As the dust begins to settle in Turkey, questions are being asked about construction scams and the politics that allowed unsafe structures to be built. The earthquake, which also hit northern Syria, claimed more than 35,000 lives in Turkey and 6,000 in Syria. Those numbers have been rising by the hour. According to Turkish authorities, nearly 13 million people in 10 cities have been affected, and at least 33,143 buildings have either collapsed, been severely damaged or require immediate demolition.

The number is likely to rise as officials continue to assess the damage. An estimated 1 million people are currently without shelter. Most of them are living in tents or student dormitories. Now, as the public's initial shock wears off and the dust settles, the sheer scale of the devastation is becoming even more apparent. And with that also comes the question of who is to blame. "Destiny's plan includes such things," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told an earthquake victim during his brief visit to the region, 56 hours after the disaster. In response, many locals asked on social media, "Why doesn't destiny ever visit Japan?" Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay pointed the finger at 134 builders from the region who have been arrested across the country on suspicion of shoddy or negligent construction.

Some were arrested at airports as they attempted to flee the country with large sums of cash. The Ministry of Justice sent a letter to prosecutors to establish "Earthquake Crime Investigation Offices." But the recent history of earthquake investigations in Turkey raises the question of whether senior officials, who were allegedly negligent in the inspection and approval processes, will actually be punished. That has not been the case in the past.


Hawkeye said...

There is so much to say after reading this post and yet I feel lost for words at the same time. Gary, this is an incredible connection you have discovered and uncovered! Wow ... how can that be denied, it can't! The solar storm activity and its negative health effects on all life here on earth, and including on the earth itself, is absolutely undeniably cause and effect, the reason why these things are happening. My deepest sympathy to Bill in Alaska for the loss of his best friend Cyrus. I'm so sorry for you Bill! That is so sad to hear. You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend!!

That Turkey/Syria news video was shocking. Really grateful you posted it Gary, I had not seen that much info on that disaster. No surprise aye, this I have learned first hand, earth news must not be known is the theme once again! I now have a great understanding as to what those people are going through and it is in a way very similar to my hurricane experience. That devastation looks all to familiar. I feel anger and great sadness from all this news. I guess that's all I wanted to say for right now. My heart is with you all, Bill & Gary and TBW friends/family and all these people suffering through geographical destruction and ruin.
May our tears cleanse the pain and help us to stay strong. Through our Lord Jesus Christ I pray.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for your kind words Hawkeye. Well, I haven't finished with this yet, I have one more post to write and it's really more of the same, however, I will be covering the Turkey quake which killed nearly 50,000 people in Feb, yes, the Turkey quake, I have stumbled on yet more evidence after hours of research, it's really quite disturbing. . . Please stay tuned in!

PS, Bill's dog Cyrus died a couple of years ago, not recently xx

Hawkeye said...

Can't wait to read more of what you stumbled on to with this subject matter Gary! Well I am still sad for Bill and his dog, no matter when it happened, it happened, and that is too quite disturbing. In our local news was a story of a couple that took their 2 dogs to the causeway beach one day for a fun day swimming (the causeway beach is on the little man made islands of a causeway in between bridges to get on to Sanibel Island here). After just a few minutes in the water the dogs began vomiting uncontrollably and so the couple rushed them over to emergency vet care facility. Same as Bill, the vet wasn't sure why the dogs were so sick but said due to the details it sounded like poisoning so gave them activated charcoal meds and the dogs recovered.
When I read that I thought my God, the water is that bad! That too was a couple years ago and what came to my mind was geoengineering spray fall-out in the Gulf water. But just my guess.
Then since that there have been many flesh eating disease cases and some I knew personally, so it's true. Point is the water is not good and no chance ever I would risk going in it, but the tourists and too many locals disregard these facts and act as if all is well. Our clams have been shut down since the September hurricane came through, due to contaminated water says the news. Also oysters are not without warnings too. The thing is, only regulated seafood is closed and the regulated stuff is very few, claims are one though. Most fish are not regulated, so can be fished but again news says don't risk eating them in contaminated waters and now red tide is back and extreme. So just because the fish aren't all dead people think they're OK. They can not give up their ways so defiant to believe anything is wrong.
I want to touch on the end of this post about the construction aspect and turks trying to go after the builders for blame on them since the quake collapsed so many buildings. Remember FL about a year ago, east coast where that high riser condo building collapsed suddenly? Well it didn't collapse, it was demo'd by the evil doers, but same as turkey, they blamed the builder and use it to write more legislation on construction.

Same for our Gulf oil spill back around 2010 I think it was. The big blow out in the Gulf up near Louisiana, remember? Blamed the oil company. That looked to me to be from a possible quake/methane blow out on the sea floor. Had nothing to do with that oil rig. This is how "they" roll. It's what criminals always do, blame someone else!

I doubt the building was compromised, man is too vein to admit he can not be stronger then earth's shaking etc. Maybe construction can be better, but when Earth shakes or blows storms or volcanoes not much can withstand that! The blame game is to distract the public from the on purpose happening.

Great work Gary!