Wednesday 8 May 2024

Signs and Wonders—X-FLARE CHAMPION OF SOLAR CYCLE 25: Six powerful X-Class Flares In Just Six Days—more than any other sunspot in the past 7 years and is the 17th X-Class Flare so far this year!

Credit SDO/AIA are calling it the X-Flare champion of Solar Cycle 25 after active sunspot AR3663 (top left) produced another X-flare today, an X1.0 category blast on May 8th (0145 UT). This makes it the most active sunspot of Solar Cycle 25 so far. Since May 3rd, the active region has fired off six X-flares, more than any other sunspot in the past 7 years. 

MONSTERS! Sunspots AR3663 (Above) and AR3664 (Below) both have a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbours energy for X-class solar flares. Credit: SDO/HMI

And, after doubling in size—AR 3664 is well and truly armed and ready for more fireworks in the coming days.

AR3663 is an incredible ten times wider than Earth and can be seen with no magnification.

The Spaceweather Prediction Centre above shows six X-Class Flares since May 3rd from Sunspot AR3663 and many powerful M-Class Flares.

Today's powerful flare was already the 17th X-class flare so far in 2024 as Solar Cycle 25 moves toward its climax probably next year.


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Hawkeye said...

I just read a very informative blog post put out by Arctic News that sited an increase in El Nino frequency (which increases global heating) may very well coincide with a peak in sunspots! Gary you are right on target!

Here's what happened to me; first I listened to margos healing corner for her weekly report on methane, sea ice loss etc. (all the GW/CC stuff). In the first minutes of her report for May 5, 2024 she mentioned the blue ocean event as she showed the NOAA satellite data for sea ice loss. Hearing that I thought "what is the meaning again of blue ocean event, I forgot." So I paused her and googled it, that lead me to find this Arctic News post titled Blue Ocean Event.
Blue Ocean Event: ocurrs when virtually all sea ice disappears and surface color changes from white sea to blue ocean. ( when extent falls to below 1 million km). We are very close folks!

I am still digesting that posts information, it is very shocking because it is very credible.
Shock and awe (if you will), Margo said "when that blue ocean event comes its over, we are done, the Arctic News post said exactly that too siting their data implying "the event" (Gary remember that phrase) looks set to ocurr on or before Sept. 2027, triggering global heating beyond imagination causing humans to go extinct. It said temps would rise more then 18C globally and that we have already crossed the 1.5 Paris Agreement number and in fact are well into way more then that today. So know that whole poly tick media telling game is a complete fabrication (LIE!) most likely for distraction so no one knows how extremely dire our situation truly is, we are on the verge of burning up in a few short years is what the truth of the matter really is. Blue Ocean Event constitutes the "tipping point" of no return. The post has a list of 14 effects in play resulting in this tipping point. It's too late, even geoengineering ain't saving us and in fact since it has been in play for such a long time already (shhhh, big secret) that means it's not working.

So I write this in warning and in confirmation to Gary's continuous reporting on sunspot activity and all it surrounds or entails, AND to show how perfectly it aligns with Bible prophecy. The link for the post is:

Now sunspots being linked to increased global warming conditions, said by scientists!, why are sun spots increasing so much? Ha! Do you doubt it is God!? Doubt we are in the final 7 years (the tribulation written in the Bible)? If so you are not paying attention to the signs of the times.

It is too hot now, that's how you should know this is really happening. The sun burns and pinches your skin now, there is no "in 50 or 100 years"! Not so. We have 3 years, or sooner, expected until this event comes to be and then maybe another 1, 2, or 3 years in that event to survive ... maybe. Where does that bring us? To about 2030. Yes, the year that is thought to be when our Savior, the Messiah returns to snatch up His church ( believers) and destroy the anti-christ.
The conclusion of the post said: by 2026 temps could rise by 18C causing humans to go extinct.

Have to wonder, by 2026/27 the heat triggers God's wrath as written in Revelation, so if 2030 is seemingly accurate then is it "those days will be shortened for the sake of the elect, or no flesh shall survive. "..?
Certainly fits to a tee!

Gary Walton said...

And, 2026/27 would be around 1,277 days from 2030 = 3.5 years— We don't do dates but . . . We don't do dates cause we don't know diddly squat but one time someone will guess and it will be correct, won't it!

Thanks for the input and the link buddy xx

Hawkeye said...

Get out! Wow. I didn't do that math Gary, thank you. The numbers are so telling. Good job!