Monday 1 May 2023

Two large quakes 'nullified' as being mining explosions more than a thousand miles from land in the South Pacific and a mag 5.6 also 'nulified' after rattling the Bonab Atomic Research Center in Iran and a magnitude 6.2 at 16:32 (UTC) and 77. km deep in Alaska which did not occur, honest!

Credit USGS

While the significant seismic activity has calmed down again, we still have some strange events to discuss. On the 1st of May around lunchtime UTC two powerful quakes rocked the South Pacific. A magnitude of 5.6 and a magnitude of 5.1 in the Kermadec Islands were monitored by the USGS website. Both occurred an hour apart, the 5.6 was nearly 600km deep while the smaller quake was just 10km deep and both were given specific locations, See Here 

I once emailed USGS to ask them what a 'null' quake was, and they answered probably a mining explosion . . .

These quakes happened more than a thousand kilometres away from land so I think this would have to be something else. An underwater volcano for instance?

Last month we had another 'null' quake, this one in Iran which just happened to be close to the Bonab Atomic Research Center, see the map below from USGS. 

On the 24th March 2023 at 04:46 UTC, a shallow and very powerful magnitude 5.6-quake struck the historic city of Khoy in northwestern Iran and was registered on the USGS website.

According to the Seismological Center of the Geophysics Institute of the University of Tehran, the quake occurred at 06:46 a.m. local time at a depth of 8 kilometres. The latitude of the 5.6-magnitude quake was 38.412 degrees north and its longitude was 44.822 degrees east. Iran sits on major fault lines and is prone to near-daily earthquakes, however, this one just may have been a little different.

Mysteriously though, just a couple of days later the mag 5.6 quake was removed from the USGS data page and replaced by the words 'null.' See the USGS map above.

I was intrigued as to why this particular quake should be described as 'null' and wondered just why USGS would 'nullify' a particular quake. So I asked them:
U.S. Geological Survey Response [Ticket#317457] Null Inbox Answers
Hello, I believe a "null" event is a non-earthquake event, such as a mining explosion. But, for further information and confirmation you may wish to reach out to our earthquake experts at 
Thank you. Cheryl O'Brien.

Thanks, Cheryl.

I did some brief checking and found no mining facilities in the area, however, as I mentioned, there just happens to be a nuclear facility called Bonab, which is adjacent to the powerful quake. Listed by the European Union on May 23, 2011, as an entity linked to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or Iran's development of nuclear weapon delivery systems; removed from the E.U. list in January 2016 as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action; listed by the Japanese government in 2015 as an entity of concern for proliferation relating to nuclear weapons; designated by the Canadian government as an entity contributing to Iran's proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities or to its development of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons or their delivery systems.

Composed of three departments: the Applied Physics Department, the Optic and Coating Department, and the Executive Department; activities include the design and construction of an Argon ion laser, research on output power stabilization of the laser, production of thyratrons, advanced welding of metals and non-metals, and development of ceramic welding used in Geiger detectors and temperature sensors; manufactures high-capacity voltage switches; conducts research on the production of high purity graphite; employs portable gamma radiation systems; inaugurated in 1989 . . .

I searched for info on this quake and curiously found nothing, zilch! Hmmm! 

Credit USGS

On the 23rd of March, a relatively large and powerful quake, a magnitude of 6.2 at 16:32 (UTC) and 77. km deep did not occur! It never happened, but something happened otherwise how did it make it onto the website? USGS have tremendously sophisticated technology equipment monitoring the entire world, so what caused them to believe a major quake happened? I guess we will never know. In the meantime, I can tell you the automatic processing robot has been relocated to the USGS Sanitary department. "BAD ROBOT!"

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Hawkeye said... shows enormous amounts of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Seems to be in conflict with Gary's findings from USGS website but not sure because I am not as diligent in this subject as our host here is, and volcano discovery site must get their info from USGS, so what's up with that?!! Is it possible, maybe, this web site just doesn't delete or downgrade initial reports and so shows the facts? I'm just trying to understand what's really happening and I am certain all Gary's info is spot on correct and it is the reason for my new curiosity to find the dot connectors of all global shaking and erupting to geoengineering operations.

So here I am today looking at the volcano discovery web site and its shocking! Alarming and shocking!
Here's what it says as of today 5/3/23...
*"all quakes worldwide above 3.0 magnitude in the past 24 HOURS": 122 quakes.
*Past 7 days: 1,103
*Past 30 days: 4,801
*Past 90 days: 16,724
*Past 365 days: 64,509

If we go with this last seven days, 1103 divided by 7 days it equals about 163 quakes a day globally this week for 3.0 or higher. Thenthere are masses of "microquakes" too, under 3.0! So the 163 per day this week is actually a much higher number then that and 163 a day is an incredible amount!

The site lists right now, for the past 24 hours, 216 additional quakes between mag 2.0 & 3.0, and 502 morequakes at 2.0 or less. So, add another 718 quakes to that approximate 163 daily and we are at nearly 1000 earthquakes per day! Astonishing! No wonder why USGS is not admitting this. Or are they in denial of their own data?

An earthquake ocurrs when rising magma from the core of earth moves upward towards the outer crust, the ground we all walk on. Those depths given with each quake are where that magma rose to aka the depth it ocurred at. With too many at shallow depths of 10 or less km, we are literally walking on top of hot molten lava just a few miles under our feet. That is inline with when volcanic eruptions are given color coded alert level warnings of possible eruptions brewing, it is due to "uplift" in the ground around the volcano. The ground is lifting up because the magma is pushing it up as it rises to be ejected from the volcano.
So this is very important to know and understand especially because it is also written in Bible prophecies to be seen in these end of days as a super sign of the times. Isaiah and Ezekiel both wrote about volcanic eruptions causing the sun to be darkened and the moon to appear blood red. The weather makers are copying eruptions cloud coverings known cooling effects via geoengineering the skies.
What ever happened to the LaPalma eruption reports not too long ago? Remember that? Info was released then deleted and the whole reporting of it stopped prior to the event ending. There were alt videos out then saying and showing that volcano was hit with some kind of a missile promoting it on purpose to erupt.
Depends what you believe I guess, but IMHO, the world leaders are in panick mode to cool and or keep cooling down the planet because the global warming is out of control, unstoppable and the cause for the case to use geoengineering as the meds.

Gary Walton said...

Hi Hawkeye, yes, your findings are quite correct, as usual.

I only report on major quakes, which are magnitude 6.0 or higher. As you say there's a whole lotta shakin' going on, much too much for me to report on everything, so I just stick with the big fellas.

Thanks, buddy xx