Tuesday 7 January 2020

Whole lotta' shakin goin on: A very powerful mag 6.6 reduced to a mag 6.5 by USGS rocks Puerto Rico after a mag 5.8 foreshock: Comes just hours after a powerful mag 6.2 struck Indonesia


A very powerful shallow (shallow quakes are the most powerful) mag 6.6 reduced to a mag 6.5 by USGS has rocked Puerto Rico after a swarm of smaller quakes struck earlier today and yesterday along with a powerful magnitude 5.8 and just hours after a powerful shallow magnitude 6.2 struck Indonesia’s province of Aceh on the island of Sumatra.

In 2019 the most impressive swarm of 2019 was the mega-swarm in and around the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Sea, just how many quakes occurred there last year is impossible to know because my computer is too small to load all the info, however, 3,068 magnitude 2.5 quakes or higher were recorded there last year, see screengrab below. Full Story


Unknown said...

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