Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Records are still tumbling! Anchorage has experienced six days in a row of 80-plus deg F (27-plus deg C) weather - the longest stretch on record

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The historic heat wave that has sent Alaskans scrambling to cool their sweltering homes has also toppled some lesser known temperature records, according to data from the National Weather Service.
As of Tuesday, Anchorage has experienced six days in a row of 80-plus deg F  (27-plus deg C) weather - the longest stretch on record, according to meteorologist Michael Kutz with the National Weather Service's Anchorage office.
The daily peak temperature has been 70 or higher in Anchorage for 13 days in a row.
That's not a record - yet.
In 2013, Anchorage experienced a 17-day streak of 70+ degree weather that ended on Aug. 2 of that year.
But we're likely to break the record by the end of the week, Kutz said.
On only six of the past 16 days has Anchorage not tied or broken a daily heat record.
Put another way: We've broken the daily high-temperature record on eight of the last 16 days.
Three Alaska communities broke all-time high temperature on July 4: Kenai, at 89 degrees, King Salmon, at 89 degrees, and Anchorage, at 90 degrees.
Palmer tied its all-time temperature high, at 88 degrees, the same day.
No new all-time records have been set since then, Kutz said.
Since the beginning of record keeping by the weather service at the international airport in 1952, Anchorage has seen a total of 40 days where temperatures reached over 80 degrees.
Eight of those -- including Monday -- are from 2019.
The forecast this week calls for a very slight cool-down, including possible showers on Thursday.
But temperatures are forecast to remain squarely in the 70s through the weekend.
After that "there's a possibility we can warm up again," said Kutz.

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  1. Geoengineering earth is, weather modification and control, weather warfare, and serious meddling in a live planets energy systems. There are too many obvious connections between the quakes, eruptions and extreme heat to these interventions by man to see why we have global warming.
    Just today's world news alone should raise questions in a sane mind. For example: Scalar Wave Technology (a facet of geoengineering) reported on YouTube. Electromagnetic Scalar War -rense.com.... Tectonic Weapon- Wikipedia!..... Hugo Chavez mouthpiece says U.S. hit Haiti with earthquake weapon- fox news.com...... Navy to 'burn boats' with 2021 laser installations- news.usni.org...... Strange pink cloud in the Beaufort Sea- NASA Worldview satellite pics.

    On an on it goes but no one knows and if you agree with these hidden global news reports you are a conspiracy theorist and mocked or ignored. Any world leaders who tell this are also denounced.
    Seems pretty obvious to me that you can't fool mother nature nor will she allow you to rob or intervene her energies! Heads up and pray for those who live in these areas that are cooking worse then others and or living with the ground shaking constantly and volcanic threats creating homelessness and so called illegal immigration. What a scam the lunatics are causing on brains! Things are getting pretty crazy!

  2. Well said, well cited. Thank you Hawkeye. Let's keep spreading truth regardless of alienation and mocking. Honest and aware people can turn this around.

    1. Really! Are you kidding me, how? A bunch of keyboard warriors against the elite, tell me Hern, how are you gonna turn it around, what's the plan?

    2. Grow your own food, barter and trade as much as possible, get yourself in the best physical shape possible, avoid cynicism and the victim mentality, learn survival skills for off grid living, avoid vaccines and gmo's at all costs, take no loans/credit, read as much as you can, learn/research the causes of our plight so as not to repeat.

      Most importantly, share with one another. Whether that be food, time, knowledge etc

      I have done and am doing all these things. If anyone would like to add to the list, please do.

    3. That is good sound advice and I certainly agree with you but living off grid and learning survival skills isn't going to stop what's happening out there. Growing food will become almost impossible, no fish in the oceans or animals left on the ground and social unrest on a global scale, I think our plight is much bigger than you realise Hern, mankind has become unsustainable and has all but destroyed the planet.

    4. Wrong. The problem originates in the individual. Only through individual tactics will we see a coming together of the whole.

      If you THINK the problem cannot be solved than you are right and you are also part of the problem.

  3. The only hope is that many more people wake up to the deception and start to talk about it audibly (before we're all censored, demented or otherwise handicapped by geoengineering elements like nano-sized aluminum, and toxins like glyphosate, man-made EMFs and vaccines), and that people like you and Dane Wigington at www.GeoengineeringWatch.org keep reporting on events and data to help educate the public.

    If the bitter, sour taste of conspiracy classification has been removed from geoengineering programs by the sheer amount of obvious data, even those 'just following orders' might stop their actions and rather risk losing 'everything' (jobs, pensions, maybe even freedom) when they realize that their actions are destroying the planet their loved ones need to survive. For them to stop following orders, they must have the broad public backing of people who speak out openly about these programs. If everybody remains quiet, a single 'rebel' might just be locked up without much positive outcome.

    If more and more of us keep speaking out, 'order followers' may rebel in unison which would make it possible to put an end to these programs. If pilots stop flying en masse, if weather service people stop reporting lies en masse, even the bought media couldn't ignore or continue to ridicule the truth any longer and would have to start speaking the truth, and then the rest of the people would awake all over the globe, see the insanity and injustice and rip the floor from below the insane all over this World.

    Since this process might get 'ugly' we better also be effective in halting installation of global mass control equipment that is dressed up in innocent civilian clothes, e.g., 5G.

    It's a hope we better hang on to instead of just sitting back and watching the biosphere collapse completely in front of our eyes. Whatever each of us can do, is better than inaction.

    It's not over before it's over. And until then, we better 'make every day count' as Dane Wigington always concludes his weekly radio shows with. Action is a must. Gary and Dane and activists speaking up are doing their part. Masses have to be awakened (admittedly fast) and equipped with the data and courage that enables them to act.

    What else can we do.

  4. Heidi I fully agree with all of your post except one part...
    Gary has not acknowledged climate engineering and many of his articles propogate the official narratives (ie 'stubborn high pressure domes, sand from Africa etc). Gary has also censored me in the past for references to geoengineeringwatch.org and also said that Dane Wigington is baseless in his statements, something I strongly disagree with. Thank you for your post; I look forward to seeing your contributions in the future

  5. I do not regard Dane Wigington is baseless in his statements, I do believe he is doing a great service to the people, however, The Big Wobble was never designed to prove the weather is being manipulated by the military, I'm sure "weather wars are happening," BUT I HAVE NO PROOF, The Big Wobble is an on-going project to document a whole list of events Jesus Christ tells His followers to watch out for in the last days ( Matthew:24, and Luke:21). I have been documenting "Earth's birth-pains" for 11 years now and I am absolutely convinced Earth has passed it's tipping point. Heidi says 'make every day count,' I would say that is the most sensible thing I have heard in my 11 years as an activist, what is happening out there has become unstoppable, it is now a question of when and not if. Thank you both for your wonderful input.

    1. The proof is at geoengineeringwatch.org

    2. Only some of what is happening maybe.

  6. By the way Hern, I censored you in the past for swearing not for references to geoengineeringwatch.org

    1. You censored me for both

    2. Nope, I welcome input but...If people claim everything what is happening to the planet is down to geoengineering well that is just not true, you people are obsessed, there is more to this than geoengineering. What makes me crazy is every geological event I post on this website is completely bombarded with comments saying "It's geoengineering," and that makes you guys look stupid, because you have an agenda, to make everything bad in the world down to geoengineering, which is actually doing a disservice to work done by Dane Wigington and me.

    3. Wrong again. Not everything is geoengineering and NEVER have I read a comment here that claims so. However, many of the geological events you post ARE from geoengineering. Still, what makes you the arbiter of truth? And calling your visitors to the site crazy and obsessed is one of the many reasons your reach remains limited. Wigington offers research, patents and facts. You name call and censor with cognitive bias and cynicism. Figure it out guy