Monday 11 April 2022

The World Is On The Verge Of Civil Disorder! I am not fear-mongering, oh no, look around, the ass-holes are crawling out of the woodwork—And yesterday's "friendly neighbour" is suddenly acting weird as hell! It will surely get ugly out there when the shelves empty, and the people become cold

The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Credit, Wikipedia

You may well have noticed, depending where you come from I guess, but our world is on the verge of civil disorder. People in the West, at least, are stressed-out with the pandemic, sanctions, rising food shortages, record-breaking inflation and—Energy companies who have suddenly found an insatiable appetite for jacking-up fuel prices. Throw into the equation a war which is expected to intensify and we have all the ingredients for "massive" civil disorder. . .

I am not fear-mongering, oh no, look around, the ass-holes are crawling out of the woodwork—And yesterday's "friendly neighbour" is suddenly acting weird as hell! Tension is on the streets and we could have a front row seat to "Armageddon!" That maybe sounds, super dramatic—Just look around you, all the signs are there.

We are reaching a situation now were hard-working people (never mind the sick, poor and elderly) can no longer afford to pay their bills due to a cost of living crisis and they will have to choose, heating-or-eating, freezing-or-starving and that's when people will say, "enough-is-enough!"

This month alone in the UK, energy prices have risen by nearly $800 a year, 54%, and petrol prices have risen by 39%, a rise of around $45 a tank, council tax has risen 35%—When ordinary people who work all week and can't cook warm meals, have a shower or keep warm, never mind fill their car with petrol—Patience and reasoning will snap! We are seeing this happen, as I said, all the signs are there.

It doesn't help when the 'UKs chancellor, Mr Rishi Sunak's wife, who just happens to be a billionaire is being investigated for not paying tax while living and working in the UK—People are just fed-up with these sleaze stories but they are so common we have come to expect it from the greedy rich.

I think many of you out there are like me, very worried at what we are seeing unfolding all around us. Did we expect this?—We have suddenly been cast into an Orwellian drama, the very scenario science-fiction writers have been warning us of for many years has suddenly happened, we have arrived!

It's not just the rising prices is it? Or the pandemic, the sanctions, the threat of another World War, no, there is something else, something I can't quite put my finger on, something knowing away at my nerves—Sure the ass-holes are crawling out of the woodwork—And yesterday's "friendly neighbour" is suddenly acting weird as hell! (Just look how Mr Putin is treating his neighbour!) But there is something else isn't there, something hidden from us—Something bad, something dark and sinister, and it's coming-up fast and furious and we are all being "fattened-up," "softened-up?" Maybe—A spiritual fight is going on, one we can't see but we can feel. . .

As I mentioned in another post earlier this week we have entered the beginning of a global event which is "extremely loud and unbelievably close to us—Screaming at us in fact." Most of us missed it—Hell, we all missed it, and it's too late to do anything about it now, because under the guise of a pandemic, chronic inflation, sanctions and now war the wheels are turning in unstoppable motion.

If I could offer any advice it would be, stay close to the Lord. If you can afford it, stock up—Go out and buy candles, tin food, flower, rice and pasta and a couple of hot water bottles along with a sleeping bag for the coming months because prices are set to go through the roof, gas and electric could become a luxury and you just may need to stay warm. It will surely get ugly out there when the shelves empty, and the people become cold, so do it as quick as you can—Civil unrest is a certainty.

I heard on the BBC this morning the war in the Ukraine has caused a 25% shortage of world wheat—Which has caused a 500% rise in the price of cow-feed which will cause massive shortages of milk. Now—I'm sure your maths are better than mine but that equation above doesn't look right to me somehow—What I'm trying to say here is don't "swallow" anything the mass-media are feeding you, do your own research! 

"The Great Reset!"

The Internet Of Things, credit Wikipedia.

If we listen to the suits, the "experts," leaders and the elite, the world is running out of everything, (not for them of course) yet our governments don't seem too concerned, where is the urgency? They don't appear to be too bothered, has their reasoning been dulled by dark spiritual forces? Or are they part of the coming disaster plan? Of course they are—They may not know they are, but they are, if you get what I mean!

The coming fourth industrial revolution

You will be told you can become—"Super-humans." The original industrial revolution was—Steam engines,  then came electricity, computers and communications technology, the next one will be digital, physical and biological systems—Transhumanism. 

"Super Creepy!" Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Artificially-intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing—The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed. Previous industrial revolutions liberated humankind from animal power, made mass production possible and brought digital capabilities to billions of people. This Fourth Industrial Revolution is, however, fundamentally different. It is characterised by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human. 

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George W said...

I think you nailed it! something dark and sinister that we can't quite put our finger on.

Unknown said...

only read a little of it but it sounds like severe bullshit. Energy companies don't set fuel prices, the market does. Simple economics of supply and demand determines what a product costs. Biden cut off significant sources of energy w/keystone and other pipeline closures and the article blames energy companies. No, it was biden. Stupid is alive and well in the media, or is it just propaganda to encourage civil unrest. I hope the people come after you liars and fools first. You all deserve to suffer.

Unknown said...

Well you got out on the wrong foot this morning

Hawkeye said...

I think you nailed it too Gary! With all you duly noted being tangibly felt and visually apparent to validate your opinions and noted truths, enough right there to effectively put a good dent in this world, you forgot yet one more thing in that mix....GW and Climate Change! So yea, we are cornered, that is for certain! A progress trap quagmire because progress did all you wrote AND it also destroyed our life support system called Earth.
Too many Christians are still sound asleep!
*You are "asleep" if you believe politics/presidents and or affiliations thereof are responsible for any of this solely by one or more acts they decree during their reins.
There are many reasons for all that is going on, namely the shortages yes, but most if not all of those reasons were not the "cause".
The results from crop failures annually for a good 10 years are the cause. Wars, pandemics, bad politics etc etc., are the excuses given in cover of the cause.
Methane weekly report out for April 1st reported some of the highest levels emitting out of earth are over Russia. The ice melt data shows the north coast of Russia has the fastest loss of ice in that North pole area.
Plants can't grow in bad weather and or climates. Livestock gets sick from it. Disruptions in Earth's environment cause negative effects on Earth's resources.
This is all well known to our leaders but unbeknownst to the people. GMO food. Synthetic meat. Gene editing. Why such an interest you think? Do you think it's connected to current and on going causes for our new normal of "shortages"?

Earth is a FINITE alive planet. Not 'infinite'!
Without environmental resources from this alive rock we reside on life can not exist in any kind of normal God given manner. This is for me, our #1 emergency upon us. Nothing else short of a nuclear war compares to the climate collapse in play today. Gary is so right....get good with God!

Anonymous said...

Not buying into the GW or climate collapse part, what crop failures? I would not be surprised if you can find some that they are more related to bad farming practices and mining the soil rather than "climate change" that said the corporate farm companies Dupont monsanto etc. have captured the seed market for a large % of the world and no farmer I know of grows their own seed anymore. That is a problem but still not sure it means starvation.....Yet

Anonymous said...

Pfff.... That stinking island you inhabit should have sank centuries ago.
Brits and their "queen" are public enemy #1.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the comment above me (anonymous) is either one of those sound asleep Christians I just mentioned, or it could be a paid troll trying to keep those slumbering Christians slumbering because if he/she is asking "what crop failures" and "not buying in to the GW climate thing" and even as he/she admits in the next sentence that Dupont Monsanto etc. have captured the seed farmer he knows grows his own seed anymore...", it is in complete contradiction of its own context that if he weren't slumbering or spewing BS for compensation he would be rather embarrassed to look so ignorant in public! Wow and ha ha, funny stuff anonymous.

Bayer owns Monsanto now and ONLY sells GMO seeds. A well reported farm fact. Genetically Modified Organisms, means: man made in a lab, not natural. Tweeked DNA chemical seeds. Wonder why they make them and dictate majority of AG commercial farms?
Well let's think about that...those seeds are techno advances marveled by science and invented by strong influence from government funding because of GW climate thing. .... oh, you didn't know? ... Yea, because all the toxic elements involved in the GW climate thing destroyed food production because plants can't grow in droughts, floods, hail storms, abnormal temperature/CLIMATE anomaly, extreme solar UV radiation, radioactive fallout/rain/snow, severe storm damage, extreme long lasting fires, poison soil conditions, tsunamis, insects infestations,, chronic plant diseases and so many other economic disadvantages. But hey, there is no GW Climate collapse going on! .... ha ha, that's a good one, lmao!
Now, what about those sky views past 10 or so years!? Damn, that tells its own truth. No need to get in to that there? :0

Gary Walton said...

I see the bioengineering trolls are back in force—Yawn. . .

Hawkeye said...

Yes Gary...those bioengineering trolls, ha ha....yawn yawn.

Hey, if anyone is interested a new short documentary film has been posted by Dane on his geo engineering watch site. Titled: Imminent Ozone Layer Collapse/former NASA guy blowing another whistle that no one hears.
Dane has really good "reality show" documentary films called "Into the Wild" that I highly recommend viewing. If for no other reason but to see real life right now in California's northern forests. Shocking!
This ozone collapse just out is in warning and most likely based on readings taken in that North California area, but that I'm not sure of because honestly the film was so horrific that I was only able to watch about half of it, and I've seen it said it all before, and now here it is what? UVC readings in California.
This is bad bad bad. Repeating:
UV Solar radiation scale is this -

UVC is when life is damaged and or killed and God's creations are no more. Xray, obviously is no life.
UVC is DNA damage and has time constraints on it for "safe" exposure. It's like 20 minutes or something twisted like that.

UVC is cancer causing radiation that plants and trees can not withstand either. Need a symptom? If you feel your skin pinching in a burn like feeling while outside, that is UVC and your skin cells telling you to get out of that sun. No kidding, I am very serious. I feel it a lot here in FL and that is troubling.
Know truth, face truth, use truth, love truth. Very important.

Gary Walton said...

Here in Holland too, in the summer—Itchy skin!

Hawkeye said...

Yes Gary! Itchy skin, pinching burn like feeling are sensations felt from harmful solar UV radiation. In the mini series film of Chernobyl that is shown too from nuclear radiation exposure. Just that extreme UV situation on its own is cause enough to end all life on earth, and we are faced with more then just that.

I watched an interesting video and feel it needs to be shared. Gary has consistently written about this industrial revolution timeline and asked the question "how did we get here?" accordingly. That's why I'm sharing this link, it answers that question in part....a big part! Totally by choice it was Gary... well our leaders choice that is but a choice it was.
Learn more truth, watch this!
"The Light Bulb Conspiracy "

I know the info in this film is absolute truth because personally I've experienced some of what it tells. One example is a client of mine who had for 30 years contracted work with our government. He owned a company that made parts for aircraft and military aircraft. He also created an engine that did not pollute, it ran on water! The exhaust was water vapor also know as steam. He engineered it, developed it, built it and tested it. He documented the entire process by making a film for teaching purposes too. He then presented it to the government and they threw it in the garbage! He still had the VHS film and I watched it. True story. Completely in line with what this film says!
We truly are in the apocalypse today, a veil lifted means seeing truth for the first time, yes that is absolutely correct!

Gary Walton said...

Great stuff, I'm gonna watch that tonight!

Unknown said...

I have noticed in the last few months a change in character and their level of tolerance in people I know towards others,when I enquire I have found all of them that display these traits are triple vaccinated. Is this a coincidence or a result of covid vaccination.
It's a known fact that they cause heart conditions and blood clots among many, maybe character change and aggressiveness are a bi product as well.

Stegiel said...

The utopian delusion of Titanism is not new. The urge to depopulate is utopian. The French Revolution leaders like Robespierre wanted mass murder as they recognized this as the only way to implement utopia. Today the means are not shooting but injecting and starving.

Eckbach said...

Energy companies ARE the (energy) market. Duh! We are TOLD gas is higher because...yada, yada, they raise the price to avoid being liars.

GeirSmith said...

I'm a fan of Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier who's a folk hero in Europe now. (he discovered the HIV genoma) He said that all tripled vaccinated should get tests but not for COVID but for HIV. Whaaam! He's the best guy.

GeirSmith said...

400 million under lockdown in China since this week, so the monsters are busy at work. They're implementing the plan. I think we can just trust heaven to come to our rescue now, as our last hope. Did you people know that the same day as Obama's Chicago acceptance speech, the Chicago lottery drew 666, the Mark of the Beast (the Antichrist).

Unknown said...

the only reason people cannot put their finger on what is wrong is the brainwashing. There is a jew banker media mob that has ran a ponzi scheme involving the Federal Reserve Note. Compound interest is about to put forth the usual results and they are shifting in the wind in attempts to blame it on anything and everything except their greed.

If you refuse to accept what is written above you need to sit down and shut up. You are a huge part of the problem.

Unknown said...

The fact you censor comments tells me you do know who is behind this and don't care. You are just another grifter.

GrimFandango said...

Brave New World and 1984 had a love child, and named it 2022

GeirSmith said...

There's going to be a Big Revelation. The minds of people can't be brainwashed to this extent, without there being a total recall. I mean our freedoms and rights have all been banished and Big Pharma is making loads of dough on us. We're not ready to go back to the Stone Ages and to having Russian Communism in the West, all of a sudden, we're not ready for that, coming out of the blue!!! Nope! Can't have any of that crapola!

Unknown said...

And cockroaches climb on live bodies..

Melly said...

Hey Gary and all bloggers, I had felt something in the world was not right, common sense was becoming non-existent, wars, famine,water shortages,pestilence, increased & intensifide storms, increased wildfires,extreme weather, greed and more greed no matter who or what it hurts or destroys. Sadly it has to happen this way even before the rapture with Jesus. Pray everyday that you and love ones don't suffer too much before God removes us true Christians from the 7-year wrath. God bless everyone. Amen

Gary Walton said...

Amen Melly!

Melly said...

Too much deception from our scientists, who are paid to say anything to keep their grants, false info. from the press, no real news anymore; some politicians, world leaders,mostly scientists know what's happening to our planet, and it's not CO2 emissions, temperature rises 1st thev CO2 rises 50 to a 100 years later. The ozone layer and our protective atmosphere has been weakening for awhile from the release of methane from melting ice, One example is Siberia in Russia where the ground is bubbling from the ground where it used to be frozen for a long time. Methane is 1,000 worse than anything on this earth that they can blame humans for.UVC rays, the worst, is reaching the surface of the earth and negatively affecting humans, livestock, crops, water and ground temperatures, don't forget extreme weather and geological catastrophes etc.EMField has lonst 10% of it's of it's strength, we are being radiated by the sun and so-called advanced technology 5G,Cell towers, cell phones, smart meters,X-rays,etc., Pray for the best, God Bless us all.Amen