Friday 25 August 2023

As promised: Tin Hats: Part Two—A letter from our very own Bill Laughing-Bear: Where to purchase your dirty-electrical-smog protection gear!

Tin Hats, Part Two

Dear Gary, a Watchman on The Wall, and readers of the Big Wobble,  
I have too much information to fit it all in "Tin Hats, Part Two." So, there will be a "Tin Hats, Part Three." I, as well, would like to make it clear that the company I purchase my meters and shielding supplies from does not ask me to push their products nor am I paid to do so. I realize there could be more companies that sell these types of products. I just know this company, “Less EMF, The EMF Safety SuperStore," has always come through for me. I rate them as a five-star business.  

I have a sister who uses another company for some of their products. This company is "Redemption Shield." I'll put both companies' contact and website information at the end of this document along with other good info websites. I do not know much about the company my sister uses so you'll have to check it out yourself, but she swears by it! And I will also talk about scams.  

I realize that 5G is here to stay, or until 6G replaces it, but there are shielding options. I would encourage all looking at products to purchase the needed meters so you can test things for yourself. You can buy less expensive meters than what I have. And, I will show at the end of "Tin Hats, Part Three," examples of a scam and a "it does not do to the level they claim." I will also go deeper into Earthing/Grounding and "10 Plants That Can Absorb Electromagnetic Radiation."  

While I still lived in Alaska, I started wondering what shielding I could add to my life to grant me more of the stereotypical life, so I started experimenting. Part of this goal was to let you know possible options that most do not know about in the WAR against Electrosmog. So, I will be touching on shielding garments, blankets and sheets, Faraday canopies, Smart Meter shield kits, shielding fabrics, paints, window coverings, Earthing/Grounding, plants, and some other unique products.  

Before I began this research, I had placed in my Alaska cabin a Faraday Canopy over my bed and slept on Earthing sheets. Although I was far enough from cell towers that good WiFi, maybe I should say BAD WiFi, was extremely poor or not available at all for cell phones, there were a few smart meters scattered about my neighbourhood.  

I started with a custom, fit over my clothing outfit that would be made for me with the materials coming from “Less EMF, The EMF Safety SuperStore." I felt with such an outfit I could go up to Anchorage without feeling the negative effects and maybe even fly to America to visit Mum. From this SuperStore I also purchased eyewear shielding and gloves. This outfit is a 3-piece outfit, and I was throwing its over-jacket over the router in"Tin Hats, Part One."  

So, I then took my meters and went to a friend's home where there was WiFi and other avenues of Electrosmog. To preserve his privacy I'll call him, Bob.  

I wanted to show what one might expect to find in the average household. My starting point was Bob's front yard where I held my test meter, a Digital E-Field Meter that is sensitive from 1-19,999 V/m with accuracy from 40 Hz to 20 kHz but can be used up to 100 kHz, I found at the waste level in dead air under the power line reading of 77 volts. At my head level, which is over 6 feet, we had a meter reading of 217 volts.  

Next, I approached the "NOT SO smart meter." At a measured (50) feet from this meter, I recorded a reading of 37.2 microwatts per cm squared with my HF35C HF-Analyser which has a range from 800 MHz to 2.7 (3.3) GHz. Checking my body voltage with an ACV Bench Meter, Model AV-102, I read 6.46 volts at 50 feet from the meter. Then I approached this smart meter. Touching the meter I had a body reading of 7.41 volts not being grounded. I started feeling chest tightness and shortness of breath in front of the meter along with waves of nausea and a pounding headache. This was due to increased voltage and all the WiFi hitting me. I will mention this unit supplies the power for his guest cabins and there was no load on it because all breakers were turned off. Adding some protective clothing plus a hat and eyewear shielding, but ungrounded and touching the meter, I read 1.57 volts; I grounded myself and it dropped to .52 volts. And my HF35C HF-Analyser read 75.44 mW/m2. So here is a classic example of why Earthing/Grounding is so important!  

Next, I went over to the power pole that had a transformer and at 12 feet from said pole my meter read 489 volts in dead air at hand level and 771 volts in dead air at head level. Going under this transformer pole I found a reading of 847 volts in dead air at chest level and 917 volts at head level. His house 'Not So' smart meter I decided to check his, and every 12 seconds I read a reading that went from the high 1,800s to over the 1,999. mW/m2. I probably should have put in line a 20 dB Attenuator to find the exact reading but I did not. This Death Demon was making me feel lousy, so I removed myself from it.  Then, I looked at the Dirty Electricity inside the house: 25 gauze or less is good. My first reading was 1730 Gauze. This was tested by a Stetzerizer meter plugged into a wall outlet. At a measured distance of 2 feet from the wall my body read .68 volts grounded and 3.06 volts ungrounded. I did not test every electrical receptacle; I was just trying to show examples. I would suggest that those reading this NOT look into buying Graham-Stetzer Filters because although they help clean High-Frequency EMF Pollution from your walls, there is a known link to their heart problems. Instead, to clean up the Gauze from dirty electricity, buy the "Satic Pure Power Plug-In Line Filter" from (get ready for a sticker shock). 
They plug into your wall receptacles just like the Graham-Stetzer Filters do, but there are no negative effects and you do not need nearly as many of them. Four of them will normally clean up a large house. You just simply plug them into wall sockets and you can see a drastic reduction in Gauze when you check them with a Stetzerizer meter. And a side note: Gauze from dirty electricity broadcasts five feet out from the walls, so in your bed at night, as an example, you're getting blasted by the wiring in your walls. Clean up that dirty electricity.  

Next, I wanted to do some testing on the effects of WiFi. So, we started the next experiment by taking the RF High-Frequency Meter to the house iPad. Without any shielding, I read–113.2 microwatts centimetres squared. Then we placed this iPad in full shield and closed the seal. The reading was a flat zero. Then we left it in the shield and tested without a sealed lid which gave a reading of .1 microwatts centimeter squared. The Shielding information claimed I would have a supposed 90% reduction. I had not bought this shielding kit but Bob had so I am not sure of its source.  

Then, I went after the "House Death Demon" called a WiFi Router. For the first test, without any shielding, the HF35C HF-Analyser went over 1,999 microwatts centimetres squared, so I had to place online a 20 dB Attenuator. With this modification, I could read it and found a reading of 137.9. mW/m2, (micro-watts centimeter square). Do not forget, it was still blasting. I had just tamed down the numbers so I could read it. Then, using a Router with a shield Bob had bought somewhere and the 20 dB Attenuator removed, the reading bounced between 396-461 mW/m2. So, placing my just-made Brain Coat Cap over the WiFi Router, the reading lowered down to between 127.3 to 142.4 mW/m2. Placing my custom clothing over the top of the router, it bounced up from 51.6 to 87.3 mW/m2, (micro-watts centimetre square).  

So, I next tested Bob's cell phone. It floated between a low of 677.7 and a high of 1994.3 mW/m2. Putting my new outfit over this cell phone, I had a reading of a low of .07-.19 mW/m2. If my math is correct, that's a 99.9% reduction in R.F. Death.  Now I am not an expert on this subject nor will I ever claim to be. The shielding I had built for me has different layers of shielding cloth in different spots, more on the chest, as an example. When I bought this cloth, I bought the best I could, as far as I could tell. Because I am a larger-than-average man, I doubt the clothing I see for sale at the “Less EMF, The EMF Safety SuperStore" would fit and since it is rather pricey, I am not going to just buy it and change it. In fact, I can hardly get on their excellent gloves. Yep! I have big hands. But here are some clothing options you can buy pre-made from them.  

And, I would like to remind you of some of the sources of RF radiation: CB/TV/FM, your cellphone, blue tooth, many appliances, "ALEXA," Smart Mirror, WiFi routers, baby monitors, cordless phones, Not So smart meters, audio equipment, the smart plug, and oh, yes, microwave ovens. In fact, my new home came with a microwave oven. I hate these killers and after testing it, I unplugged it for good. I produced a bombardment of RF with a reading between 1539-1978 mW/m2 at two meters, (a meter is 3.28084 feet), from my microwave. Now that is still deadly, but who stays even that far away from their microwave when using it? SHIELDING GARMENTS For those of you who are carrying a baby, they make a belly band. They claim a 99.9% RF shielding effectiveness. Many sizes and it's stretchy. Hoodie's. Boxer shorts, relief-wear briefs, t-shirts, relief-wear leggings. Coveralls with hood. Lab coats. Shielded gloves. Radiation-blocking headbands, brain coats, shielded caps, balaclavas, head nets, hooded scarfs, and radio wraps can be worn in several ways to provide coverage to the various parts of the head and neck. Eye shields, EMF safety eyeglasses, and even a face screen. Socks. Safeguard apron. Esmog pants. Bed Room Faraday canopies. Duvet covers. Flat Sheets. Anti-radiation pillowcases. Swaddling sheets for your baby. BlocBag for sleeping in. Baby blankets. Underneath the Bed floor mat. Shielding for the Room You Spend Major Time In. Quiet Zone Retreat. Body Fence. Smart Meter Shielding Smart meter shield kit, This kit is for an inside wall. An exterior smart meter shield kit helps if the meter is on your house wall. Shielding Fabrics They had, the last I knew, 29 different kinds of fabrics. Less EMF Inc. I believe still has a fabric sample book that lets you feel and see before you buy. You get swatches that are about 2 inches square and it even comes with a $25 certificate towards a fabric purchase. Conductive thread, silver spun yarn, and a couple of other types of yarn. Architectural Shielding Shielding Paints: 3 different kinds, DO NOT ORDER AND SHIP DURING WINTER BECAUSE IF FROZEN THE PAINT IN LIQUID FORM IS DESTROYED!!! 

And the cost, Some of these like CuPro-Cote, are more expensive than many spend on a vacation. Ground kits for paint. Shielding Plastic Films: more than one choice. Good for RF shielding for windows. While you're at it, have curtains with Shielding Fabrics made like I am having made for me at this new home. Mag-Stop Plates: You place these on a wall to block things such as the circuit breaker box on the other side of a wall. 

 Phone Shields Pocket Shields. Cell-Shield holsters. Mobile Phone Pod Shielding bags. Phone Purses. BlocSock and Skin-Blok. Computer Shields HARApad shielding. iPad Pouch Computer & TV screen shields Magnetic shielding for laptops, sold by linear foot. 

 Tower shields for your home computer. Router Shielding Router Guard, if you absolutely must use WiFi. Signal Tamer, a pouch that fits over your router. RadiaFence, different sizes and shapes. Shielded Cat 6 Ethernet Cables.  

So, this should give you a little bit to ponder as you strategize a safety plan for you and yours. It will not be inexpensive but your life and those around you are more valuable than all the wealth of this world. And, as we always said in Alaska, you can eat a whole moose by yourself a bite at a time, so slowly start getting what you need for protection and someday the needed shielding will be in place.  

Once again, I quote Arthur Schopenhauer, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” 

 That’s it from Living in Babylon for now. Bill Laughing-Bear 

 Reference Materials where I Obtained these Facts: Books "Zapped" by Ann Louise Gittleman "Dirty Electricity and Electromagnetic Radiation" by Donna Fisher "Electromagnetic Fields A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues & How to Protect Ourselves" by Blake Levitt "Wireless Radiation Rescue 2012" by Kerry Crofton, PhD "Earthing, The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?" By Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D., and Martin Zucker Videos "Full Signal, The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones" by Talal Jabari "Take Back Your Power, Investigating the “Smart” Grid by Josh Del Sol "Grounded, Could it Happen to You?" by Steve Kroschel On-Line Resources "Earthing," website is “Less EMF, The EMF Safety SuperStore," website is "Redemption Shield," website "EMF Help Center," website



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