Saturday 18 June 2016

2015 weekly video's

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Hawkeye said...

Yes! This is true, except it is much worse even then all these reports indicate....and, I promise you the methane being released by livestock is absolutely nothing compared to the methane being released by earth now! Livestock of course is the fall guy from a bunch of wicked liar leaders who don't want people to know the truth, that the collapse of our life support system known as earth's environment/biosphere is very severe and they can not stop it. All they can and are doing is geoengineering to cool and control portions of our weather to keep people fooled that nothing is wrong and we have 100 years before anything m8ght happen, there is no global warming, climate change is a hoax, blah blah blah....bull shit!
It's bad, really bad.
Fabulous post Gary! An obvious long length of time to put together! Thank you!