Billions Of People Are Affected By This & They Don't Realize It | Dr. Robert Malone 2021

Sent in by Carol Rosin: Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, breaks down the "mass formation" phenomenon that makes it difficult to reason with those who have fallen victim to the globalist leader propaganda.

Saturday, 9 January 2021

2021's impressive volcano eruption uptick continues! An eruption has produced two lava flows from vents on the northern flanks, currently about 50 m and 200 m long at the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala

Ashy eruption at Pacaya, shortly after a very large earthquake affected the area in 1976. Photo credit: USGS.

The effusive-explosive eruption of the Pacaya volcano in Guatemala has been increasing during the past days confirmed by the INSIVUMEH volcano observatory.

A new effusive eruption has been producing two lava flows that started to descend slowly from vents on the northern flanks, currently about 50 m and 200 m long. New vents are eruptive fissures.

The lava flow on the southwestern slope remains active, currently about 550 m long. A moderate-to-strong eruptive episode of strombolian explosions is now in progress at the volcano's Mackenney summit crater characterized by higher-than-usual dense ash plumes that rose to estimated 3 km altitude as can be seen in the video recorded below. Blocks were ejected as far as 300 m away from the crater.