Tuesday 14 May 2024

MORE SIGNS AND WONDERS! Behemoth, Sunspot AR 3664, 15 times bigger than Earth and a quarter of a million km long fires off 3 more X-Class Flares: Another enormous X8.7 event causing a R3-level radio blackout over North America—Largest solar flare of the current solar cycle 25 and the strongest since September 2017.

Signs And Wonders—Yesterday we all assumed that the storm from Solar Behemoth, Sunspot AR 3664, 15 times bigger than Earth and nearly a quarter of a million km long was really over for now: But the monster had three more parting shots today as it turned away from Earth. firing off 3 more X-Class Flares. The last one this afternoon was an enormous X8.7 event that peaked at 16:51 UTC causing a strong R3-level radio blackout directly over North America. The flare was the largest solar flare of the current solar cycle 25 and the largest since September 2017. The flare was probably much bigger than the X8.7 recorded because the sunspot area is partially eclipsed around the Sun's Eastern limb.

What a week!

Earlier in the day, AR 3664 produced an X1.7 and an X1.2 bringing the total X-Class Flare count to 26 this year, just 15 short of this year's total of 41 major quakes (mag 6 or higher) which is indeed unprecedented. (As far as I know!)

Solar Behemoth, Sunspot AR 3664 has recorded "11" X-Class Flares this week.





Hawkeye said...

Yes! I was just reading this in news that told more aurora borealis activity can be seen tonight too in N. America. Forecasts also included speculated summer heat extremes expected this whole summer and so of course another warning to FL residents of a high risk for a strong hurricane season.
Oh boy thats just great, here we go again!

Well I didn't need the news to know of the hurricane risk that "might be" upon us this summer, I was already thinking about that due to the extreme heat and NO rain going on already. Same thing happened summer of 2022 before Ian hit us that September. It was hot and dry for months before Ian came. High heat and no rain creates perfect ocean temps for hurricanes to be born.
How much longer can life endure these conditions that are growing worse and at warp speed each year?! Right now in SWFL, 4:45 a.m., temp is 82F with a feels like temp of 92!!! 92 degrees at night is incredible. Waking up in my air conditioned residence and open the door to go on the lanai was like opening the door to a sauna, hot!
I asked in my comment box for Gary's previous post, what satellites got toasted from this solar storm activity because some did.? Found a news report just now that GPS satellites used for farming of planting seeds got fried! Food famine coming. Seems the grocery store shelves will soon only have spider webs on them. It's getting bad folks.

Gary Walton said...

It certainly is, stay safe buddy.

NOOA's saying April was the hottest ever for the globe . . . We are not seeing this in Western Europe. Unprecedented rain since late last year and cold, horrible in fact! And then almost tropical weather, just like that, weird. Last week we had a sunny tropical day, 27 degrees C and just 500 miles west of us in the UK it's snowing!

Gary Walton said...

NOAA, sorry.

Hawkeye said...

Interesting to hear of your weather update Gary. I have lost the radar source that was available to me to be able to see the weather globally, that radar source was through a local news outlet and it got scrubbed! The website got a make over and the new one didn't include those radar links. There are a couple others I can go to but it's a chore so I gave up.

What about the auroras? Europe must have seen them too?

Gary Walton said...

Oh yes, more Auroras than you could shake a stick at but . . . you have to get lucky to see them and I didn't, but, they were there all right, as far South as France!