Tuesday 11 January 2022

A dream of 70 shepherds, Enoch's vision for Israel and the duration of mankind: Enoch prophesied 23 Israeli Prime Ministers and 58 governments before the return of Christ—At the beginning of 2022 there have been 14 Prime Ministers and 36 governments... This sidereal system is coming to an end!

Naftali Bennett, Israel's 14th Prime Minister, credit Wikipedia
"The end of the age!"

According to Ellicot's Commentary for English Readers it claims, Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 2:3."In the beginning" (God's creative week) is referring to a period of around 6,000 years ago and not as in John 1:1, "from eternity." (worlds may have always existed, or not, we don't know), however, Genesis 1:1. to Genesis 2:3 is with out doubt commenting on the time when God called Earth into it's current existence, creating this sidereal system. (sidereal time is the measurement of a day being calculated by earth's rotation to the stars) which is often described in the Bible by Jesus, as, "this system of things." or the end of the age, see Matthew 13:49 and 28:20. Age is defined as a "distinct" time in history.

We know Satan is the ruler of this age, or this world, because he offered "the world" to Jesus in Matthew 4:9:

The Temptation of Christ… 8 Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. 9“All this I will give You,” he said, “if You will fall down and worship me.” 10“Away from Me, Satan!” Jesus declared. “For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.’ ” 

So can we possibly know when the end of this "age" (sidereal system), Satan's reign, will end? Of course not, once again, as Jesus told us, only God himself knows but there are clues—how close can we get?

Book Of Enoch...

The Ancient Book Of Enoch is almost always trashed as having no theological or historical value because it is not in the Bible—"canonised." Scholars and so-called experts,—the very people who should know better are the first to claim the book is none-inspired or none-canonised and therefore having no historical or Biblical value. However, Jude, Jesus's own half-brother wrote, we should believe Enoch's prophecies in Jude 14-15. Enoch is also mentioned in the first book of the Bible, Genesis and he found favour with Jehovah because He took him, (without death). Copies of Enoch's book were found in the dead sea scrolls, however, experts claim some of Enoch's book was written much later bringing doubt on it's authenticityEnoch himself,  was the great-grandfather of Noah and the father of Methuselah, the longest living human ever. The Ancient Book Of Enoch describes the fall from heaven by a group of angels who take human wives and then conceive children who grow into giants and eventually destroy the world, Genesis 6. Enoch documents the rise of the giants and acts as a mediator between God and the fallen angels who ask Him for forgiveness. Enoch goes on to describe why the flood of Noah was morally necessary.

Enoch made many prophecies which proved to be astonishingly accurate. He prophesied the flood which happened in Noah's time and the fire judgment which he prophesied would happen at the end of our age! He also predicted two comings of the Messiah, the first being 2,000 years ago. Enoch prophesied that a Messiah who would be the Son of God will shed His blood to redeem mankind. An incredible prophecy when you realise Enoch lived more than 4,500 years ago! 

Enoch prophesied mankind would have "7,000 years" of history 

Enoch's many prophesies came in dreams, the two comings of the Messiah and the flood but, he also dreamed of 70 Shepherds who would rule Israel before the return of Jesus—Using Enoch's prophecy of 70 Jewish shepherds or rulers it should be possible to see how close we are to the return of the Lord—It's complicated! Let's see just where we arrive. 

A dream of the 70 shepherds, Enoch's vision, the duration of mankind...8

Enoch had a vision or a dream. In his dream "70 shepherds," (Jewish rulers kings, leaders, prime ministers and governments) were divided into three time periods of 35 - 23 - and 12, according to Enoch the last 12 would come during the tribulation period just before Jesus returns so we can forget about them for now. Now, the first 35 shepherds, or rulers in Enoch's dream was actually "split" into two parts... It begun with the 20 Jewish kings who ruled Israel after David and Solomon, starting with 1: King Rehoboam, 2: Abijam, 3: Asa, 4: Jehoshaphat, 5: Jehoram, 6: Ahaziah, 7: Athaliah (Q), 8: Joash, 9: Amaziah, 10: Azariah, 11: Jotham, 12: Ahaziah, 13: Hezekiah, 14: Manasseh, 15: Amon, 16: Josiah, 17: Jehoahaz, 18: Jehoiakim, 19: Jehoiachin, 20: Zedekiah. Zedekiah was the last king of Judah when King Nebuchadnezzar burned the Temple in 587 BC.

Gentile Rulers

After the first 20 shepherds, or rulers, "Kings" Enoch dreamed of a gap, of 11, this gap of 11 being Gentile Empires who ruled over the Jews after the last King, Zedekiah fell to Nebuchadnezzar. These empires were, Babylon, Persia, and nine Seleucid and Ptolemaic powers: 1: Nebuchadnezzar, 2: Cyrus, 3: Alexander the Great, 4: Ptolemy I, 5: Antiochus II, 6: Ptolemy III, 7: Seleucus III, 8: Ptolemy IV, 9: Antiochus III, 10: Ptolemy V, 11: Antiochus Epiphanes.

14 Maccabees shepherds and Bar Kokhba (a brief return of Jewish rulers)

After the gap of the 11 Gentile empires came another 14 shepherds: "Maccabees," Jewish, rulers, (The Maccabees were a group of Jewish rebel warriors who took control of Judea, which at the time was part of the Seleucid Empire.) The Jewish warriors who ruled Judea take over the reign from King Zedekiah who was 20 of 35, so—No 21 of 35 was: Judah Macabee, 22: John, 23: Simon, 24: John, 25: Judah, 26: Alexander, 27: Shalenit, 28: Aristobulus, 26: Hyrekanos, 30: Antigonus, 31: Herod, 32: Archelaus, 33: Agrippa I, 34: Agrippa II. 

After the Maccabees came another gap or Gentile Empire, namely the mighty "Roman Empire." The ruthless Romans took over Israel in 65 BC, however, there was one more Jewish ruler, "shepherd,"—Bar Kokhba, (he was the Jewish leader of what is known as the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Roman Empire in 132 AD, establishing an independent Jewish state which he ruled for three years as Nasi ("Prince"). Bar Kokbah was thought to be the Messiah by many Jews at the time. His state was conquered by the Romans in 135 AD following a two and half-year war.) Bar Kokhba was the "35th ruler," prophesied by Enoch bringing the first total of Jewish kings, rulers, (shepherds) to 35. The gap of 12, or foreign Empires is concluded and the first time period of 35 is covered. 20 Jewish Kings, 14 Maccabees and Bar Kokhba which completes the first 35 Jewish leaders, Shepherds in Enoch's dream.

1948 and Modern Israel

Now we shoot forward more than 1800 years to 1948 AD in Enoch's dream. In 1948 Israel was declared a nation again, which of course Enoch had prophesied before the flood! 
Enoch dreamed of a further "23 shepherds," who would pasture (rule). When they completed their periods they would have pastured, ruled, "58 times," what could that mean? What that means is, there will be 23 shepherds, rulers, "prime ministers," representing a government and some of these prime ministers will be re-elected. Enoch dreamt, modern Israel will consist of "23 rulers, (pastured in) 58 governments" up to the tribulation period. We know Enoch's prophecies are accurate because he prophesied, the flood, The Messiah, The Messiah would come twice, The Messiah would die for mankind's redemption and he prophesied a modern Israel. So we know Enoch's prophesies are accurate, so if we work out how many Israeli Prime Ministers have been elected and governments since 1948 we can work out loosely as to when the tribulation period will begin according to Enoch's dream and vision, don't forget, the last 12 shepherds in Enoch's dream come during the seven year period.

Israeli Prime Ministers since 1948

The three ways.

Today, since 1948 - Israel has had 14 Prime Ministers, the latest being Naftali Bennett who was elected earlier last year in June, 2021, still 9 short of the prophesied 23. Of these 14 prime ministers, they have ruled over 36 Israeli governments since 1948— 22 short of Enoch's prophesied 58 so far!

According to Bible Scholar Ken Johnson, Th.D., this part of Enoch's prophecy can be broken down into "the 3 ways."

1: There will be twenty-three prime ministers (some will be re-elected) who occupy fifty-eight terms of office: Currently, today, the 10th Jan 2022, there have been fourteen prime ministers and 24 terms of office since 1948.

2: There will be twenty-three prime ministers in fifty-eight Israeli governments—currently there have been fourteen prime ministers out of thirty-six governments.

3: There will be twenty-three terms in fifty-eight governments—currently, there have been twenty-four terms in thirty-six governments...

The most literal interpretation would be twenty-three prime ministers ruling over fifty-eight terms.

Of the prophesied 23 shepherds or rulers and 35 governments (including coalitions). The halfway point of this prophecy is roughly around the time of Yitzhak Shamir, he being the 11th Prime Minister of modern Israel which happened in March 2001 when his Likud party became the 29th government of Israel. So if 2001 is loosely the half-way-point of Enoch's prophecy, from 1948 to 2001 is 53- years, we would then double 53 and arrive at 106, add 53 to 2001 and we arrive at 2054, the tribulation period would begin then, according to Enoch's prophesy of course. 

However, Enoch's prophecy could be broken down another way, 4 of the Prime Ministers have sat double terms, meaning we find the half-way-point would be around Ehud Olmert, he ended his term of office in 2009. We use the same simple sum, 1948 to 2009 = 61 is half-way double the number 122. 1948 + 122 = the year 2070 would then become the beginning of the Tribulation Period. According to Enoch.

A third way would be at the moment there have been 36 Israeli governments, including coalitions and 14 Prime Ministers, halfway would have been the 29th government of Ariel Sharon, his last year in office being 2006, we do the simple equation, 1948 to 2006 = 58, double it we come to 116, 1948 + 116 = 2064. Now we have three dates for the beginning of the Tribulation period 2054, 2070 and 2064, the average for these three years would be, 2064 but remember, God has said he would shorten the days near the end so it could be earlier. So if we believe Enoch and we have no reason not to, the Great Tribulation mentioned in the Bible will begin sometime around 2064. When a further 12 Jewish Prime Ministers will run a term of office.

Elijah, the Jewish Prophet

Elijah who is thought to be the greatest of all Jewish prophets, he formed a "school of prophets."  The great prophet Elijah taught his prophets the age of mankind was to exist for the duration 7,000 years and it is thought, Elijah took this information from the Ancient Book Of Enoch.

The 7,000-year prophecy

The history of mankind will last for 7,000 but according to the Bible, 1,000 of them years will come after Armageddon, when Jesus will rule Heaven and Earth, after which Satan will be allowed to roam Earth once more to test mankind for a short period before he is destroyed forever. Enoch prophesied mankind would have a 7,000-year history, take away the 1,000 years for Christ’s Millennial Reign, which would leave us with 6,000 years of history, the other 1,000 coming on the other side of Armageddon.

If we could come up with the exact date of creation, a simple mathematical equation adding 6,000 years onto the date of creation would give us an exact date of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ but that is problem, the Bible does not give us a date of the day of creation, some scholars believe they have traced dates back and found it but we can't know for sure.

The Date Of Creation

Let's say the day of creation was 4,000 BC, which is in the ballpark of most Bible scholars, Jesus was killed around 33 AD which was 1,987 years ago meaning the first 6,000 years history of mankind would end around the year 2033 and the great tribulation prophesied in the Bible would begin sometime around 2026 which is uncomfortably close, although the way things are going, not out of the realms of impossibility.

The big problem here is no one can agree on the exact date for the creation of mankind. Many scholars have attempted to find an actual date of creation and although most come up with a ballpark figure of around 50 years or less, they all can't agree on one actual year. I have used two different scholars from different time periods who have arrived at two different dates of creation to help me try to corroborate Enoch's prophecy. ( I have no evidence whatsoever the two dates I have chosen are the correct ones).

Martin Luther 

My first choice is Martin Luther who was a German professor of theology, composer, priest, monk and a seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation, he was born in 1483 and his "estimate" of the beginning of creation was 3,961 BC.

let's take Martin Luther's creation date of 3,961 BC, add to that 2,022 AD which is where we are at today and we arrive at the scary number of 5,983, just 17 years short, of the 6,000 years prophesied by Enoch. According to the date of creation given by Martin Luther, the Tribulation period would begin in 2032...

Dean Thomas Coombs

My second choice was Dean Thomas Coombs who is a Bachelor of Theology from Canada, he was born in 1962 and he believes the day of creation was 3,960 BC, one year later than the great Martin Luther, we don't have to bother with the maths.

Other attempts by a scholar to arrive at the date of creation.

James Ussher (1581-1656), the famous and respected Archbishop of Ireland.
Ussher relied solely on data from the Bible to erect his historical framework. He chose the death of King Nebuchadnezzar as reliable data upon which to anchor all the earlier biblical dates. Working meticulously backward from there, he ended up with his date for the creation of October 23, 4004 BC. His creation date would mean "GAME OVER!," would have happened in 1997, although it was a bad year for many, it didn't bring about a new heaven and earth. 


Bible prophecy points at the beginning of pangs of distress for our planet (End Times) started in 1914. 

According to The Ancient Book Of Enoch, the beginning of the Great Tribulation Will Begin some time around 2060.


Hawkeye said...

Very interesting post! There are so many interpretations given to try to figure out when the return of Christ will be because let's face it, the return of Christ is the most anticipated event in the Bible! It is curious as to why Enoch's writings didnt make it in to the Bible as he must have been favored by God if God took him up to heaven without death and as He did with Elijah another great prophet with many end time writings that did make it in to the Bible. These are the only 2 said to have been taken by God without death.

We just have to trust in God. There must be a good reason Enochs prophecies were left out. In my opinion just the Bible alone gives us all the information we need. I focus on what Jesus told us. Just looking at those dates suggested in this post, 2060, 2070......no possible way this world will go on until then to be the trib years. Impossible! Gary, I love ya but look at real time as well as prophetic writings and compare them, and for our times now I do not see it as the correct time frames. One big indicator of my thinking is global warming and all that is with that. How can we go on 40 or 50 more years without polar ice and with geoengineering spraying our breathable air every damn day as it is now.
When geoengineering began, about 60 or 70 years ago, it was only used in pockets, short time periods and mostly for special purposes, because it was not needed as badly back then and technology was not as developed as it is now. As technology grew so did geo operations because technology created global warming.

Anyway there is too much to say with that but it is THE big elephant in the room that nobody ever admits to or includes in anything related to any of these times and what/why things are happening. The entire global environment biosphere is in rapid collapse right now, and at the rate it is occurring, with irreversible feedback loops accelerating as they come to life, the math there suggests those dates suggested from Enochs writings can not be correct. We have already passed all the said numbers in the climate change debates for reaching tipping points of disaster and extinction events.

Focusing mainly on what our King Jesus told us, we will know the year of His return but not the "day or hour". That's all that Bible verse really says, no one knows the DAY OR HOUR of Christs return, only God knows that. So those words were used specifically for a reason. Jesus said, when the a/c reveals himself His return is at the door. So, we know from the Bible that the a/c will rein for 3 & 1/2 years. That math is easy to figure out, when that happens it will be clear that 3 & 1/2 years remain to know the year of Christs return, but not the day or hour, only the year. For me, that's it. Nothing else is needed. Because its ALL about Jesus! The old testament and the new testament are all prophetic parallels to Christ.

That revealing of the lawless one is expanded on throughout other prophets in the Bible, and one said sign to identify that is the false peace plan with Israel taking place, that my friend has happened, not fully executed yet but has begun and who is that main character? Kushner! He wrote it, he got it accomplished, he is to be watched carefully. It could be he is our sign to be revealed.

These are very healthy debates and sharing of info as we all are seeking to know and understand our heavenly father as well as looking forward to His Son's return and we are all wondering how soon it will be. I'm sure God is very pleased with that. Well done is what we all can't wait to hear Him tell us!
The 7th millennium since Adam and the 3rd since Christ was crucified are clearly the dates we are told and both are 8 years away. 2030, is that to be shortened? Or is it no longer then 2030. For me that year is most feasible according to real times and according to Biblical prophecies.
We just have to endure!

Gary Walton said...

Time will tell! A great response Hawkeye, as ever—a big thanks!

Anonymous said...

A date for the end time? One very, very likely possibility;
Enoch speaks of the 6000 years being divided into 3 periods; 2000 years in chaos; 2000 years "under the law"; and a final 2000 year period, with no dates to work with. But there is a clue. For purposes of discussion, assume the last 2000 period begins at Christ's death... the day (Revelation)"He has conquered." The year of that can be found using the account of his crucifixion. He died the day before a "high day" sabbath. Pilate allowed Joseph of Arimathea put him in a tomb that afternoon... BEFORE the high day Sabbath began. He was resurrected after EXACTLY 3 days in the earth. Exactly 3 days would mean a resurrection in the afternoon. The New Testament speaks of his resurrection sometime BEFORE daylight Sunday, but doesn't specify whether it happened Sunday or the Sabbath before Sunday. A Sabbath afternoon resurrection would mean a Wednesday afternoon death. Depending on the chart used, a high day sabbath beginning 3 days before the resurrection would date to 30 C.E. Adding 2000 years yields 2030... minus a 7 year tribulation gives us 2023.

Please give me your opinion.
Thank you,

Gary Walton said...

Well, obviously I don't know Richard, you may be correct regarding the crucifixion but many scholars believe it happened "probably" three years later, on a double Sabbath for Passover, Wednesday or Friday afternoon? We don't know.

My only doubt about 2023, 2026 or Hawkeye's 2030 is there are so many Bible prophecies which have not yet happened and... Things maybe bad right now, Covid and everything but they are going to have to get a whole lot worse before the tribulation comes.

Cheers and stay safe!

Hawkeye said...

I so enjoy these discussions with regards to your posts Gary! What anonymous wrote about the last 2000 years and his figuring on a possible year date is very much in line with my thinking, that thinking came to be my thinking from constantly studying Bible prophecies. I am Christ crazy and proud to say it! I can not miss a day of learning. It's become like needing to eat dinner every night, I need to get it to feed my spirit!
Gary said the only problem with the 2030-ish date is so many prophecies have not happened yet....looks to be true yes, but are we sure? I feel we sometimes may be looking for signs that are too literal and visible and so possibly causes us to miss some and so think they have not happened yet when in fact they have or are unfolding.
Another example of this and to add to "the signs" we seek to see is Rev. 11:7. That verse is telling of "when" the a/c will reveal himself....in order to know it is that that we see....in order to know timelines for the final trib years and Christs return. That is the big sign of all the signs. Due to what I wrote about the false peace plan with Israel that has been written and signed by many world leaders so far (given life by the trump admin) and the fact that most people dont even know of it, is an example of what I mean about signs occurring and not noticed. Well if you do notice and get curious then Rev. 11:7 can provide some insight to that.
That verse says specifically "when" the beast reveals himself to be after the 2 witnesses show their God power and make testimony for 3 & 1/2 years AND is seen/known to all people who then make their choice to either believe in God or go the wrong way with the lawless one.

So, the BIG sign is the 2 witnesses coming on the scene with great power that the a/c is to make war with the saints to conquer them. Because their power is so great not any other human force can stop them, so this is the exciting part for me and should be for other folks too. These times are mostly looked at as so terrible and trying but there are exciting pieces as well and the 2 witnesses is going to be awesome to see! Point to it all is, God is pretty much saying that if we dont notice many other signs the witnesses will be undeniable and impossible to miss, to give people one last free will chance to absolutely know the mark they are taking is not to be with God. So no one can take the mark by accident, saying afterwards they didnt know it was the mark. The witnesses and the mark seem to coincide according to prophecies. So 2 big noticeable signs to watch for!
**IF the mark is related to this c19 vac, which it seems to be, as it IS with language stating passports are being born in order to be able to buy & sell, AND the peace plan has been initiated....these are big possible signs leading up to all I just wrote. That happens all in the final 7 year trib. So we will know we are there when that is all finalized. It's in the making, so we cant be far away....that fits to my 2030 thinking too!

Hawkeye said...

How much worse do things need to get to be considered the terrible tribulation years? Can you give some examples of what you were thinking of when you wrote that Gary? Just curious.
All the "news" of how the non-vic crowd is/will be vilified came to be my reality yesterday. Over night, things can manifest to get us to those yet to be seen prophecies.

Many people in my housing community are falling ill with the said co-v-I-d bug. And, no kidding, every single one of them that are sick, have been vac'd, majority having 3 shots. My local news reported the 4th boo-ster is now available for immune compromised people.
I can testify that those individuals are absolutely under some kind of cognitive decline and see zero logic, completely unable to communicate with, they only know the lies on news and from bad doctors. So, what I have read about these shots causing brain damage is spot on accurate.
My client yesterday showed me more proof of this.
Small talking upon arriving at her job, I asked how was your new years. She is in her 70's and has lupus, takes numerous rx drugs and has 3 shots in her. She said she gave her ticket to the party away because she heard a lot of people going were un-vaxed and she started getting angry. "I dont care if some dont want to get the shot, but stay the hell away from me (she said) because I dont want their shedding as they spread this veerus to everyone. I dont want to be around anyone who is not vac'd." (Ut oh! That is me!)
Question: how is a healthy person spreading a v I r u s? Why is that believed is a better question! Only answer is a brain damage, under a spell.

I answered her, It's not the un-vac'd spreading it, it's all the people vaccinated getting sick.
She replied, "my dr told me you can still get sick with the vac but you wont go in the hospital and you wont die", so that's why I took it, she said. (That did not answer my reply at all).
I wanted to leave right at that moment, but it was awkward and I needed time to think what to do now. Do I tell her I am without the vac or do I just say nothing and keep the job? If I tell her the truth she will tell others I work for and will they stop my jobs next?
I know what I have to do, tell the truth. No matter how bad the truth looks that it might hurt me I know I must walk by faith and not by sight. So I have decided I will tell her the truth BUT, next month before my next service date to work for her. If I told her now then she will be in panic mode for a week or two thinking I might have infected her. So for her sake I decided to wait it out a month, then tell her the truth, and give her a chance to choose if I should continue to work for her or not. After a month if she stays unaffected from infection then maybe, maybe she will see I had no negative effect on her. I'm trying to do the right thing and prove a point!
In tears I am praying, begging God for help. I need to endure and to do that I need to pay my rent and buy food. Without work how do I do that!?
So you see my friend Gary, how much worse does it have to get to be so terrible? This IS terrible now. And most likely is going to get worse then my day was yesterday.
What is shedding from a non vicker?? Ha ha ha, good one! I found that interesting info though, because that's what the un-vic crowd is told about them with the vic.

Trust in God, hopefully He sends me a stimulus check! Trying to keep smiling........
BTW: asymptomatic is the lie for healthy now. I looked up that word in the dictionary after hearing this lady yesterday, and out of curiosity. Guess what? I have 4 dictionaries, three do not have that word in them! It's not even a word!? 1980 copyright - not in it. 1997, not in it. 2008 Oxford copy, not in there either. Only one, 2002 copy of the fourth edition Webster had it in there. Just saying. Why is that?
Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Gary Walton said...

Well I got to wondering Hawkeye, Jesus said in Mat 24: 21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again...

We are living in a terrible world right now, for that there is no doubt, but life at the moment is a walk in the park compared to WWI, WWII and what happened here in Europe and other parts of the world. The US had it relatively easy then but here in Europe it was horrific for millions of people. (Hell, the US was the envy of the world in the '40 and '50s!)

I live in Holland—sure, Amsterdam, the capitol city endures occasional protests over the vaccine mandate just like all the other major cities in the world. But I live further north on the coast, life here is idilic. Apart from all the tourists (ironically from Germany) it is wonderful 12 months a year. It is certainly nothing like Jesus warned us of... And that is why, Hawkeye, I believe the tribulation may be further away than many people believe.

Sure in some parts of the world hunger, war and poverty is a disaster and a human crime when you consider how much money the rich own. Natural disasters are increasing. The climate problem is increasing yearly, man-made or natural, and animals and our oceans are dying quicker than we can replace them and none of it can be fixed!

Add to this the "great reset" they are planning, when most jobs will be replaced by robots leaving a useless society of unemployed people who will be hooked up to a government "intra net" to be monitored, (this will take at least another 10 years to complete)

And then all the end time prophecies need to be completed... Gog and Magog, the collapse of the Egyptian Nile Delta, the (total) destruction of Damascus. Israel to be living in peace with no borders... These things all have to happen too—All these things I was thinking of when I wrote the post, Hawkeye!

For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again... It has to get a whole lot worse, before it gets better, buddy!

Hawkeye said...

Thanks Gary! You make very good points indeed! I can argue (for lack of a better word only I use it) some of your points that they are in the making and can "tip" easily with any small unforeseen catalyst by the controllers, but there are too many words needed to do that here now. On the other hand I can not argue that all prophecies have not yet been fulfilled. I just get curious because I have heard others say as you too but no one ever says why they think "we have time" more then 10 years at least. (BTW, that "we have time" is satan's biggest lie to our thoughts! Careful!)
I have one friend who says this too but see's all we do, he thinks 1000 more years before Christ returns! Lol....now that is ridiculous.
The intra net thinking of 10 years to implement, if it were this worlds destiny to continue for many more decades then you might be correct, but as I see it that plan.....well you know how plans usually go, not! I dont think it will ever be fully implemented because time will run out before that can take full place at least globally. Small segments maybe but not complete globally. And that is how I see most of it with prophecy. As you correctly pointed out about the wars etc., and america being exempt from those horrific conditions that did plague europe, I think that is example of how I see things playing out. Of course I may be wrong but history is kind of on my side there. Segments will see more horrific stuff then others. Sort of like how the Bible describes the end times signs by telling us 1/3 or 2/3 of the oceans shall die etc., the deaths from plagues put upon this earth as written in the book of Revelation are all like that. So meaning not every single place or person but a good enough portion to drag down the rest.

Anyway, as I've said before, love blogging with ya! I thank you much for that because it is so helpful to talk to like minded people as I unfortunately do not have any where near enough of in my real world! Cant wait to meet ya on the new earth one day!

Best to ya always,

Hawkeye said...

Hey Gary, so funny, right after I wrote you my last comment I went to read more stuff online and found the perfect blog written to detail exactly what I meant by saying "I could argue some of your points" with regards to prophecy unfolding now rather then taking decade(s) or the "we have time" thinking.
**Due to the order of how this came to me during my lack of more examples writing to you, tells me God wants you to see this! This is what He always does to me.**

This is so well said I had to come back and share it with you and your readers!! Check it out please.
You will have to type this address in as I am just posting it without automatic link clicking.

The point to make that I failed to do but hopefully implied it, IS, it is so unfolding....prophecy....but not recognized! I think I said at least that much, (emphasis on NOT RECOGNIZED). Yes, that's what I mean!

What is it? Revolution today is not protests and civil unrest as they are occurring "sporadically " around the globe, no, they all go nowhere! Revolution today is unrecognized but growing stronger every day, it is RESIGNATION! Ha ha...gottcha! This is how I see it and so insert the reset parts seen as not yet happened with this to show you how prophecies are unfolding many unrecognized and like my example of the fake peace plan, unrecognized.

It's a great read. Go to:

Site source: oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: The Real Revolution Is Underway But Nobody Recognizes It

Exactly how I see things(prophecy) playing out. Not in plain site so to say.


Hawkeye said...

Ha ha. Just found one too good to not share.

Buy your own Delta variant COVID virus:

WTF!? And its "dot org".

Hey, it's only $1200. per vial. What a bargain! (Kidding on that price, I didnt look for the cost).
Can you believe this is a public web site?

There is a good clue in there too. This virus product is inactivated by using heating elements up to 65C. Heat makes it unable to replicate. Hello world. Hmmm, is that why geoengineering freezes are so often? Got to wonder.
Remember we were told the sun and or heat wont kill it? Lolololol....ok. Thought folks should know this.
Good day!

Gary Walton said...

Hahaha, the worlds gone nuts!, this is from Bill,,, https://www.brighteon.com/cbede1fc-c0a6-4451-85f6-e929e6c8301b enjoy!

Hawkeye said...

I tried to view the link from Bill...but, server error comes up, no video no script. What was it? Thanks for trying.

Gary Walton said...

Try this one Hawkeye! https://www.brighteon.com/cbede1fc-c0a6-4451-85f6-e929e6c8301b

cathy said...

1939 Webster's Columbia Concise Dictionary defines 'symptom' as any sign or token; what serves as evidence of something not seen; med. an affection which accompanies a disease, and from which the existence and nature of a disease may be inferred.
I did not find asymptomatic in any dictionaries I have from the 30's to the 70's. I see 'asymptomatic' as a word created to instill fear of the 'unknown'...
The older dictionaries clearly define words. The current dictionaries have been sanitized over the years to dumb down Americans.
From the above definition, 'token' could refer to the 'virus' pictured on the news, designed by an artist, as viruses have never been seen.
And there's that word 'inferred' as symptomology can be all over the map.
When my family got this flu, we used my mom's recipe she gave us when we got sick with flus, colds, infections. Gee, we all recovered quickly and were sent outside to play. Never once did we wear masks, never isolated as mom wanted us all infected as soon as possible (8 kids). We were never vxd. Mom knew a healthy immune system did the job.
Food for thought: polio has never been eradicated, as polio is the name given to the 'disease' that started on the east coast as the result of a new pesticide used to kill gypsy moths. The same goes for Ebola. With all the pesticides, chemicals, pollution in West Africa, malnutrition, it's no wonder healthy immune systems there do not exist. Fascination research... and we can go on with chemical trails.......

Anonymous said...

G'day gentlemen, I'm new on this forum. I do have a problem recognizing the diferance between Israel and Juda. The kingdom was split during the Solomon's son reign into the southern kingdom of Juda with the capitol Jerusalem (3 tribes) and the kingdom of Israel to the north with the capitol Samaria. Now then. When analizig Enoch prophesies are they about the Jews or all Israel witch would include Efraim and Manasseh, today Britain and her Commonwealth countries,Australia,,Canada,Neww Zeeland and the United States and their prime ministers and governments.,that's the whole Israel nation. Please correct my understanding, cheers.

Gary Walton said...

Hi, G'day, good question

I believe Enoch was referring to the Kingdom Of Judah. Britain and her Commonwealth countries would be the 10 lost tribes of Israel, from the North.

Gary Walton said...

P.S. Dear Anonimous, it is ladies and gentlemen, thanks.