Good Luck Hawkeye!

Still no news from Hawkeye after the catostrophic hurricane, Ian made landfall earlier this week in Hawkeye's vicinity: Hawkeye, if you are able to read this, know you are in our thoughts and prayers not just from me but the readers of TBW too. Take care dear lady!

Monday, 10 July 2017

Two months rain in just one hour the highest one-hour rainfall total for July ever swamps Paris with more torrential rain to come

Photo France24
The Paris Metropolitan area since Sunday night has been drenched by thunderstorms and record high downpours, leaving several Metro stations closed and roads and houses flooded on Monday.
National weather agency Meteo France placed 12 departments, including Paris and much of the surrounding area, on Orange alert, the second-highest level of warning, as electrical storms and heavy rain continued on Monday.
Meteo France said in a statement that Sunday night saw a deluge of 49.2 millimeters in just 1 hour -- the highest one-hour rainfall total for July ever.
Forecasts call for stormy weather and torrential rains to continue until Tuesday midnight.