Tuesday 21 July 2020

Unhinged. A chain of events has unhinged the structure of our world in just 203 days: If you are a man of faith, you would be forgiven if you have come to the conclusion that the Fiery Red Horse of the Apocalypse has been released and just maybe it has

The Fiery Red Horse, Wikipedia

A chain of events has unhinged the structure of our world in a matter of weeks. On the 31st of December 2019, an "urgent notice on the treatment of pneumonia of unknown cause" was issued by the Medical Administration and Medical Administration of Wuhan Municipal Health Committee. 27 people with pneumonia of an unknown cause were reported to the WHO on 31 December. Most were stallholders from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, seven of whom were in critical condition but no deaths had been reported, the world didn't really take notice, we were celebrating New Year's Eve, sipping Champagne and watching the fireworks.

Just 203 days later, nearly 15 million people have been infected and more than 600,000 have died.
Some 1.6 billion people employed in the informal economy – or nearly half the global workforce - will see their livelihoods destroyed due to the continued decline in working hours brought on by lockdowns to curb the spread of COVID-19, the International Labour Organization. In the near future, the world economy will fall into a 1930's Esque depression resulting in a massive spike in inflation causing famine, more disease and even more violence and our society to collapse like a pack of cards and the virus ain't going anywhere soon.

In just 203 days, COVID-19, Left and Right-wing anarchists along with hesitant overwhelmed police forces, poor local and government leadership have brought many of our wonderful cities to the brink. Violence has exploded onto our streets like a bad Hollywood zombie B movie. A huge spike in murder and crime has plunged our society back into the days of the wild west, where lawlessness is king. As unemployment increases so will the violence and the crime.

Troops will be employed to our great cities to combat the violence, tanks and armoured vehicles manned by heavily armed soldiers will be seen alongside historic landmarks in Paris, London, Madrid, New York City and many more. We will be in a physical and spiritual lockdown, locked up in our homes not daring to venture outside for fear of criminals, the military and Covid-19, we will be living a dystopian movie.

If you were a man of faith, you would be forgiven if you have come to the conclusion that the Fiery Red Horse of the Apocalypse has been released and just maybe it has.

There are other catastrophic events happening around the world which are not being noticed due to all the above. Catastrophes which would be front-page headlines around the world were it not for Covid-19 and Wester society's breakdown.

Unprecedented rainfall which started back in early June and is now still raging has caused horrendous floods affecting untold million including many hundred dead along an immense portion of the globe and shows no stopping anytime soon. From West Africa, the Middle East, Arabia, Indo Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China and Japan have all received Biblical amounts of rainfall. Stranger still all the regions mentioned above, (except Japan) are all being crippled by another Biblical plague, unprecedented numbers of Locust swarms, billions of them and stranger still all the above regions are where Christians are being persecuted.

If you were a man of faith, you would be forgiven if you have come to the conclusion that the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse has been released and just maybe it has.

And of course, we mustn't forget the record-busting wildfires in Australia in January which killed a billion animals and burnt down almost 25% of Australia's temperate forests and destroyed 60% of its crop yield.

Of course, the Doomsday clock is closer than ever at just 100 seconds to midnight. Tensions have spiked between the West and China, Russia and Iran. Nuclear war is now closer than ever and the war rhetoric from world leaders is a thinly disguised distrust of each other.

The future looks worse than I can ever remember, stay safe out there people.

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  1. We get to read and remember what THEY for the most part want us to! Just common news out there that stays away.
    The year 2050 has some interesting things going on.
    1. They project by 2050 earths population will be about 10 billion people.
    2. The end of oil more or less around that time.
    3. The oceans of the world will be more or less dead.

    That is just the tip of the iceberg as they say.

  2. I for one think 2 of the horses have been released. The Iranian weapons embargo will end Oct.18th. I think by Nov, 4th, all hell will be unleashed upon the world due to our elections. All hell seems as though already unleashed. May God have mercy on us all. I think.Florida, Texas, and NYC will be areas to leave by November. I hope I am wrong about that. Pray

  3. My whole life has been one of rejecting religion (blind faith) for science (empirical truth) when the world has embraced money as a religion and rejected science. I am glad that there only could be one winner. Sad that all that was good will be gone also.

  4. Good post Gary!
    I am glad you did that timeline because I have a point to make in regards to it, and it's also a question maybe you or a reader would be so kind to address for me.? In the beginning, end of Dec 2019, as you said 29(?) got some weird pneumonia in china. Back up a bit.

    Isn't the official fiction said for this supposed virus that some guy a half a world away (china) ate a bad bat and became infected with a contagious virus that infected the entire globe.? Is that correct? You say in this post after the fact, 29 people all of a sudden were reported to who for some weird pneumonia? Ok, how is it that came to be?

    If my memory is correct, what I just said is the "official" explanation for this virus? Am I correct? If not can someone reiterate please because that initial explanation is the first reason I can not believe any of this BS. I cant get passed that!

    Yesterday was day one for my area in FL mandating wearing a mask. Not the state, not the county, not even the city ordered masks be worn. They all said NO mandate. But every single business has gone against the laws, playing police by issuing store mask mandates or get out. WTF?
    Grocery stores. We only have one, publix, monopoly food store. So if you won't wear a mask to shop for food then you must leave with no food!!!?. You can not deny a person to buy food because they won't wear a mask. There are no other grocery stores and food we all need to support our life with.
    I had to go to publix after work yesterday. It was very stressful. I was very pissed off and upset all night after a few minutes in the damn grocery store!

    The stress, the fear, the losses,etc etc, it is all part of their game. Those emotions plus wearing a mask that reduces your oxygen is the main cause of reduction in immune system protection. Coincidence? NOT!
    Well I walked in with no mask. At the entrance there are employees half my age policing everyone who walks in to check for masks on faces. So immediately I was approached, mam you need a mask said the young man. I said I have a scarf. He said you need a mask I will go get you one. I said no, I dont want one and I just kept walking.

    They left me alone but I was totally stressed out that the cops would soon be there to detain me for this stance. Imagine that!? Stressing out to buy food in fear of being arrested for not wearing a mask!

    The deli counter was my last stop before leaving the store. Everyone had a mask on. There was a line to be served, a bunch of masked people just standing in one place with me, the only one with no mask on. A young man with some stocking like roofers mask on spoke to me seeing me maskless. He asked me if I wasn't wearing a mask because it was hard to breath in one. I said yes and it causes me panic attacks racing my heart rate and I'm not going through all that for this stupid virus.
    He suggested I get that roofers mask it is easier to breath in. I thanked him to be polite but couldn't hold my tongue. I said they cant force me to wear a mask it is not a state, county or city law and I dont know why these places of business think they can play police now. It's illegal. One woman stood behind me and spoke up, she said " she is right. They cant force us to wear these things." So I thanked her and quite loudly I replied, look at everyone being forced to look like our enemies ISIS. Its disgraceful and everyone let's it be. Shame on this country!
    All eyes and ears were at my attention upon hearing they look like terrorists. That got them I felt it. Think about that america you fools.
    Thank you for allowing me to tell my story Gary! God be with us and bless us! Be strong, stand tall against it. Have no fear! United we will have liberty, divided we are goners. Praying for truth!!!!!!! Hawkeye

  5. I was just thinking about you Hawkeye and then snap! an email appears in my tray. I don't know what the official "theory" is for the virus, everyone blames everyone else but I do know this if everyone had worn a mask when this nasty thing started no one would have gotten sick and that's a fact and I wrote about this way back at the beginning of the pandemic. I have been reading how terrible it is in Florida, do you know anyone with the virus Hawkeye? You stay safe too, by all accounts things are crazy over there, may God bless you too.

  6. There is some deep misinterpretations of the "Horses of Revelations" being presented here. The color of the horses are not actually the color of the horse, but the color of the cloth that was situated under the saddle of the horse that the priest was riding who was bringing to a Diaspora Church the Gospel that would be read at that season. Spring = green / Summer = white / Autumn = red / Winter = black. Therefore, in the Spring the Gospel of John was read to the people, Summer the Gospel of Mark ( actually Peter, but his scribe penned this gospel) was read, in Autumn the Gospel of Luke was read and in Winter the Gospel of Matthew was read in the Diaspora churches. Since the original Gospels were written in Greek, most of the people were illiterate
    so this was the Way to spread the Word.

  7. There seems to be a deep misinterpretation on the meaning of the four colors of the "Horses of Revelation". Each of the four colors represented the seasons of the year, Spring = Green / Summer = White / Autumn = Red / Winter = Black. The horses were not of these colors, but the color of cloth that was placed under the saddle of the priest bringing the Gospel that would be read in the Diaspora church for that season. In Spring the Gospel of John, in Summer the Gospel of Mark ( actually Peter, but was penned by his scribe Mark), Autumn the Gospel of Luke and in Winter the Gospel of Matthew. As the original Gospels were written in Greek, most of the people were illiterate therefore a seasonal reading of the Gospels set up the Way for the Word.

  8. Hi Gary. Thanks for your reply! You were just thinking of me and then snap comes my email! No coincidence, that is the power of Gods energy at work. There is a reason for it. Something I tell you He wants you to know!
    Let me try to answer your questions. No, I do not know of one person personally who has or has had this virus. Good question! The cases here are fake, it was in our local news that FL health dept was caught fudging the numbers tremendously to 100% positives out of at least 2 big testing facilities. News gave the example the cdc found wrong doing, a reported 98% positive that really was only 9.8% ! Lol....its all BS Gary. I know you dont believe me but keep reading I am on top of this and proof is coming.
    Please entertain me, I dont mean to disagree or tell you you are wrong. I only want truth and so I will tell you any truth I know but be warned, it's going to be against most of what you think you know. And it's not your fault! You are told wrong, everyone is! It's hard to convince people they are being fooled, but sadly that is what's happening.
    In FL aside from finding out our high case numbers are fake, if they were real, it's been like 15k a day for weeks they say. The population of one city here is only about 250k or so, so do the math! 15k positives a day for how long now? Weeks!? Just one week with those fake case numbers the entire county would be sick and I would know people with this virus. So yes, it's TRUE they have sabotaged us to try to hurt us. This is why businesses are mandating masks, on false numbers, and even with news of it the public ignores it and acts like they never heard government depts tell news FL cases are grossly over reported. That's one fact for ya.

    Masks. I dont think this comment box has the room for me to go in to that here, but I want to tell you facts I have learned from extensive research and personal talks with physicians and nurses I do know personally. I will explain in a second post box gladly! You need to know, we all do. I thank you kindly for talking so admirably with me! I have official government links of information that are going to shock you and probably make you mad, but God wants His people to know truth and if you are thinking of me then that is a sign from God for something good to be, so consider it and see where it takes us. God bless you too my friend half a world away! Thank you for what you do!

  9. P.S. Gary. I forgot to also thank you for honestly answering, what is the official story about how this virus came to be. You answered, I dont know, or remember because everyone blames everyone else. Right? Bingo my friend. There is a clue. That is called distraction, the government trained me to know that as I used to be a government security agent years ago. I'm no cop, no military but I was in that setting down a few notches from those guys and so I do know more then the average Joe does. I will tell what I can legally over time here in comments as it comes up. I encourage you to research anything I say. You will learn much seeking out answers!
    Ok, I'll be back with my mask facts for you soon.
    Best, Hawkeye

  10. Blogged

    From 1945 through 1958 America’s iconoclastic poet–the flamboyant Ezra Pound, one of the most influential individuals of his generation–was held in a Washington, D.C. mental institution, accused of treason. Pound had merely done what he had always done–spoken his mind. Unfortunately for Pound, however, he had made the error of criticizing the American government in a series of broadcasts from Italy during World War II. For that he was made to pay the price. Was Pound a traitor–or a prophet? Read his words and judge for yourself.