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YEAR THREE-The Meteoric Rise Of Graphene Oxide: Is "not" added into Covid-19 vaccines and boosters, so they say... But it is being coated onto protected face masks and is being developed for the next-generation 5G and future communication technologies and is added to the flu vaccine and more!

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A Happy New Year To All! YEAR THREE-The Meteoric Rise Of Graphene Oxide

Now, for those of you who do not know what graphene oxide is let me give you a brief explanation. Graphene oxide first and foremost is poisonous to humans. Graphene is the best known natural heat and electrical conductor there is and can store electric energy, and is practically indestructible. Graphene oxide can host its own magnetic field and it is also the main ingredient in a hydrogel which is the AI template used in Elon Musk and Bill Gates's research into creating an interface, (neural network) between humans and the internet, (5G) or AI (artificial intelligence). Graphene Oxide is considered nanotechnology.

Graphene Oxide is "not" added into Covid-19 vaccines and boosters "according to health experts, scientists and government leaders... but"-Graphene Oxide is being coated onto protected face masks, millions of 'em: ZEN Graphene Solutions and Trebor Rx have just produced 800 million masks coated with the stuff!

It is, however, being added to the flu vaccine!

Graphene oxide is giving a boost to new intranasal flu vaccine Researchers at Georgia State University and Emory University who have developed an intranasal influenza vaccine using recombinant hemagglutinin (HA), a protein found on the surface of influenza viruses, as the antigen component of the vaccine. They also created a two-dimensional nano-material (polyethyleneimine-functionalized graphene oxide nanoparticles) and found that it displayed potent adjuvant (immunoenhancing) effects on influenza vaccines delivered intranasally. Full story

Meanwhile, researchers have developed graphene-biosensors for brain machine interfaces.

Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have developed a novel graphene-based biosensor, set to drive new innovations in brain-controlled robotics. The biosensor adheres to the skin of the face and head in order to detect electrical signals being sent by the brain. These signals can be translated into commands to control autonomous robotic systems. The sensor, made of epitaxial graphene grown onto a silicon carbide on silicon substrate, overcomes the major challenges of corrosion, durability and skin-contact resistance. Full story 

And there is more! Much more...

GraphWear closes $20.5M Series B for a needle-free, graphene-powered glucose monitor

Graphwear, a startup developing graphene-based needle-free approaches to glucose monitoring, recently closed a $20.5 million Series B round. GraphWear is developing a skin-surface-level wearable made of graphene. The sensor is small, about the size of an Apple Watch — but the key piece of technology is actually housed on the bottom. It’s a thin slice of graphene that fits onto the back of the watch, or onto a sticker that can be worn on the abdomen. Full story

Developing next-generation graphene-based optical networks for 5G and future communication technologies

Paola Galli is an expert in photonic transceivers for next-generation optical networks, who introduced Nokia Italy to the Graphene Flagship consortium. She also leads the Graphene Flagship Spearhead Project METROGRAPH, which aims to devise a low-cost optical transceiver to transmit and receive data with graphene-enabled photonics. Full story

Demand for Graphene Nano-composites Market is anticipated to witness momentous growth during the forecast period 2018 to 2028

The global graphene nano-composites market is estimated to have been pegged at US$ 50.4Mn in terms of value at the end of 2018 and is expected to potentially reach US$ 800.4 Mn by the end of 2028, registering over 15X growth during the forecast period. The graphene nano-composites market report divulges that the adoption of graphene nano-composites for the electronics & energy storage application is estimated to account for almost 50% of the consumption during the forecast period. Full story

Graphene Flagship researchers have discovered that graphene oxide inhibits anxiety-related behaviours in a model study.

They found that, "Injecting" graphene oxide into a specific region of the brain silences the neurones responsible for anxious behaviour. Scientists have developed a sensor that detects brain signals in a wide frequency band, from extremely low frequencies to high frequency oscillations. The sensor is biocompatible and could be used to measure and predict brain states. Full story

Graphene oxide is currently capturing the imagination of scientists and health experts because of its use as a fantastic conductor of electricity and can host its own "magnetic field" and could quite easily connect us, (humans) to the internet where we could, once and for all be monitored on a neural network connected to the brain, this technology is already out there and is being championed by Elon Musk and Bill Gates and computer giants IBM, to name just a few.

According to IBM, neural networks reflect the behaviour of the human brain, allowing computer programs to recognise patterns and solve common problems in the fields of AI, machine learning, and deep learning. Now, with the use of lipid nanotechnology delivering mRNA effectively to cells, DNA sequencing could quite easily be tweaked so a person could be monitored through a neural link or RFID chip along with the graphene electrical conductor. "Mark Of The Beast," mentioned in Revelation 13 springs to mind!

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John Holst said...

More and more researchers speculate that graphene oxide is a health hazard. (no matter where it comes from, right?)

I’m in that group. Not only for obvious reasons in the news each day, but from new information I’ve been researching online and at my small farm where I do a lot of testing. First, there’s the case of the…

Disappearing Mice

You see, I’ve been wondering why there are no mice any longer at my farm. It’s crazy, a shed that I store feed and heirloom seed in… has no mice. Seriously… zero.

My deer blinds are normally so full of mice it makes a guy squeamish just cleaning up the mouse nests in the blinds for deer season. (the blinds are next to my neighbor’s corn and soybean fields.)

Plus… no voles in my orchard. No gophers either.

Here’s What’s Changed:

1. The addition of a large cell antenna about a half a mile from the property.

2. My recent speculation that there may be graphene or "reduced graphene" derivatives in our food supply.

Why do I say that? Well, did you know there are nano-pesticides, nano-herbicides, as well as nano-fertilizers, many of which use graphene sheets to “slow release” the target chemical or payload?

Now, most of this was intended for good, in that graphene nanosheets could reduce runoff and increase the efficiency of the herbicide or pesticide. That’s what they tell you anyway.

Graphene May Radically Alter The Reproduction Cycle In Female Mice!

What I discovered online is… research shows that graphene may mess with female mouse reproduction and lactation cycles. See a quote from one such study below:

“However, the pregnant mice had abortions at all dose, and most pregnant mice died when the high dose of rGO was injected during late gestation. Notably, the development of offspring in the high dosage group was delayed during the lactation period. The high dose of GO decreased the maternal mice’s water consumption by oral exposure, which reduced milk production and thus postponed the growth of offspring.”

The study has some dangerous implications. To read the whole research paper, click here.

Our Exposure To Toxic Levels Of Graphene May Be Worse Than Previously Thought

What am I saying? There’s a good chance that graphene oxide has found its way into our food chain. And… there’s a good chance that certain cell tower or cell antenna frequencies may excite the graphene, which creates dangerous unintended consequences.

John Holst said...

This is about graphene hydroxide, not oxide, said to be like nano razor blades in your bloodstream. The page is still up; I just checked. Don't know developments since.

Shannon said...

If there are any here reading who know the Lord Jesus Christ- please go unto the people to proclaim His Gospel unto salvation...
From the book of Romans: 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks John-very interesting indeed...

Hawkeye said...

Are we so surprised by this new material said to be so wonderful and needed in "healthcare" and or "medicine" and is also just another known toxin that warns to not injest it. It's really getting ridiculous. Medicine is chemicals. Yes chemicals seem to work sometimes but all the times they create a new problem. When something is true and good it works all the time and never has another created problem.
Rev 18:23 is pretty clear in telling us that our "merchants" are pushing sorceries down our throats. The New Testament in it's original Greek writings used the word pharmakeia and it translates to mean sorcery/witchcraft or similar. Our modern world has taken that Greek word pharmakeia and made it a household name to be trusted - Pharmaceutical/Pharmacy.... but really means, Big Pharma criminals!
I just learned there is a website "open payments" ( that you can enter any Dr., hospital etc., name and it searches to find if that name is a recipient of funds from the criminals. The info party that told me of this site said there is one alt media "superstar dr." (whistleblower) who is in alt news almost daily and is a big recipient of payments from the "merchants" to the tune of millions of dollars since 2014, and in 2020 received tens of thousands for consulting fees from j&j and AstraZeneca.
Not named though. So I started entering some names I have been seeing in alt news alot, so far none have come up bad to be that one not named.

Not sure yet who it is but I will find out! All these said whistleblower docs are not bona fide. So we must be careful to listen and discern.
One similar example that is new news and I think fake but at least suspicious for partial dis-info., is a coroner who has been getting a lot of air time from UK. John Looney is his name. I've watched a few of his interviews. He was filmed and speaking himself in all of them, all were live for many months in 2021.
On 12/30/21 new news about him.....said 12/23/21 looney caught covid and is hospitalized. Looney supposedly released a press statement (never did that before) but it was only a written article, no video no interviewer, no way to know if it was really him, and the tone was a partial retraction of previous whistle blowing warnings.
Then I saw on redvoice media looney did an in person, live, video online remaining consistant with his past telling's, that aired on 12/31/21. One day after news said he was hospitalized and 8 days after his said covid diagnosis. The 12/31 interview he was healthy and zero mention of any of that news of him being sick or in the hospital! WTF!??? If he was sick as of 12/23/21, its doubtful he would have been doing the 12/31/21 live interview, even if he was that ill 8 days before the 12/31 interview you would think he would have mentioned it and his talk would be consistant with that supposed press release.
In the press release it said he said (in quotes only it was), that he never said (in all his whistleblowing) that the veerus is not real. Ha ha, the 12/31 live video and all prior video's of him live he always said there is no veerus! So my bet is that new news is fake. It continued today with new details....his friends rescued him out of the hospital because the hospital was going to let him die and tried to feed him toxic meds for his covid that he declined to take. So now it's a big rescue story! Ha home recovering....but doing live tv interview on 12/31 looking well and no mention of any of that new news!

Listen carefully to all sides and it can help you decide truth from fiction. All we can do at this point. Truth is thrown to the ground! We have to piece it together. The only truth is Him and His word - the Bible.
Thanks Gary!

Christopher said...

Happy New Year to you All! Great info to add to my understanding of Graphine Oxide. A couple of months ago I read an interview with the man who invented Graphine Oxide back in 2015. My apology for not remembering his name. I do however remember he is a Satanic, Globalist, Pedoephile that thinks we are all worthless eaters. In the interview the inventor stated he created Graphine Oxide as a Hemotological Biological Weapon that super attracks O2, there by depriving/starving the RBC red blood cells and other tissues of O2. The interviewer asked this inventor, How long do people have to live after being injected with Graphine Oxide? He was told the math is straight forward and depends on the Graphine saturation of the blood. The greater the saturation the shorter the life expectancy. I believe he said 20%-30% saturation around an 8 years life expectancy and a 70% saturation results in 3 or less years life expectancy. The inventor was then asked how could this be kept a secret so long? And the interviewer was told, You do not know much about the Free Masons do you?

This is pure evil and to hear of all these other applications is down right disturbing. In addition to Graphine Oxide entering our food supply, there are reports from that the Graphine Oxide is being dispersed in Chemtrails. If Graphine Oxide is in our air and food it is more than likely in our water as well. Wow!

Can we detox Graphine Oxide out of our bodys? I do not have a definitive answer to that question, yet! However, I know Gods Nature always finds a way. Carbon 60 is supposed to bind with anything and everything bad in the body. Nano zeolites are supposed to do the same as well as Chlorella and Sperolina.
Knowing that all the bad microbiome in our body's love Acidity "including cancers" and all the good microbiome in our body's love Alkilinity, I would bet Graphine Oxide is Acidic and that by continuing to Alkilise our Ph we can slow its harmful affects while our bodies cleanse themselves of this abomination.

On a lighter note I figured out how we can end this Plandemic. Turn Off Our TV's and do not play along. I do not watch TV. I turned off my cable 03/04/2016 and it is by far one of the best things I could have done for my mental and spiritual health.

By all accounts we have a challenging year ahead of us. Take Care out there. God Bless You All with Hope, Laughter and Love.

Hawkeye said...

Hi Gary. I just watched a 5 minute video of some serious looking rioting that it said was going on in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, yesterday 1/2/22. Can you confirm this? Do you know if it really happened? It was the worst I've seen. Looked as though the people rioting were winning against armed/shielded police, some with police dogs too. People were beating the cops, throwing fire bombs in to buildings, throwing big chunks of concrete rocks at the cops with shields. It was a said riot protest against v mandates and all the rest of this covid BS. Wondering if your news covered it or can you verify?

It is mind boggling for me to consider that these protests in EU are happening as they are (because I believe they are as filmed) and most people have no idea about it going on. It looks like so much mayhem and property destruction, street closures and more, to not have any knowledge of it! How can that be? Are people all locked up in their homes there? If so, how still can it not be seen or known about? From most of what I have been seeing in online news sites is so very different from what is here in America. Maybe here too but I dont know of anything close to most EU reported protests.

Seems america is just in a state of compliance and ignorance beyond any other time in our history compared to EU. In FL we are pretty free, no mandates for any covid related nonsense is our law or new laws being written and challenged in courts, so its darn close to normal life here in FL. There are some states here in america that are not so open and my guess is that's why FL is booming with Real Estate business and tourism. Everyone wants to come here more then ever now, RE is very in demand and property inventory is at all time lows boosting demand tremendously and so prices as well are up significantly. We have not many sellers and piles of buyers waiting to purchase.

Point is, the contrast is incredible and so I have to ask the question, is it real? I believe it is because Europe has much more awareness and experience in spotting corruption then the said free and the brave do. So it would make sense these video's are actual and why they are hidden from zombie americans to keep them zombies.
Thanks for your time.

Gary Walton said...

Hi Hawkeye

Yes they are real, but, the riots/protests are seen as normal life these days, not just here in Holland but down the road in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Lisbon.

I have noticed one thing, my family live in the UK and we FaceTime every weekend. In the UK people are readily complying with the vaccines and boosters. Here in Europe people are not so easy and have a heart scepticism to the vaccines!

Gary Walton said...

Happy new year Christopher... Interesting stuff, a challenging year indeed!

Hawkeye said...

Thanks Gary! The real news comes from real people, so I thank you for confirming the riots news and I wish america knew and understood why it was happening and that it is happening. They dont know any of that here. The globalists are doing a great job in America of distracting so many from seeing the truth about these jabs and the BS covid narrative.

Also want to say listen to Christopher's advice for one big way to shield yourself from being brainwashed and keep yourself with a healthy mind....get rid of, turn off your cable tv, absolutely correct! I ditched mine in 2010. Actually God did it for me, he put me in a position of great financial loses which rendered me to be forced to disconnect that evil signal box due to not being able to pay for it any longer. At the time I was upset about it and no kidding it was like going through drug withdrawals for the first few weeks without it. But now and since then the awakening I have received from it is beyond words and can only be described as a huge blessing bestowed upon me! Thank you Lord!!

Now when I work I am in other peoples homes often and most run that signal box all day news news, and or big pharma brainwashing commercials every 6 minutes! Hearing it now for me is like fingernails on a black board, it hurts and I can easily discern the mind manipulation that IS coming out of it and rooting in brains tuned in to it. No shit folks, try going without it you will like it!
And you will save money that in turn defunds the cable cabal!

Great advice Christopher! Stay tuned to God's signal only and to do that you must free yourself from mans evil frequencies as much as possible. Remember, Jesus told us it would not be easy following Him but it is so worth it to suffer for His word. That suffering is like withdrawal from an addictive drug, it only hurts for a little time and then you are healthier then you used to be!

Gary Walton said...

Emmanuel Macron says he wants to 'piss off' the unvaccinated in foul-mouthed rant vowing to ban them from public places including restaurants, cinemas and coffee shops from next week: French President Emmanuel Macron said he wants to 'piss off' the unvaccinated
A new vaccine pass set for Jan 15 will effectively ban them from public venues
French citizens must already show a negative PCR test or proof of vaccination
But the new health passport will only be granted to vaccinated individuals
His comments received considerable backlash from his political rivals

Hawkeye said...

Macron wants to piss off the un-vac'd crowd aye? Are people hearing this for what it truly is?! He is a commie and I think all global leaders now are communist insurgents. No kidding either. Have folks seen our attorney general lately? Just his appearance screams communist. I had to suffer through hearing that psycho in a special news bulletin broadcast yesterday while working in a clients house because as I told ya every house has that signal box on all day long. It was a broadcast about the capital presidential election protests a year ago yesterday here in america. I had to hold back the vomit that was building up in me just from hearing that beast speak such lies as he ended many sentences of BS with "democracy"!

Sounded more like a brainwashing broadcast to install new software in to the graphene brains defining what democracy is now, erasing all past knowledge of its actual meaning. Serious barf bag news it was.

So, to see that Gary wrote this about the french presidents hope to piss off half of his citizens and saying it point blank like surprise! He must have had dinner with our attorney general last night after that capital annual news. Lol....I cant believe it is all said news, its lunacy and its insanity and it is soaked up by the world like it is normal and good. I really dont think there is much time left for any of us.
CDC has made news ditching these pcr tests as of 1/1/22. Yet no one acts like they heard that and continue to use them and hold us hostage with their fraudulent results. And no one does anything. That is brain dead evidence right there!
In my local news this morning ONE man in news has tested pos for flurona! Ha ha ha....omi-CON wasnt scary enough? Ha ha. It is sick shit, really f'ing crazy loon stuff. How did this man test pos for that? It is said to be a combo platter (lmao) of the flu and some other made up variant. It's really funny when you push aside the fact it is supposed to be experts reporting science. OMG....

Ms. CDC wilensky whatever her stupid name is, said on msm news pcr's can show false pos for 12 weeks so they are not accurate and reason for the new rules shortening quarantine times down to 5 days from 14 days. FDA admitted in news that due to never having an isolated sample of the original made up virus they used a flu sample to calibrate those fraud pcr testers, so that must be why we have flurona now, get it? Ha ha, they cant tell the difference between regular flu or a new flu "disease" (AHHHHH screaming....flu is NOT A DISEASE) so let's just clump them together to mash it all up because this is the new world of democracy. I cant talk about it without laughing my butt of now.

This is all just a comedy act, right? Has to be, how can anyone be afraid of this? It's too funny! Just ignore these talking heads and dont hold back your laughter! Laugh! That will piss off Macron et al....hey, it's an eye for an eye now folks. Why cant we piss off them if they can say they want to piss off us? They use fear we will use laughter! Might work.
Thanks Gary.

Gary Walton said...

Just in:

Italy makes vaccine ""compulsory"" for over-50s

Away from a row over vaccinations in Australia now to another in Italy, where the government has announced compulsory Covid jabs for those aged over 50.

Italy's Prime Minister Mario Draghi says the rule is needed to ease pressure on hospitals and slow infections - which rose to a record high of almost 190,000 on Wednesday.

Italy is one of the first European countries to introduce such a mandate on a certain age group - and the move has already sparked a fierce backlash.

Under the new rules:

Over-50s must be jabbed or face fines
The measure is in place immediately and will run until 15 June
And from 15 February, those over 50 who work must show a health pass - proving they're vaccinated or recently recovered - or be suspended from work.

I must say, I too have recently began to actually "hear and understand" politicians (and the media) just like Hawkeye claims and I am beginning to find it all quite amusing! In the last days God says He will pour out His Spirit... Think on brothers and sisters!

Melly said...

We must be getting real close for born-again Christians to join who is the redeemer of sins, the lamb of God, prince of princes, lord of lords, king of kings speaks for itself. All true believers in Christ know his titles. I will add a few more, Son of man, only Son of God, and the only way to salvation to man for having faith.

Melly said...

The president of France full name is Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frederic Macron. Some believe his name adds up to 666 using old times numbers system. Not in the bible, but food for thought. God bless us all. Amen.

Hawkeye said...

Right on Gary!!!!
Well I didnt see that "compulsory " news out of Italy yet, so thanks for telling of it. More chuckles, ha do ya think they will or can police that illegal action on the over 50 crowd? Funny not scary. If you dont work or dont work in the system of things, how do you police that? Answer is they can not. It's all just fear mongering and if people had any cognitive functions operating they would all ignore it and giggle their way through the work day. I am!

* side note: news today of Malaysian tiger(s) testing pos for covid in some zoo. The news reported, the zoo veterinarians said the tigers are vaccinated and so they cant figure out how these tigers got covid.
Gee, you stuck a needle full of liquid instructions telling the tigers DNA to produce covid via spike protein in the blood cells, but you cant figure out how they got covid.
I read some time ago, long before this covid crap, that science was working on ways to control all living everything on this planet. Even trees and plants, wildlife, everything! That's what it looks like now knowing of those intentions and seeing news like this of tigers vaccinated. If that intention does not make you see how the spirit of the a/c is involved and trying to be God (copy God), then you might be hopeless to endure.

Thanks Gary, love blogging with ya!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks Hawkeye, (you too) and Melly

Just in.....

First man in Britain to catch deadly strain of bird flu is bereft after the 20 Muscovy ducks he kept INSIDE his home are killed by officials in bid to stop new pandemic
The person caught bird flu from having close contact with their infected birds which have now been culled
Health authorities say the individual is doing well and self-isolating with all their contacts having been traced
Experts say risk to public is extremely low but people are being advised to avoid touching sick or dead birds:

I have been watching this since 2008-"c'est arrivé" as they say in France!

Anonymous said...

A bunch of info from a site in spain. browsers maybe can translate (mine does to english just fine).

prepare a vomit bag.

Melly said...

Hey Gary, I don't like to speculate and blame, last year I lost my uncle to prostate cancer, he was seventy and not vaccinated. His brother and my father died of stomach cancer and heart failure, he was vaccinated and tested positive for covid at death at 84.My mom had dementia and has been in memory care for the last 3 years, she was vaccinated at 81. What does this mean, nothing we were all praying for them to stop hurting.Amen. Thank you my Lord.

Hawkeye said...

Ahhhhh!!! You had to say Muscovy Remember I wrote recently about my Muscovy duck friends being shot dead by my nut job neighbor right in front of me? I still get teared up thinking about them. Well I have had that thought before seeing this, and you just confirmed it for me Gary, unfortunately I say that. I saw this coming too with several years past now of news reporting massive food source bird kills due to "said" bird flu going on globally....

Vaccines!! That is the cause. Bird flu is from injections. I'm starting to see a gigantic connection to so many illnesses and diseases very suspiciously looking to be directly connected to vaccinations. All my life I have just had a strong gut feeling to not get jabbed, even as a child! Now that feeling is ringing true as God is increasing my knowledge and awareness of our insane medical system in this fallen world.

Well you got me going reading Muscovy ducks were killed for made up reasons! Those ducks are the best, they are so smart and friendly, completely misunderstood. Sad news. Really bothers me!

Gary Walton said...

Anti-vaccine protesters rallied in cities across France on Saturday, denouncing President Emmanuel Macron's intent to "piss off" people refusing COVID-19 shots by tightening curbs on their civil liberties.

Macron said this week he wanted to irritate unvaccinated people by making their lives so complicated they would end up getting jabbed. Unvaccinated people were irresponsible and unworthy of being considered citizens, he added.

In Paris, protesters retorted by adopting his slangy wording, chanting "We'll piss you off".

Others carried signs saying "No to the vaccine pass", a reference to Macron's legislative push to require proof of vaccination to enter venues such as cafes, bars and museums.

TV images showed skirmishes between protesters and police at one site. Protesters also rallied through the streets in Marseille, Nantes and Le Mans among other cities.

Hawkeye said...

Appreciate that news link. I hadn't seen it yet but I agree with Mac, I do not consider myself a citizen of this (his) world, I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God and Jesus is my king (ruler). So yes, it would be very irresponsible of me to put a liquid man made lab potion in my body that changes my God created blood cells in to spikes! Doesn't piss me off at all, in fact it's a compliment!

As of yesterday, record cases of people sick with covid reported in my local news, 78,887 in one day it said. Went on to tell that at this daily rate 80% of Floridians will have gotten covid before omiCON is over.

According to news about 70 - 80% of Floridians are injected.
"It's spreading like wildfire" says the report. Hmmmm, if up to approx. 80% got jabbed, and predictions are 80% of people here will get covid, how is that? Someone answered me saying it's because they didnt get the boosters yet! OMG! They really believe that BS!
Well from personal knowledge most I know did get their booster. So if half or any other percentage got boosted then why is 80% predicted?

In real time now, ... yesterday I got a call from a friend telling me 4 of our friends are sick now with covid. They are all jabbed. Dont go near them my friend said, wear your mask. This friend also told me that our government is mailing out covid test kits to everyone so we will have one on hand in case we need it. Those kits are the ones I read containing that toxic chemical on the swabs. My friends know I do not participate in many worldly things like cable tv or paying any attention to politics, so they tell me what they heard on CNN etc.

I didnt know tests were being mailed out and I laughed reminding my friend that I do not have an address either! Ha ha, no cable tv, no health ins., no address, I get no mail other then work payments sent to my employment address. So I answered this friend with a giggle saying I wont get one, good, I dont want it and would not use it anyway. They can not understand why I find that amusing and comforting. I can not communicate my logic to any of my friends or associates any longer, it does not compute with them. I can clearly see cognitive decline in all of them and too many things I have learned from other news sources seeking truth, ring exactly true to what these v's are and will do to people. I read all sides, then I watch to see what happens. It's happening just as these good guy medical people have said. The prediction based on what they have found showed by X-mas or New Year's is when we will see the big surge in negative effects of these shots. Here it is, everyone is going down.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?
80% jabbed, 80% will get covid. Why is that so hard to see the connection and how is an un- vicker the cause or irresponsible mr. Mac et al? I think many more got the shot then is being reported, because in my world, I know not one other person who did not take it, just me. So I see like 90%+ took it, officials say 70+% or up to 80% took it. Some reports are even a bit lower in the 60% range for jabbed people.

Get it? Let the reader understand!
Probably not spreading like wildfire at all, it's all the bodies with instructions to go spike protein, not those with God's created cells. The fact that they do not see this tells us how brain damage IS occurring as well as spikes. Wow.
No one well now so kids cant get to school because too many bus drivers are out sick. Same for trash pickup, grocery deliveries, etc etc etc. Getting crazy now folks! I wonder how will I earn a living if all my clients get sick and I cant work for them? That's my concern. Already had 2 this past week cancel on me because they got covid. Expecting more but hoping I'm wrong.
Stay well! God is with us!!

Anonymous said...

graphine hydroxide is fully absorbale and invisible and clear and is an acid
its size at 50 nanometers is 1500 times SMALLER than the pores of a human sodium cell channel
it floats into any cell crosses any barrier easily like smoke through chicken wire.
to remove it soak feet in 2 gallon bucket with 1/4 cup salt 1 tablespooon vinegar. soak 30 minutes
each soak removes two perent at equilibrium
soak DAILY and even morning and evening
wash and soak all fruits and vegetalbles in same solution 30 monutes and rinse twice and PEAL ALL VEGETABLES AND FRUITS do not eat bananas
god bless