Tuesday 26 March 2024

X MARKS THE SPOT! 2024—More Signs and Wonders to shake a stick at! DEVIL'S COMET—US Solar Eclipse Forms Second Leg of OccultX! A SUN goes Nova! X-class flares on the rise!

Signs and Wonders! A true wonder, jaw-droppingly gorgeous—Comet Pons-Brooks—License James Pierce which could be seen by the naked eye during the total eclipse in April! 


People in the US on the path of the eclipse during totality should be able to see it with the naked eye. Last year it became known as the 'DEVIL COMET' when last summer it released substantial gas and dust, leading to a dramatic increase in brightness—by a factor of about 100 almost overnight. This was the first outburst in 69 years, and as of November last year, the comet has erupted a further four times.

Total Eclipse. Credit NASA

Scientists, Astronomers, Religious Leaders and Citizens are all excited and agitated and many are possibly getting a little imaginative about the facts regarding the total eclipse of the Sun which will traverse a great swathe of territory in the US starting in Southern Texas all the way up to Maine in a couple of weeks. The event is certainly catching the imagination. 

For instance, someone commented on my site this morning, I won't mention his name:
All of these signs in the sky are just leading up to THE Sign in the Sky of the Millennium! April 8, 2024 - The Great North American Eclipse! Judgement Day!—And a few days later, the meeting of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, something which has only happened THREE times since Jesus was murdered! Once in the 1100s, right before the Crusades started to fail for lack of Faith! Once in 1858, right before the un-righteous war against the Southern States! Once in 1941, right before America waged illegal and immoral war against Germany and Japan! He goes on—On April 8, America is “crossed off”! And it will cease to exist soon after!

Hawkeye reported this morning: 

The seemingly correct connection between these solar storms and earthquakes that Gary consistently reports on is now looming on America's coming solar eclipse on 4/8/24. Keep an eye on this one too Gary! News is hyping it up and at least 2 states here are advising residents to stock up on basics from the grocery store due to an influx of visitors to those states that are coming to view the total eclipse of the sun on April 8. Well, that advisory seems a bit lame to me because the numbers of visitors reported is not so overwhelming sounding to a girl who resides in a high tourism state, [Florida] but who knows! 

Then there are some prophecy news organizations pointing out that the eclipse forms a big X over the New Madrid fault line the viewing states are on or near. Thought it might be possible the eclipse could trigger a quake if indeed solar anomaly"side effects" do in fact trigger earthquakes.?? There will be about 5 minutes of complete darkness in those viewing states at the height of the eclipse, the rest of the country is supposed to see about 1/3 of totality. The sun darkened. Hey, it's a prophecy folks! Could this eclipse be it? It's probably more likely to be a cover for something else that could ocurr on that day, you know, like look over there while we go over here? Food for thought if nothing else!

It certainly is Hawkeye, a great day for a national cover-up, indeed and thanks for the heads-up!

"X" Marks the spot! 

Credit NASA

Monzo Gonzales of Prophecy Watchers, released a video earlier today. He's been planning to see this eclipse after he saw the other eclipse in 2017. He's saying X marks the spot, the place where the two eclipses will form an X of course, which is Carbondale. Monzo lived in Illinois for a while and he claims there are massive amounts of misinformation flying around, he says people are predicting our Sun will go nova, destroying the world.

Alexis Catz, she wrote a book where she documented all 350 cities having Biblic or political names where the eclipse will pass, such as Rapture Township, which is in Southern Indiana for instance. One of the last three cities that it's going through is called Moscow and Russia and Burnt Church. We need a Magog and a Gog for a full house!

Well, if we survive this one—The longest solar eclipse ever seen during the last 10,000 years be visible for about 6 minutes and 23 seconds in 2027, the one in the US next month will last about 3 minutes 28 seconds. 

Credit NASA.

In 2029 an asteroid named Apophis will pass very close to Earth, (Apophis means 'Serpent' in Greek mythology) less than 35,000 km, but, according to NASA there is a 2.5% Apophis will collide with Earth . . . Could this be Wormwood mentioned in A Revelation To John?

In 2040 after a 432-year wait, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon will all come together in a straight line and will be visible with the naked eye. . . 

There is one Sun, however, which will be going, Nova!

Signs and Wonders—Aye, they're coming thick n' fast, that's for sure! Here's one to get your head around—It may have happened already, or maybe not yet, but it will. A star system, located 3,000 light-years away from Earth, did, will or has, gone Novah and we will see it soon because it will be visible to the unaided eye—It's called T Coronae Borealis, or T CrB, and its last explosion was way back in 1946 when the US was exploding little buckets of sunshine all over the place! but—Astronomers believe it will go Novah again between February and September 2024 and we will be able to see it, according to NASA.

We may or may not be about to be thrust northwards or southwards when our Sun goes Novah on April 8—Causing the Earth to stagger and sway like a drunkard as it trembles into a pole shift and creating the last great earthquake—The one mentioned in the Bible, yes! When every mountain and island is shifted from their positions. . . It will happen one day, why not April the 8th 2024? And why not, 2024 has already delivered a plethora of X-class flares as Solar 25 enters its solar maximum in the coming months, as I said, it has to happen and of course, it will.


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Dan Gilfry said...

Yes, lotsa signs in the sky, for sure!
Get ready for storms, forest fires, terrorists, earthquakes, tsunamis, war, pandemics, The End of America and Armageddon!
The planets of 2025 indicate a completely different world than we have now!
(Wonder if the dinos will return 🤡)