Monday 15 June 2020

The astonishing rise of lovelyism, political correctness and virtual signalling is a TERRIBLE DARKNESS which is threatening to overtake our lives. Free speech, the very heart of Western democracy is being stifled, strangled and snuffed out

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The astonishing rise of lovelyism, political correctness and virtual signalling is a TERRIBLE DARKNESS which is threatening to overtake our lives. Free speech, the very heart of Western democracy is being stifled, strangled and snuffed out by a new generation of bleeding-heart, liberals who want to be seen as part of a new left-wing movement which has moved from its original stance on social equality and egalitarianism to favour anything which sits in a minority because they believe minority is their new Nirvana.

We don't have to look any further than the American Democratic Party for a classic example, last week, in a painful, cringeworthy, toe-curling attempt to show respect to George Floyd and the Black Life Matters, (BLM) movement they actually took the knee, social distancing you understand, wearing  "Kente-cloth" scarves. The scarves were originally worn by wealthy land-owners and dignitaries of the Ashanti (or Asante) tribes of what is now known as Ghana who sold slaves to the Western world. You see, lovelyism, political correctness and virtual signalling is not a plea from the heart as they would have us believe, it is nothing more than a photo-op for the, me, me, me, fraternity.

Social media, of course, is the catalyst behind the astronomical rise in lovelyism, political correctness and virtual signalling. People are in constant search of likes and other approval clicks so they immerse their life pasting their point of view in order to garner praise or acknowledgement of one’s righteousness from others who share that point of view, however, in an attempt to be seen as standing up for the "oppressed, their outraged, virtue signalling comes across as contrived.

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Above is a graph on FBI crime statistics showing data on the number of blacks and whites murdered in the US in 2013 as you can see Instagram has censored the post. The graph shows that by comparison, a tiny amount of black people are killed by whites. Please, don't get me wrong here, I do not condone the senseless murder of George Floyd, I am merely pointing at the disparity in numbers, yet somehow, the Black Lives Matter movement has exploded into a global movement within weeks riots, protests and demonstrations in our capital cities across the world have shocked many of our politicians into siding with the protesters, throwing petrol on the flames. It defies logic.

Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see happen, instead of trying to change everyone else.” The opposite is at work here, I hate to use the word sheep but sadly it's true, people these days are not busy trying to change themselves, they are busy trying to look like everyone else, following the latest trendy photo op, showing their outrage in order to be liked, it has become sickening.

The very act of using lovelyism, political correctness and virtual signalling to gain moral approval is in itself an immoral act. The truth has been abolished for Facebook likes.

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Anonymous said...

Could Dumitru Dudunan be right?

Gary Walton said...

Who is Dumitru Dudunan?

Unknown said...

Dumitru Duduman is a prophet that predicted the destruction of America, here is the link, interesting stuff. He has a translator. He is from Romania.

Jeff said...

Dumitru Dudunan was a Russian christian that was tortured for trying to bring bibles into the soviet union long time ago maybe 70's. He had a vision of the USA being destroyed by nukes I believe. He came to the US to warn us about this. He said it would happen at a time that the US was dealing with an internal conflict of some short. Not sure about all the details.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for that, Jeff, interesting.

Gary Walton said...

I will check that out, thanks, Unknown.

Anonymous said...

The current uprising is about the indiscriminate killing of people of by the police which is a military organisation and many of them are from the Klu Klux Clan. What isn't mentioned is that this violence is also directed at the mentally disabled, the elderly (I have experienced this) youth, regardless of colour, but there is a disproportionate "shoot first and ask questions later" attitude towards black men and women. I understood it was "freedom for all" but it clearly isn't.
The numbers you show are misleading in a gun happy society. Until that is resolved - Americans will continue to kill each other, it is a national pastime

Green Sleeves said...

Gary, my husband had a lot of dreams back in 2015 i think it was, most of the dreams were about flooding, i believe 7 dreams in total, one was about like an emp attack where planes were falling from the sky. Trains were off the rails, cars were stopped. the last dream was where he was at the Canadian border trying to leave the US and a Russian soldier told him that he couldn't leave and to return to the USA, my husband is a naturalized American citizen and was born in Mexico. He hadn't had dreams like that before and not any since. I had dreams after i prayed in 2017 and asked God for wisdom. I had a dream of many people, as far as the eye could see, their was a huge gulf between them, separating them. The good people on the right of the deep ditch and the bad on the left. the next night i had a dream of angels, the good angels on the right and the bad angels were on the left side of the deep ditch. I haven't had dreams like that before nor since that time. i don't speak of the dreams often but I believe the dreams to be prophetic, I almost died in 2017 around hat time. Again, in 2019, I had a bllod clot in my left lung and was near death again. I will soon be 65 years old. Yesterday, I had heart palpitations with my heart skipping beats. I have comfort knowing Jesus Christ return is close now. He has already conquered all evil and death. Do not be afraid. God and good will prevail in the hard times ahead of us.keep faith in Him/We are not to worship or pledge allegiance to no icons, objects or any man or other god or idol but to only our Creator. There may be a fake alien invasion ahead. I do believe it might appear as such by project bluebeam, Demons are real and can appear out of other dimensions and aliens or ghosts but they are not what they appear as.

Gary Walton said...

Always good to hear from you Green Sleeves, I am a great dreamer myself, every night is like a crazy movie, mostly wonderful, sometimes very dark, occasionally frightening. Stay safe.