Monday, 20 March 2023

More Signs And Wonders Continued! Was The Deadly Quake Which Killed Nearly 60,000 People In Turkey And Syria Leaving 1.5 Million People Homeless And Causing Damage To An Area The Size Of Germany Man Made? And could a tiny area of low pressure at the epicentre of the powerful quake be the clue?

Credit USGS and EarthWindMap. The map above may look complicated it's not. It is showing information from two different websites. One is the date, time, location and depth of the deadly Turkey/Syrian quake, taken from USGS and the date, time, and location of a tiny, low-pressure area at the time of the quake, taken from the Earthwindmap.

On Feb 6 at 02:17 (UTC +1) a magnitude 7.8 earthquake, rocked South and Western Turkey and Northwestern Syria. This devastatingly powerful, shallow, quake was quickly followed by a magnitude 7.7 aftershock. 

The two massive earthquakes and the barrage of aftershocks caused almost 60,000 deaths and damage to an area the size of Germany. The UN estimated more than 1.5 million people were left homeless throughout Turkey and Syria. The quake is now registered as the 5th deadliest of the 21st Century.

As usual, USGS alerted me of the massive quake on my e-mail feed. I had an itch regarding the quake which just wouldn't stop itching from the moment I received the e-mail. For instance, as news came through I wrote on TBW, my blog: "We could have another Honshu Japan-type earthquake cluster happening right now in Turkey," I wasn't wrong, in fact, the death count turned out to be more than twice as high as the 2011 Honshu Japan quake—Full story 

However, the more I studied this earthquake the more it looked, and felt wrong. The epi-centre of the quake for instance, as we know, was in the middle of a political time bomb, the Middle East—The quake was also recorded less than 100 miles from the controversial Akkuyu nuclear power plant in Turkey, which ironically is set to be completed this year, not something the Israelis are looking forward to—The quake was exceptionally shallow, less than 10km deep, and a quake this size in a hugely populated area as this and so shallow would cause maximum damage . . .

However, the next oddity I noticed was quite unmissable and a tad disturbing. I went to the Earthwindmap website on my computer to see if there were any weather anomalies in the area at the time of the quake. What I noticed made me sit bolt-upright up in my chair. There was nothing, zilch—No weather anomalies whatsoever, just the opposite in fact—Just an unnatural high-pressure system, unbroken for millions of square miles, something you would not expect to see, except . . . And then, in the middle of this mass area of 'high-pressure' is a tiny little blob of low pressure at the epi-centre of the powerful quake, I couldn't believe my eyes!  


At the 'EXACT' time of the quake, the entire part of the Northern Hemisphere, and a large part of the Southern Hemisphere, (half of the entire globe facing me on my screen) was basking in a massive high-pressure system, millions upon millions of square miles, or square kilometres, high and wide and as far as the eye could see.

Now that really was mighty strange. However, even stranger, a small dark spot, a tiny blob, a little part of Turkey and Syria, (the quake area) was surrounded by a small low-depression area, (purple) which stood out like a dirt stain on a newly washed white table cloth, see below.

Credit EarthWindMap.

Now, I'm no weatherman . . . But—even I can see the lack of low-pressure weather systems on the map above, compared to the same map below, but this one on another day, a 'normal day!' See the map below.

Now for people who do not understand weather maps, what you are seeing above is something very rare, something so strange I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of blogging. One entire side of the Northern Hemisphere is wrapped inside an enormous high-pressure system blanket. (yellow and grey)

A small blob (purple) of low-pressure just happened to be exactly where the 5th deadliest quake of the 21st century was recorded and at the exact same time as this tiny depression!

A normal day would look something like this map below. . . A more or less, equal amount of low and high-pressure systems at any given time. Low-pressure systems can be seen in the Atlantic, Scandinavia, Syberia, North Africa, Indo-Pakistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia and on and on. . .


As you can see, if you compare the two different maps, the one above at the time of the devastating earthquake shows a very unusual lack of low-pressure systems on this massive area of the globe compared to the lower map, showing how an average day would look like, screenshot from yesterday. . . (19/03/2023).


But, what does this mean? Well, I assume, like me, your first reaction would be the same as mine. A low-pressure system causes earthquakes! Which is common sense really isn't it!

No! Low-pressure areas called Barometric, or Hectopascal, (hPa) millibars, are 'NOT' responsible for causing earthquakes. . . Well, not according to NASA and NOAA. Full story 

BUT WAIT . . .

So far in 2023, and don't forget we are still only in March, we have had many quakes, (the major quake count, mag 6 or higher is standing at 32 already this year) and many have been registered during major weather events, (low-pressure events such as the deadly Turkey quake above) but also major quakes during tropical storms and cyclones, and CMEs and solar storms . . .

So could NASA and NOAA be correct or could they be trying to deflect our interest in the matter of weather events being related to powerful earthquakes?


A very powerful, magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the Kermadec Islands on the 16 of Feb. Nothing strange there, however, this one happened in the middle of a Coronal Mass Ejection, (CME) and bright auroras! SEE THE MAP BELOW. 'BINGO!'

Credit, Earthwindmap.

The extremely powerful major quake, on 16 Feb, once again, very shallow (22km deep) magnitude 7.0  rocked the Kermadec Islands, it was already the 4th major quake, (mag 6 or higher) to hit the islands so far this year. However, what is so special about this powerful quake is, it was recorded in the middle of a solar storm pounding our magnetosphere. See the map above. . . 

Last night's major quake, mag 6 or higher was the 31st to rock our planet in 2023

The major quakes which has been recorded so far in 2023 show an incredible, astonishing sequence of events which is not just a warning to all of us but, should also leave you with absolutely no doubt, geological events here on earth, such as seismic, volcanic and cyclonic storms are linked to and affected by solar storms and solar activity out there in space, there can be no doubt whatsoever.

Yes, indeed, another astonishing geological event happened on the 4th of Feb 2023: Once again, a very powerful, shallow (22km deep) magnitude 7.0 rocked the Kermadec Islands in the South Pacific, it was already the 4th major quake, (mag 6 or higher) to hit the islands so far this year. However, what is so special about this particular powerful quake was, it was recorded in the middle of a solar storm pounding our magnetosphere. See the map above.

The Coronal Mass Ejection, (CME) struck the earth's magnetic field. Our magnetsphere was rocked, the storm was so strong it caused beautiful arouras at both the North and South poles respectively and almost certainly caused the magnitude 7.0 quake which rocked the Kermadec Islands. The map above shows the date and time of the solar storm but also, the coordinates and time of the massive quake. They are all in perfect cinque.

Space and solar activity along with geological coincidences here on earth have become commonplace in 2023. I like to call them 'Signs and Wonder!' Because they are! and Jesus told us to keep looking.

Let me explain—In early March, for the third time in less than a month a major quake, (mag 6 or higher) was recorded in or around an active cyclone. On the 4th of March, a very powerful mag 6.9 rocked (once again!) the Kermadec Islands north of New Zealand. It was the third major quake in this area in as many days. However, this particular powerful quake occurred smack-bang in the middle of two cyclones Kevin and Judy. . . Could this prove NASA and NOAA wrong? See the map below, look for yourself:

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

This unusual pattern has become a regular occurrence in 2023. I can't speak for earlier years because I wasn't looking, but it's happening this year for sure. For instance, the one above was the second time in March, a major quake struck an area during a cyclone. The day before around 19:00 hrs, (UTC) a powerful magnitude 6.5 major quake, (mag 6 or higher) rocked the West coast of the South Pacific island Vanuatu—At the same time the island was being pounded by Tropical Cyclone KEVIN-23, see map below.

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

Stranger still, in the middle of February this year, a powerful magnitude 6.1 quake was recorded once again near the Kermadec Islands, above the North Island of New Zealand and this powerful quake had the audacity to arrive at exactly the time of the arrival of Cyclone Gabrielle, see map below.

Credit Earthwindmap and USGS.

More signs and wonders: On January 9th this year, a very powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked Indonesia. At precisely 18:47 UTC—Just '3' minutes later at 18:50 our Sun launched a powerful X-Class flare from sunspot AR3182! Coincidence? I have never seen these two powerful events so closely linked together before. Full story.

When space weather meets major seismic activity! 

I have been blogging about quakes and spaceweather since 2008 but I have never witnessed this before . . .

That afternoon (Jan 9th 2023), a very powerful magnitude 7.6 earthquake rocked Indonesia at precisely 18:47 UTC—Just 3 minutes later at 18:50 our Sun launched a powerful X-Class flare from sunspot AR3182! I have never seen two powerful events so closely linked together before!—I was flabbergasted. . .

On March 16th and not for the first time recently our planet was in the right place at the right time after yet another coronal mass ejection, (CME) missed us once again. This one, however, was very powerful and if it had been an earthquake would no doubt have been off the Richter scale. 

Had this CME hit our planet's defence mechanism, the magnetosphere head-on, well, we would today be sat behind our telephone and computer screens without any power. . . No internet, no power, no electricity, no satellites. . . Nothing. I certainly wouldn't be writing this post!

This very special CME has fired away from Earth and has been clocked at over 3,000km per second which is a 'mega event' and can be compared to the Carrington Event in 1859 which took down the internet of the time, the telegraph system. And the mighty solar flare of 2012 which, once again luckily missed our planet.

I personally have never witnessed a CME of anything near this speed in all my years as a blogger! 3,000km per second is something this head can't comprehend, it is extremely rare and once again (I keep on saying this) we were very lucky, folks, it is a question of when and not if!

We are still in early March but so far in 2023 the solar fireworks just keep on coming— On the 3rd of March the 6th X-Class Flare exploded from the sun's surface and it came from the then departing sunspot AR3234.  Luckily the bulk of that CME also missed earth.

In early March, an M8.6-class flare caused fantastic auroras seen around the world after the solar wind hitting the Earth's magnetosphere was measured at 866km per second, this was the fastest recorded speed since October 2017 and caused dazzling auroras in the northern and southern hemispheres for three nights with the light-show as far south as northern France in Europe. The 866km/per second CME has now been blitzed after the latest mind-boggling 3,000km/per second CME was recorded yesterday.

Since January 1st our sun has blasted off 6 massive X-Class flares and many more strong M-Class flares. It is only a matter of time before our sun receives a massive direct hit from a very powerful Coronal Mass Ejection or solar flare which could cause our planet irreversible damage.

Back in late January, the massive Sunspot AR3190, the biggest sunspot in years and visible to the naked eye failed to deliver, which is maybe a good thing. The impressive sunspot, more than 4 times larger than the earth did not eject the massive X-Class solar flare many astronomers were hoping for.

This big question is folks, are NASA and NOAA lying? This would mean all the evidence above is just a massive coincidence, Space and Earthweather do not cause major quakes, or they do but NASA and NOAA want to divert us away from this area of thinking because massive quakes are a by-product of mankind's weather manipulation program!