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Sunday, 18 September 2022

A letter from America: Francis is definitively indicated as the False Prophet, (written about in the Book of Revelation - chapter 19), who is to mesmerise the Catholic world with false mercy: And a plethora of other End-Time warnings!

1881 illustration depicting papal infallibility, Wikipedia.

Dear Family and Friends, and readers of TBW. . .

Francis is always in the news. Never tiring of heterodoxy (long article, but worth at least a browse to understand the point being made):

Francis + Laudato Si + global elites = New World Order:

Pachamama was only the beginning, Book of Truth predicted signs of things to come under the Francis' leadership:

Francis policy for dialogue:

A Francis favourite cardinal:

*for those not yet aware of what is said in the foretold Book of Truth please see Daniel 10:21 and 12:4-9 for reference (a book meant for a different time, the time of the end). Archive of alleged end-time prophetic messages found here: http://thebookoftruthonline.blogspot.com/p/the-book-of-truth-online.html

Francis is definitively indicated as the False Prophet, (written about in the Book of Revelation - chapter 19), who is to mesmerize the Catholic world with his false mercy. Others as well are to be drawn to his character unbeknownst of his cunning wordsmithing abilities. All the while, he continues to blur the lines of traditional Christian morality and presenting doctrinal heresy as though it were truth. According the prophetic word of the Book of Truth, he is to be the cause of much division and confusion, eventually introducing an ecumenical liturgy to replace the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This heretical act will open the doors for the one world religion.

Do not be surprised should he appear to die . . . a faked death and then is "miraculously" revived.

There is much more to come after the alleged prophecy of the ecumenical liturgy, but what should be noted without fail and watched for is the very near future of the Second Coming, should the ecumenical liturgy materialize. Should this happen it would be so enormous in magnitude of change within the Catholic Church, that schism is said to come about. 

The day of judgement God the Father has chosen cannot be known, not even by Jesus, but the Book of Truth (remember, is foretold in the Book of Daniel) gives a definitive clue of the timing. Albeit unknowable as a particular date, nonetheless a narrowing inevitability. That inevitability is the manifestation of the Second Coming within Francis' lifetime. Francis, is now in his mid-eighties. He and the antichrist are to witness the day of judgment and transition of the world into the New Era of Peace, the New Paradise - the Great Day of the Lord. Many people are still be alive come that day.

Prepare your hearts. Look into the Seal of the Living God prayer for Divine protection during the coming times of trouble - http://thebookoftruthonline.blogspot.com/p/seal-of-living-god.html

See messages #345 and 346, for Seal information:

Should we shrug off the alleged prophecy below, which may be happening now. . . or watch with focused attention?

The antichrist will be from the East, not the West
Friday, April 26th, 2013 @ 12:30
My dearly beloved daughter, the world is being prepared for the entrance of the antichrist. He has been groomed by a number of powerful political forces to make his grand entrance.
The antichrist will be from the East, not the West, but will be loved, honoured and revered by both and in every corner of the Earth.
It will start as follows.
The antichrist will quickly bring about, with the help of the enemies of God, a war between two nations headed by two stubborn and powerful leaders.These wars will escalate and then will spill into other countries. When the threat becomes so serious that it begins to affect the most powerful nations, then peace negotiations will begin.


Predicted of the Catholic Church in the Book of Truth:


Sister Lucy Truth - video presentation:

*you may have interest in the Book of Truth message below concerning the message of Fatima of 1917.    ( http://thebookoftruthonline.blogspot.com/p/the-book-of-truth-online.html )

The final secret of Fatima reveals the truth of satan’s evil sect entering the Vatican
Thursday, January 26th, 2012 @ 21:40

. . . "My daughter even the final secret of Fatima was not given to the world, because it revealed the Truth of satan’s evil sect entering the Vatican.
The last part of secret has not been revealed in order to protect the wicked sect who entered the Vatican in great numbers since My Mother’s appearance at the holy shrine of Fatima.
My daughter Lucia was silenced by the powers which control part of the Vatican, over which My poor beloved popes have little control."


COVID - A very helpful interview with an air quality expert starts at 37 minute mark - standupmichigan.com


9/11/2001 | AE911Truth.org:


The End of Currencies - (Katherine Austin Fitts gives an excellent evaluation of the state of our currencies - those who control them and why it matters. This is a video recording for the RED PILL Conference):


Reignite Freedom Australia (a global walkout, starting Sept. 4th, of course, this has passed but it is my hunch that more of this will take place in the near future and maybe some readers will consider being a leader within this movement):




World Economic Forum - worth a reminder:


Thank you, Bill for your tireless work

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Hawkeye said...

Wow. This one is interesting. Not sure if I'm understanding it though and I might upset someone with my opinion, so please don't take offense in advance I mean no harm, just another view point to consider.
Is it saying that the a/c is not a man but a country, France?
I'm not familiar with this 'book of truth', seen it out there but never explored its info. I did do the Fatima thing for a while years ago and early on in to my awakening by God. Is the book of truth from the Fatima prophecies?

Nevertheless this is a first for me, the a/c (MAN of lawlessness) is a country!? Please correct me Gary if I'm incorrect there.
Fatima is part of 'the miracle of the sun' which was a strange phenomenon that took place during or after the 13 days of Mary visiting a young girl in Portugal.
That I do not discredit, but when I see the catholic church behind some prophetic info that is aside from Bible prophecy but similar and said to be in line with, I get suspicious. Just me! Reason being I always say the Bible is NOT a religion because it's NOT, catholicism is a religion. Jesus never said He was bringing a religion, He said He was bringing us a Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. Two different things completely!

There is nothing religious whatsoever about the Bible, there is religion IN parts of the Bible but the Book itself is NOT a religion and all religions today are hand selected pieces of the Bible woven into a religious outlet naming itself as a specific type of church. So I don't get involved with any of that. I just study the Bible and dabble a bit with the dead sea scrolls.
The catholic religion is the Vatican and that is under Satan's control. My problem with Fatima is the words used don't sit well with me. Holy Mother Mary, no one is Holy except God and Jesus. Mary was Blessed, not Holy. So that right there shy's me away. I think it's an important point to consider. No need to say more. Maybe use caution.
France the anti-christ. That's a new one!

Gary Walton said...

I will do better than that Hawkeye, I will ask Bill himself to explain the post, thanks for the input, once again.

Anonymous said...

This is Bill. . . Part 1

Many people are suspicious and that is good to have a critical discernment process, but one thing that is (massively) overlooked (I overlooked it) is that you and I are called to be ready to receive the Book of Truth when it is given to mankind. We are called in the Book of Truth to be alert to the SIGNS that will authenticate the messages: said prophecies matching real world events in real time. That is why you have received through my friend Gary's website the email I have been sending out to my contacts. It appears to me that the signs are becoming apparent and time is of the essence in preparing people to take notice and be prepared with a readied heart to face what is coming.

Just me! Reason being I always say the Bible is NOT a religion because it's NOT, catholicism is a religion. Jesus never said He was bringing a religion, He said He was bringing us a Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. Two different things completely!

Reading Matthew 16:18-20 gives me as a Catholic the surety that Jesus first desired to establish a Church. This Church was given the Divine Promise that the jaws of death (or some translations say 'gates of hell') would not prevail against the Church. My Bible reads: verse 18 - "I (Jesus) for My part declare to you (Peter), you are 'Rock' and on this rock I will build My Church, and the jaws of death shall not prevail against it."
You are correct that the Church and the Kingdom are two different things. However each has a role to play in salvation history, and if true, according to the Book of Truth, the Church will exist within the Kingdom, which is to last a literal 1000 years (not a figurative number). We know that eventually the Kingdom will manifest, but in the meantime the Church has to exist first.

What is still a mystery to me is how the temporal time of 1000 years is to coexist within the Kingdom which one would think to be within the eternal realm of no time.

I would recommend downloading the Book of Truth PDF ( http://thebookoftruthonline.blogspot.com/p/the-book-of-truth-online.html ) and doing an automated search using the word peter. There are many references using that word, all of which I feel is at the heart of the Book of Truth.

Consider reading verse 19 (of Matthew 18-20) about the Keys to the Kingdom given to Peter. Then consider the message clip below.

The next Pope may be elected by members within the Catholic Church but he will be the False Prophet
Thursday, April 12th, 2012 @ 11:27
. . . "Peter the Roman, is My Peter, the original apostle who will rule My Church from the Heavens under the command of My Eternal
Father. Then, when I come to reign, at the Second Coming, he will rule over all of God’s children when all religions will become
one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church"

There is nothing religious whatsoever about the Bible, there is religion IN parts of the Bible but the Book itself is NOT a religion and all religions today are hand selected pieces of the Bible woven into a religious outlet naming itself as a specific type of church. So I don't get involved with any of that. I just study the Bible and dabble a bit with the dead sea scrolls.
The catholic religion is the Vatican and that is under Satan's control. My problem with Fatima is the words used don't sit well with me. Holy Mother Mary, no one is Holy except God and Jesus. Mary was Blessed, not Holy. So that right there shy's me away. I think it's an important point to consider. No need to say more. Maybe use caution.
France the anti-christ. That's a new one!

Take care Hawkeye.


Gary Walton said...

Bill, part two

When you say the Vatican is under Satan's control, according to the Book of Truth you are both right and wrong. In the Book of Truth Jesus clearly states that the Catholic Church is His Church, but at this terrible time of tribulation Satan is living out his last glory days, and consequently is turning up the heat, he is wreaking havoc in the Vatican and around the world with Francis as a cunning imposter, the false prophet written about in chapter 19 of Revelation (I also believe chapter 13 as well).
Traditionally and in the Book of Truth it says there is to be only ONE pope until he dies, then a conclave (election of a new pope) takes place to replace him. It is also said in the Book of Truth that Benedict was viciously "ousted" from the Chair of Peter and the subsequent election of Bergoglio (Francis) was a complete victory for freemasonry, which apparently is flourishing within the Vatican. So from my perspective as a Catholic, who fully believes and hangs my hat on Matthew 16:18-20, you are both right and wrong is saying Satan rules the roost. There is going to be even darker days ahead, real dark, if all that is said comes to pass, but thankfully the timeline seems to indicate that Francis will still be alive when the Second Coming manifests, he is now 85.

Covertly pretending to be a merciful pastor, Francis has been upsetting in a most profound ways, the order of traditional Catholicism, both is doctrine and morality. Because of this he has gained many friends, especially sodomites, transgender types, sexual predators, etc. but at the same time he has garnered many enemies (who pray for his conversion).
If you want a few recommendations for news sources that are peeling away the deceptions I would suggest:




in regards to Fatima I am of the opinion that it is not prudent to question what an inquiring crowd of 70,000 or more people, religious and non-religious, called a miracle of God - the sun miracle. The story does seem authentic to me, even 1917 newspaper headlines were calling it a miracle of God.

Go to biblehub.org and type in "holy" as a search word. There are references of a mountain and food and acts of morality, etc. which are considered holy.

I would suggest going to this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immaculate_Conception scroll down to "doctrine" to read why Mary is held in high esteem among Roman Catholics - The Immaculate Conception.

In closing I would suggest that the Book of Truth be read, all five volumes. If you are short on time I can give you some search terms if you request them, then use the PDF viewer to find those messages with the search term(s) within.

Anonymous said...

From Bill:


Hawkeye might want to hear about this story:

This will explain a lot about the alleged mission that Francis has been sent to do, but much more is yet to come.

Hawkeye said...

Reply to Bill's comments...
Thank you for these replies. I appreciate your calm polite approach to explain my questions for the information you have sent to Gary's website to post.

First I must correct myself on "francis" vs "france". Lol...feeling silly....I did not read that correctly but you didn't correct me? I have re-read the post more carefully, now it makes more sense, you were referring to pope Francis not the country France. So, I am going to respond to what you elaborated on in reply to me first, get back to the person Francis later....

*The "book of truth", IS The Bible and nothing else.
*Referrence to Mathew re: building His church. Not a building, we as believers are His church. That is what Jesus was declaring and it makes clear sense because the church/churches of this world are of many denominations which is clearly not in line with the (one) Kingdom of God. There are no catholics, protestants, Jewish, budda's, Muslims, orthodox etc., etc., there is only ONE Kingdom of God and one King of that Kingdom, Jesus Christ. Very clearly written in The Bible both old & new testaments.
*There is nothing in the Bible that says Catholic is Christians.
*The keys to the Kingdom in Mathew; the message clip is your book of truth, NOT in the Bible! All religions will be Catholic?! Not written in the Bible Bill!
*The Kingdom will manifest? (Jesus told us that the Kingdom is within us, it's not a place) but first the church must exist? (The church, us, can not exist without receiving the Kingdom of God). They go hand in hand not two separate things.

Politely I answer you, you are wrong on your interpretation of "the church" as Jesus spoke of it in Mathew and numerous other parts of the New Testament. To strengthen my point on we are His church not religions of structural churches, is the fact that Jesus also said the temple of God is the body of Christ, and the body of Christ is once again....we as His believers. It's all one, not numerous religions each with their own version of "a church".
* In the book of your truth, Jesus clearly states that the catholic church is His church. In the actual book of truth (The Bible) Jesus never said that!
Bible Hub, a fantastic site to interpret translations of original origin back in the day! Greek and Hebrew the 2 languages used in original scriptures.
*Holy" referring to "acts of holiness" is not the same as saying a person is Holy. Only God is Holy!!! Anyone can act with holiness but are not Holy themselves. Two completely different things.
*My advice on references is stick with Bible Hub, bona fide ambassadors of Christ that teach actual truth with regards to studying the Bible. Wiki is not a reliable source at all. In fact very evil instead it is.
*Stop reading fiction (that book of said truth) and start reading the facts in the Bible Bill! Satan is very very clever and has many many false teachings in this world that trick because they take truth from the Bible and twist it into misleading web sites, religions, churches of all denominations, false prophets, blah blah.
Look up the definition of religion.
Look up the definition of Kingdom.
Two completely different things!

Gary Walton said...

Hawkeye this is for you from Bill

Good morning Gary,

Last night I realized that I did not address one of Hawkeye's questions/objections - the title "Holy Mother of God". So if you would please pass this along, thanks.

The title "Holy Mother of God" is the only doctrine within Catholicism that I do not understand, but with the full assent of faith/will, accept it as part of the Church's infallible Teachings. Full assent of faith is difficult for me and I suspect the same for Hawkeye and maybe you too Gary, because we are very analytical people and if things don't square as perfectly as we desire it is a wrenching of the gut and a gnawing of the mind. I know that the early Church (4th and 5th century) had to deal with this issue and had eventually defined "Holy Mother of God" as a legitimate title, mainly due to Mary's cousin Elizabeth's pronouncement of her as "mother of my Lord" - Luke 1:43

I truly wish this doctrine would be easy for me to accept, but I have to call it my singular doctrinal cross I must bear, with submission to Church fathers of the early Church who possessed intelligence much beyond mine.

Here: https://www.catholic.com/magazine/online-edition/mary-mother-of-god
is a link that may be helpful to Hawkeye (I recommend not listening to the robo-audio, but to read very slowly the explanation found on that page).

Below is a clip from the link:
To Whom Did Mary Give Birth?
The second and most important reason we know Luke 1:43 is referring to Mary as the Mother of God is summed up nicely in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 495:

Called in the Gospels “the mother of Jesus,” Mary is acclaimed by Elizabeth, at the prompting of the Spirit and even before the birth of her son, as “the mother of my Lord.” In fact, the One whom she conceived as man by the Holy Spirit, who truly became her Son according to the flesh, was none other than the Father’s eternal Son, the second person of the Holy Trinity. Hence the Church confesses that Mary is truly “Mother of God” (Theotokos).


As I was writing this I remembered also another topic that I forgot to address (he had so many).
Hawkeye said:
" Just me! Reason being I always say the Bible is NOT a religion because it's NOT, catholicism is a religion. Jesus never said He was bringing a religion, He said He was bringing us a Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. Two different things completely!"

On this matter, as I said yesterday, the Church - of the temporal order - necessarily must come before the eternal Kingdom which has no characteristic that we call "time". One thing that must be noted with sincerity is the origin of the Bible, how do we have it before us today? It my understanding and which appeals to the intellect of mankind is that the Bible, while not being a religion, actually was put together under one cover (canonized) in the 4th century, by the Catholic councils of Carthage and Hippo. Although there might be an objection to this claim, I have never heard of any.

If he wants to read what Catholic Answers has to say about it, below is a link:


Hawkeye said...

Hi Gary! Here is my reply to Bill's last responce...

First, Hawkeye is a "she". Thank you.
Now I had so many answers Bill called topics because I have come to fully understand what I am reading in the Bible through revelation that is upon me, so I have complete confidence and awareness in my knowledge of Biblical scriptures and can unspin any counter information in an instant.
Seeing for certain prophecy come true makes belief infallible and completely without any doubt. So that is my answer to where Bill assumes that I (maybe you too Gary as he notes) are finding full assent of faith to be difficult due to an analytical mind. NO, that God given analytical mind is what brought me to my full belief. I can assure you Bill that I have zero difficulty believing in God and or having faith.
Doubt/difficulty is a result of conflicting information, also known as mis-information. It's because one is comparing other sources unreliable and invented by man which are not found in Biblical scriptures, to Biblical scriptures. They don't match because those other sources are not truth.
*A false prophets (prophecy) is easy to spot. Nothing it states comes true or matches God's word that has come true. Easy! So all religions of this world fit in that category for me.
*I have no desire to read anything online written by the catholics. Thank you but no thank you. Did that its incorrect and twisted truth. I read and study ONLY what God said through His selected prophets in old and new testaments. There is nothing else, anything else (numerous religions i.e.) all took their doctrines from the Bible and sliced it up to form their version of a church religion.
*origin of the Bible is Christ's apostles. They walked with Him. They are eye witnesses. There is no better evidence then an eye witness Bill.
*The answer regarding Holy Mother of God Bill gave is equal to how a politician answers questions, they don't answer but rather spin it. Bill shows that what I said is correct. Mary is not Holy she is Blessed and all he really said is she is truly and acknowledged to truly be the mother of Christ by the Catholic church because it is written in the Gospel of Luke. Yes, that is true. What is not true and not written in Luke (or anywhere else in the new testament) is she is Holy, probably because Luke knew only God is Holy. I never disputed Mary is the mother of Christ! I simply said she can't be Holy, she is blessed, not Holy. It is clearly written as Bill stated yet he still doesn't get it he said? That's because of the mis-information of the catholic church vs what is written by God. He wrote it, mother of God is what the Bible calls Mary, NOT Holy Mother of God. Thats what I said! Why did that church do that? It's blaspheme IMHO.

Bill, you are confused and with doubt because you put a religion in front of the Bible. That book of truth you advertised is an online misinformation source of what Jesus taught us is a false prophet. The things just that you noted supposedly said by Jesus are a sin! Not true! It reminds me of when Jesus told us, 'if they tell you I am in the field, do not go out there it's not so'....etc. So saying Jesus said, in 1970 to some unknown woman, that the catholic church will rule this world is complete bull shit, a lie. Jesus never said that or even came close to saying anything like that in the new testatment. The religion or word "catholic" is NOT in the Bible. More blasphemy Bill. There lies your confusion my friend.
When in doubt call on God, not the catholics! Ask Him to give you revelation to understand.

Thank you Gary for this opportunity to share the truth with your readers!

Anonymous said...

1john 2:27 inside you = not Pope, Bible
Jer 31:31-34 inside you
Jer 8:8 vain = lies according to Strong's
Judaismvschristianity.com Jesus says in Revelation that Paul is a liar and commends those who reject him