Thursday 17 December 2020

The whole idea brings to mind the scariest sentence ever uttered- Matt 7: 23: Jesus said, “Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you": 5G, CRISPR and a vaccine the perfect program which could connect us to a “dystopian grid system"

Memo ordering the termination of the study Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Public Health Service. Health Services and Mental Health Administration. Center for Disease Control. Venereal Disease Branch (1970 - 1973)

There has been much speculation around the world claiming a link between 5G and the coronavirus, and a vaccine for the virus and "The Mark Of The Beast."  While governments and the media have been quick to dispel such claims as not true, there is a connection, according to an NCBI report claiming doses of charged particles from 5G can cause acute and persistent oxidative stress which can lead to cell and tissue damage, damaging proteins, and DNA and suppressing immune systems, which is probably why Covid-19 has been so destructive in wealthy countries such as the US and all of Europe but not nearly as destructive in 3rd world, or poor countries.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

A simple injection is now all that is needed to change a person's DNA, that's all it takes, you wouldn't even know it was happening. And before you say, "c'mon, our government would never do that!" Let me tell you something, The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, also known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, was an unethical clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service (PHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), its aim was to trick poor black people into thinking they were getting free health care when they were actually being monitored for syphilis, monitored not cured, they didn't tell the person if he had the disease.

The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis; the African-American men in the study were told they were receiving free health care from the federal government of the United States when all the time the CDC and the American government were watching black people die of syphilis. Wikipedia

AIDS was created to control undesirable populations. Blankets infected with Smallpox were handed to Canadian Indians by the British so they would catch the disease and die. Hitler destroyed millions of Jews and those who were lame, old or mentally challenged. The Ottoman Turks killed an estimated one and one half million Armenians. COVID-19 might also be such a tool, history does have a record of repeating itself.

CRISPR and a brave new world.

Did you know you can order an inexpensive, specific and simple-to-use gene-editing tool online and change your own DNA, re-moulding your self into another species! (If you have a different DNA than the one God gave you then you are a different species, right?)

The CRISPR technology works by coding for a specific gene sequence using guide RNA, which carries instructions to and from the DNA. When the appropriate DNA sequence is found, the Cas9 protein, an RNA-guided endonuclease working as a pair of scissors, cuts the DNA at the desired location. Once the cut has been made, the gene can be disabled, or missing genetic information can be inserted or replaced. Due to its characteristics, CRISPR represents a new frontier in gene editing; in comparison to other currently available technologies, it is a less expensive, more specific and simpler-to-use gene-editing tool.

The CRISPR technology works by injecting it into your body. God’s DNA sequence, the very building blocks of what makes you, you can be altered by a simple injection. The whole idea brings to mind the scariest sentence ever uttered in Matt 7: 23: Jesus said, “Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’”

A Brave New World.

I have no doubt at all the military are using CRISPR at this very moment, developing people into “super soldiers,” who don’t need sleep and can run all day and have super strength. But, here is the big bad caveat in the room, they will be preparing CRISPR to work with a chip of some kind injected into our bodies. A chip which will enable us to pay our bills, a chip which will connect us to a “dystopian grid system?”

Here is one scenario which would have most of the world queuing up to have the CRISPR, DNA Changing Gene Editing Technology.

Imagine, the UN, for example, along with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION offered the world a cure for Covid-19, along with a "medical upgrade" for themselves, guaranteeing the patient an extra "10 years of disease-free life" by having their DNA tweaked and having a chip inserted which would track-and-trace and at the same time introduce the world to a cashless society and… all this “free of charge!”

In one clean sweep, hey-presto, we have "the mark of the beast," people can only buy and sell, work and have medical insurance if they have the mark of the beast. It would be so easy folks. Who wouldn't want to be rid of Covid-19 now? And who wouldn't want 10 years extra, disease-free living?

Population Control by Genocide?

Bill Laughing-Bear

22 July 2020

Population control by genocide has been a favourite tool used throughout time, as history has shown, for the powers that be to remove populations that were deemed in the way. It is my belief that in these enlightened times we now live that just as AIDS was created for such a purpose, and is starting to control populations, COVID-19 might also be such a tool!
Population Control By Genocide?
Dear Gary and Readers of the Big Wobble, 
Since the beginning of time, there have always been people who are in the way of the “powers that be.” It may be that the land they occupy is wanted or they may be seen as subhuman, but they have to go. It may be that they are not willing to submit to the “powers that be” and as they stand up for their human rights, they are removed. It is my view that this control of populations by genocide in one form or another is to this day still being carried out. History is full of population control by genocide in various forms and I will name just a few in a moment. 
Sitting and pondering for many hours how one would go about proving such a theory, “population control by genocide,” I came to a conclusion. As man seems to just continue to make the same mistakes, and as history always seems to repeat itself, it would be fair to look back through time and take just a few examples of genocide in history as I start to build my case. So, I came up with just a few examples to show that mankind has always seemed to have had a very dark heart filled with anger, hate, envy, jealousy, false pride, suspicion, and love of power, just to name a few of the elements of our darker side. 
In North America, the Native peoples were either killed or removed from their lands (“Ethnic Cleansing in Canada,” 2005, par. 1). Blankets were infected by Smallpox and then handed to them so they would catch the disease and die (“British Biological Warfare,” 2003, par. 1). A similar thing has happened to the native Aborigines of Australia (“Cover-up and Denial of Genocide,” 2002, par. 1). 
Hitler destroyed millions of Jews and those who were lame, old or mentally challenged (“Lest We Forget,” 2005, par. 1). The Ottoman Turks killed after World War I an estimated one and one half million Armenians (“Beginning to Face Up to the Terrible Past,” 2005, par. 1). 
Pondering this held belief, I considered mankind as he is today. One would hope by now, as we are supposed to be enlightened, we would view all of what I will call “The Highest Power’s” children as equals with the same human rights. We should be able to get along in some semblance of unity. We should be able to show some of our better attributes such as love, pity, respect, caring, sympathy, tolerance and acceptance. 
It would appear that if I honestly look at myself, as well as my fellow man, one must admit that we tend to look more like the dark side than what, let us call… the enlightened side. It would appear that until we can remove the defects of character like hate and greed for example, we shall continue to repeat history over and over again. I would like to state that there have been some who are or were more of the enlightened side such as Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, Rev. Billy Graham, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Gandhi, just to name a few. It is grievous to me that some of these lives were shortened before their full potential was recognized.In our own time in history in the years after World War Two, the Super Powers escalated the Cold War. Nothing seems to have been overlooked in the goal of being the superior of the Super Powers, including chemical and bio-warfare. There are several books that support evidence that would make one believe this is factual and is covered up by the “powers that be.” It seems to me that AIDS was such a product of the Cold War and made for Bio-warfare. 
Some believe that CIA and U.S. military laboratories engineered HIV by splicing the two viruses Visna and HTLV-1 together in the late nineteen seventies. Jakob Segal, a biology professor in former East Germany who taught at Humboldt University, holds this theory (“AIDS,” 2005, par. 4). I had earnestly sought to read his book but found that only one was available and it was on a shelf in Australia. Nobel laureate Wangari Maathai stated this, “The biological agent causing AIDS is not natural, HIV is a virus that was created by scientists for biological warfare” (“AIDS,” 2005, par. 5). Several believe it is genetically engineered and not a product of nature.It is believed by some, including Dr. William C. Douglas, that the AIDS epidemic was created by the World Health Organization when they
administered infected Hepatitis B experiments and Smallpox vaccines (“AIDS,” 2005, par. 10). Dr. Robert Gallo, who was the one who isolated the HIV virus, believes this as well and felt that the link between the start of Smallpox vaccinations, Hepatitis experiments and the outbreak of HIV in the same areas and time frame that the World Health Organizations had just treated is rather interesting and probably more than just chance (“AIDS,” 2005, par. 10). Dr. Gary Glum claimed in his book, “Full Disclosure” that Aids was made in U.S. laboratories and put into Smallpox in an eradication program by the World Health Organization and that it did not exist before 1978 and was created for population control (“AIDS,” 2005, par. 12). 
Why would the world governments continue to feel the need to use genocide on peoples? Should one look at their governments with suspicion? The cost of Third World Countries on the World Bank is also draining on the Super Powers pocket books and alone might be a good enough reason for controlled genocide. Are some people groups seen by some as sub-human, needing to be removed as they are considered excess population and thus a drain on the world’s resources?  
Dr. Boyd E. Graves claims he obtained a 1971 Special Virus Cancer Flow Chart that he obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that lists AIDS as a manmade element. Dr. Graves has also stated that the Gulf War Syndrome is related to AIDS and was spread by contaminating soldiers with vaccines given before going to Iraq (“AIDS,” 2005, par. 11). This is very believable to me because a close friend of mine, who was vaccinated before being sent over to the Golf War, has this Golf War Syndrome. He and all the soldiers in his unite who were given a certain vaccine that came from the same case lot all have this Syndrome. Through a long fight this group has found that the lab that produced the vaccines had been shut down several times for contaminated supplies, but was the lowest bidder and received the contract to supply for the Military. The company was not even in the United States. 
In Jonathan Vankin’s book, The 60 Greatest Conspiracies Of All Time (1998), and his book, Conspiracies, Cover-ups and Crimes, (1991), he has this to say about the Pentagon and AIDS. A Mr. Donald MacArthur in June of 1969 asked for cash at a subcommittee on military appropriations to make a new infective microorganism that would destroy the immune system. He stated that with funding he could have a virus delivered by no later than 1977-78, the year that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome first appeared in Africa. He got his funding.  
He also wrote that in 1987 Army Colonel David Huxsoll said that laboratories were showing that AIDS-Bio-Warfare was not working out as they had hoped as a biological warfare agent. Vankin wrote as early as 1904 that bioresearch had been done in this country and that the Nazis had done nothing more inhumane than we had. 
Can it be proven that our government created AIDS and promoted it worldwide to remove the undesirables through genocide? No, it can’t, but I do think it is highly possible. Some day in history books, the facts might be out there to prove such things as population control by genocide in this day and age. It is also possible that due to careless handling of lab experiments that this demon monster was born as a pure accident. It is also possible that those who make claims that our government created this monster might just be trying to undermine our beliefs in our government, as ripples left over from the storm of the Cold War. 
So, what about COVID-19? Does this horrific monster fit this known and sometimes old form of “population control by genocide?” It has been my intent to introduce thoughts that might make you, the reader, consider all the possibilities stated. If not convinced by what has been presented, I hope you will at least take a closer look at the whole topic and rethink COVID-19 from a position in a way you may never have thought about before. Maybe you will see things in a different light and just maybe you will decide that enough is enough and turn more to the teachings found in Matthew 5, known to many as The Beatitudes and taught by Jesus Christ. These examples were followed and lived out by Dr. Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, and the Rev. Billy Graham. And, please remember that “Facts don’t cease to exist just because they are ignored.” 
That’s it from Alaska for now.
Bill Laughing-Bear
Population Control by Genocide?

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Thank you, Bill, for sharing your wonderful research and your wonderful mind with the readers of TBW.

Stay safe up there in Alaska.

N.B. I often pondered in the early days of Covid-19 what a clinical and effective way a virus would be to clear out the old, disabled and sick and at the same time, saving billions in state benefits, pension and sickness payments around the western world. Call me a Conspiracy theorist if you like but as Bill's timely letter to TBW shows, history definitely does has a way of repeating.


Melly said...

Who ever controls the present controls the past, whoever controls the past controls the future, rage against the machine. The covid-19 was a test run to see if the "dark powers at be" to see if they can control us & get away w/ it. Total success sadly, it will not be hard for the coming anti-christ to take over & lead his followers to their destruction along w/ him. Your readers should look up American stonehenge or also called "Georgia guidestones". It says to reduce the population to 500 million & not be a burden on society. We are presently at 7.4 billion worldwide population. The future does not bode well for most until Jesus Christ comes again & saves you only if you have faith & believe in Him. God bless> Amen.

Christopher said...

Very well written Gary and Bill. Melly you are on spot about a test run, "Georgia Guide Stones" and having faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

2G,3G,4G and 5G are all forms of radio frequency radiation that harm biological life in many different ways. 5G millimeter waves are particularly dangerous. According to the IEEE document on 5G "5G was first used in WWII as a weapon that cooked peoples eyeballs like eggs" The IEEE document can be found at as well as the 1954 document "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars". The US Army and Navy as well as the Russians and Israelis all worked on developing 5G as a Military Biological weapon from the late 1940's through the late 1970's. Sadly 4 decades later our governments are trying to sell the public a Military Biological Weapon, Tracking, Communication, Battlefield Interrogation, AI Comparable System as a Communication System. 5G is bad news for Humanity and Nature. The easiest way to get up to speed on 5G in my opinion is to watch the documentary "5G Apocalypse The Extinction Event". Personally I believe this Plandemic is smoke and mirrors taking peoples attention off the real killer Radiation Poisoning. Covid 19 symptoms are almost identical to symptoms of radiation poisoning.

GMO Gene Editing Technology is pure Evil that is one form of synthetic biology. GMO's are contaminating all biology on our planet and have the ability to cause mass extinction unto themselves. According to Elana Freeland's book " Under An Ionized Sky" GMO,'s and Vaccines are two means in which the evil powers that be introduce nanobots into our bodies. Her book is profoundly insightful and disturbing at the same time. It is hard to comprehend how evil people can do such hanous acts against their fellow brothers and sister.

I guess Bill is right about people, in particularly the people who don't know and believe in God Almighty. Keep your faith, show your courage in Jesus Christ. Take Care.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, Christopher and Melly of course, I will check the info you sent. Stay safe folks.

Gordon Robbins said...

The article and the above comments are all very interesting and intriguing. Thanks.

I have had a question for awhile that I have not found an answer to, about a person changing their DNA and then not being recognized as human, by God.

My mother was a strong Christian woman. When she died we had her cremated, knowing that God can reassemble the body during her resurrection, as/if needed.
For literal eons of time, the dead decay and are reintegrated back into the earth's ecology. The Bible makes no mention of anyone being irretrievable by God.

In fact, our (omnipotent) God is/was the Creator of all things, including TIME, right? So if God could not access a person's DNA in the future, due to death, decay, cremation, or unintended genetic manipulation, He (being GOD) could always get that DNA from history, or even from His own (omniscient) memory.

God has said in Eph 1:12-14 That we should be to the praise of his glory, who first trusted in Christ. (13) In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise, (14) Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.

There are many, many other scriptures that also give us assurance of our safety in God's hands, or similar wording.
So regarding mRNA/DNA 'vaccine' toxic soup & the Christian, I think I already have my answer. JUST TRUST (in Jesus!)