Friday 10 May 2024

Signs And Wonders—SEVERE AND CANNIBALISTIC GEOMAGNETIC STORMS BOMBARDING OUR MAGNETOSPHERE NOW! Space Weather Prediction Centre's first G4 Storm Watch since 2005! More Storms Coming

The largest solar flare yet produced by AR 3664 was observed at 06:54 UTC (May 10, 2024). This X3.9 blast is associated with a Type II radio emission with an estimated velocity of 1248 km/s, along with a 10cm radio burst (TenFlare) measuring 900 SFU and lasting 16 minutes. A coronal mass ejection (CME) is now becoming visible and it appears the main bulk is heading to the west, but there will likely still be an Earth-directed component.

At approximately 17:00 UT Time, the first of six CMEs hurled toward Earth by giant sunspot AR3664 just hit our planet's magnetic field, which jolted magnetometers worldwide including mine. 

According to, more CMEs are following close behind and their arrival could extend the storm into the weekend. The number of CMEs heading for Earth keeps increasing. The total is six following this morning's X3.9-class flare from giant sunspot AR3664. All six storm clouds are captured in this time-lapse movie from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO): This morning's X3.9-Class flare was the 9th X-Class flare in the last 8 days taking the total this year to 20. Jupiter (left) and Venus (right) are the two bright objects. The CMEs will miss those planets and hit Earth instead.

According to a NOAA forecast model, the first three CMEs could merge to form a "Cannibal CME." Cannibal CMEs form when fast-moving CMEs overtake and gobble up slower CMEs in front of them. Internal shock waves created by such CME collisions do a good job of sparking geomagnetic storms when they strike Earth's magnetic field.

Above, SWPC shows the time the storm arrived. Today is The Space Weather Prediction Centre's first G4 Storm Watch since 2005!


Dan Gilfry said...

Mars is passing through the spot where the Eclipse took place last month and, as I’ve said many times,
it will “wake up” the full force of the Eclipse and lots of storms (solar and otherwise), Earthquakes, etc
will shake, rattle and roll the planet! Watch 18-20 May, for starters!
So put on your Boogie Shoes and get ready to rock! 👞👟🥿🥾👠 😁

Gary Walton said...

According to your earlier eclipse warnings, we should all be long dead by now and now you are telling us all to wake up and come to a dance party? C'mon!

Hawkeye said...

This solar storm being so big caused aurora's to be seen all the way down here in SWFL! Here is my local news link to prove it:

I have never known of aurora borealis being seen in our skies, typically they don't go any further south from the poles then around Washington state and even that as it's been occurring all the time now, (used to be only Alaska got the show) is lower then typical times.

So, now as far south as the southern tip of FL is incredible, rather it should be said - incredibly concerning!
As the news reports it like some groovy anomaly to go see (like the eclipse) really it's not so groovy. It means that earth's magnetic field, that ring of protection from solar activity like this, is weak or broken allowing this radiation show to get this far south on earth.
Radiation!! I keep warning about solar radiation and this is another example of it being too strong, abnormal, and harmful.

This news link says it's "uncommon" for swfl to see these aurora's, but the truth is it's near impossible or rather extremely unheard of.
Suppose to last all weekend too. So we are being hit by bad stuff at night too now, from our Sun. During the day it is extreme UV readings of 9+ daily, now evenings give us another dose of harmful solar radiation.
It's nothing to get excited over, this is bad. We are in trouble!
Right now, 5 a.m. in swfl it is 79F degrees with "feels like" temp of 86F! 86 degrees at night already, it's only beginning of May. Last summer it was 108F in the shade every day, summer before same thing in the low 100's daily and of course that was our terrible storm year (hurricane Ian).

What's it going to be like when the blue ocean event starts if its already this crazy hot!??

Dan Gilfry said...

Well, it’s obvious you can’t read and I’d bet my last dollar you’re a complete moron!
I’ve said all along (for the morons) that the Eclipse does not only affect us the very day
it can be observed but for all of 2024 and, indeed, long after that!
But since you can’t read, I’m just wasting my time on another moron!
Don’t bother me again with your stupidity, please!

Gary Walton said...

I won't, I promise. . .