The Watcher On The Wall—A Catalogue Of End Time Prophesies

'The Watcher On The Wall' is a book which I started four years ago and constitutes my passion for uniting Bible prophecy with our often difficult modern times. Many of you who are regular visitors to The Big Wobble will already be familiar with my work. A Catalogue Of End Time Prophesies brings together nearly twenty years of study and research.

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The Watcher On The Wall—A Catalogue Of End Time Prophesies

Imagine, you could jump into a time machine and go back thousands of years only to meet someone who could tell you exactly what will happen in the age in which you have just arrived from? With all your wonderful knowledge and technology, this person from ancient times can tell you more about your future than you know yourself! If you know where to look these ancient secrets are easy to find and are hidden away in a book you probably already own—The Bible. We are living in a world of wonder, every day new discoveries and inventions are opening up new solutions and remedies for every kind of problem our world can provide, and nothing seems impossible anymore. However, the more we learn, the less we know. No matter what new technology we invent, or discover we cannot feed the whole world, remove poverty or even save our planet.
If you suddenly woke up in 2020 and thought—“Hey, something ain’t quite right here—Well, let me tell you, you are not alone!
This book is not intending to hit the reader over the head with endless Bible quotes and prophecies, no, on the contrary, my aim is for you to come to your own conclusions after reading the incredible, sometimes unbelievable information I am about to put before you. Some of the information I present is daunting and often intimidating. Some of it is even frightening. However, as the book unfolds, certain Bible prophecies written thousands of years ago are suddenly becoming unlocked and easier to understand. Prophecies have been delivered, opened, and unleashed onto our unsuspecting generation. Prophecies that until now have not made any sense but are now beginning to unravel with the passage of time, often with incredible, unfathomable accuracy. You will be left in awe, I promise. However, above all, I will back up these prophecies with a raft of data and facts from a host of organisations, experts and scientists that will leave the reader astonished. I will provide information leaving you in no doubt whatsoever, about what mankind’s immediate future and the “unavoidable” problems lay ahead.
People, quite understandably have become oblivious to what is happening around them, the first two years of the new decade have drowned us all with a tsunami of distractions and worries!
I started blogging in 2008, and over the years I have uncovered an ever-increasing record of destructive human, geological and climatic events. Climate change, extreme weather, extreme space weather, natural disasters along with increasing volcanic and seismic incidents, and probably the saddest and cruellest disaster of all, the demise of our oceans and fish, along with animal and insect populations. Human behaviour has seen a rapid decline too. A cavernous collapse in respect, consideration, and niceness to one another has become accompanied by a stratospheric rise in hate crimes, violent crimes, sexual crimes, murder, poverty, mental health problems, suicides, and drug dependency.
During the early days of 2020 and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the subsequent lockdowns, the vaccine mandate and a repeated promotion by Western governments pointing us toward a “Great Reset!” And—“let’s build back better!” I began to feel uneasy as if my freedom was systematically being stripped away. As did most of us probably. I surely wasn’t the only one to think—Something was not quite correct here but what, I wondered?
With all the data I had collected over the years I knew there had to be a clue! An indication, or a reason as to why, or what was causing the collapse of our society and our environment. Perhaps a manifestation or pointer as to where and when this catastrophe began? When and why did our world begin to unravel and go irreversibly wrong? Why was our society and environment collapsing?
The answer, is here, in this book and I found it, hidden, in-plane sight, just waiting for the whole world to see!
The record-breaking geological events happening all over the world recently. The record-breaking wildfires, storms, floods, droughts, heatwaves, cold waves and the unsustainable demise of our animal populations. The devastating disasters our sick world is having to endure are all here to see. And we, together have been warned, thousands of years ago by prophets telling us we are about to face the biggest collapse our world has ever known,  “everything,” bigger even, than the flood of Noah and it’s happening right now. . .
The underlying problem to all our problems today is us, plain and simple, and we have been warned many times but we were sleeping in our shoes! The real pandemic in our world is not Covid-19, no it’s us.
2 Timothy 1:3-7, written around 2,000 years ago warns us exactly what today would be like—But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. 6 loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.
“Always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth!”
At the beginning of the twentieth century, a master key unlocked a prophecy which suddenly opened up the secret to the mystery of the ages! It was Daniel, a Jew while captured in Babylon, almost 2,500 years earlier who had prophesied about the so-called “end-times,”—: An angel from God instructed Daniel—Dan12:4—“To shut up these words and ‘seal’ the book until the time of the end.”Daniel wrote: “Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased!”
Daniel did as he was told, and everything the prophet wrote was sealed which became a mystery to scholars for thousands of years. Suddenly, at the beginning of the 20th century, that seal was unlocked and Daniel’s prophecy, as well as many other end-time prophecies, began to slowly unfold, and people began to understand. Today, just as Daniel wrote more than thousands ago, the entire world has indeed learned to run, 'to and fro,' circumnavigating the globe by the millions daily. The world has become a tiny village compared to how it was in Daniel’s day. Daniel also prophesied, “Knowledge shall be increased”. Wow! What an understatement!
Back in the ‘80s, a very clever guy by the name of Buckminster Fuller created something called the “Knowledge Doubling Curve.” He noticed that until 1900, human knowledge doubled approximately every century, but by the end of World War II, knowledge was doubling every 25 years. We are now doubling our knowledge in less than a year but, according to IBM, the tech company, we will soon be doubling our knowledge every 12 hours!
Around the middle of the twentieth century, 1957 to be specific, another lock was opened, a more subtle one, but even more fantastic than Daniel’s and much more devastating for the earth— Something more final. No one knew at the time, well, NASA did and a few outspoken scientists, but they were largely ignored or silenced. However, in the years which followed, world governments, scientists and other so-called “experts” awoke to the problem which has now intensified and is an ungovernable monster. And, in their desperation to find a solution our world leaders and experts, after “ignoring the warnings” for many years, due to greed and power, are calling this monster climate change. They are totally aware, and know the problem can’t be fixed! Our leaders have left it too late . . . You see, something else happened which helped push climate change along, climate “changed,” probably with a little Devine Intervention, dare I say? Our climate will, nonetheless, eventually destroy our planet (or should I say this age). Recent global disasters are insurmountable and will only increase with the little time we have left. However, our governments and world leaders, experts, scientists, etc, always believed they could stop the inevitable, but they have underestimated the monstrous scale of the problem and is now too late to stop.
So they needed a plan, they need to do something drastic, and quickly, and that does not mean reducing CO2!—They, the leaders believe they have the plan to save the un-saveable! “The Great Reset” I believe is the official term used, and—“Let’s Build Back Better!” “The Great Reset” is not designed to stop climate change, no, it is designed to control us.
I personally feel claustrophobic, as I write this book, I have been surrounded by a Covid-19 pandemic here in Holland, where I live. The Dutch healthcare workers have been brilliant throughout the pandemic just as the rest of Europe’s healthcare workers have.
The streets of Europe however, have often been turned into centers of protest. Society, after putting up with the pandemic, job losses, endless mandates, and sanctions are now having to endure fantastic energy increases. The world's supply chain is collapsing, and food shortages and staggering energy prices are causing record inflation which of course is hitting everyone, especially the poor.
Global military tension is causing concern to almost everyone. Poverty and civil unrest are everywhere. It is easy to see why geophysical and climate problems, which have reached frightening proportions are being ignored by the majority of people, many people are having to choose between heating or eating, and climate change to many is a sideshow.
You will be shocked to learn that animal populations around the world have declined by around 70% in just the last 50 years. Let me put that statistic into some kind of human perspective…Can you imagine if more than 5.5 “billion people” had died during the last 50 years, leaving just “2.5 billion survivors!” Yes, it’s shocking, that we have systematically devastated animal populations in the last 50 years, but sadly animals are not very high on mankind's list of priorities at the moment.
Nearly 80% of the terrestrial environment on our planet has been severely altered or damaged by humans, along with almost 70% of oceanic environments. Up to one million species are threatened with extinction in the coming decades. Vertebrates, that is an animal with a spine, have declined by almost 70% in the last five years - 70%!
Many of our inner cities or urban areas are now becoming unliveable with no sign of improvement. Huge areas of our planet are burning every summer, destroying entire communities and killing billions of animals.
Meanwhile, snow and cold are bringing entire communities to their knees in unlikely places such as Texas, Greece, and Spain, places that can’t handle cold. Storms are increasing with incredible power as they destroy everything in their path. Heatwaves or droughts are devastating huge numbers of communities around the world. In other areas, extreme flooding and torrential downpours are destroying thousands of homes. Agriculture in many countries is being destroyed by extreme weather, leaving increasingly impoverished farmers who have to give up because they can’t earn a living anymore. Our leaders and scientists have been taken by surprise by the ferocity of the climate change problem, let's be honest, we all have. Our leaders don’t know how to bring climate change under control, they have let the problem go on far too long before “trying” to do something. Climate change has now reared up like a bucking horse and our leaders are staggered at its power and momentum!
'The Watcher On The Wall' will take you on a journey through the last 120 years, (a time-machine of human folly), a journey which will absolutely nail prophecies written in the Bible, thousands of years ago, warning our generation about what is happening right now, warnings which have been missed by scholars and experts.
You will be shocked by previously “missed or unseen data” that points to the very year climate change began and how it correlates to an incredible burst of solar activity on our sun, in the same year which, incredibly, coincided, with a record bursting increase of major quakes, mag 6 or higher here on Earth!
The very same year,1957 also points to an increase in natural disasters, an increase in volcanic activity, and the beginning of mass animal, fish, and insect die-offs; That year, represents the year the “plug” was pulled on our desperate attempt to run this system of things, this age. The facts and data are all documented with official records from American Presidents, experts, scientists, and alphabet organisations such as the CIA, NASA, and NOAA along with a raft of other big organisations. It’s all here on these pages: New information, stuff that has been missed by the so-called experts and scholars along with many graphs and data that will be new to you. I guarantee it! This book is a culmination of years of research and study on my part. I invite you to join me and be privileged to learn the power and wisdom of our Creator Jehovah.

About The Author

June 29, 2022

Back in 2017 my Mum, Tina Miller, whom I have coffee with almost every morning over the phone said, 'I have found a website that's unique and full of truth. You have got to hear this, now... listen to this!' And thus started a morning routine of beginning my day with the thought-provoking insights from Gary Walton of The Big Wobble. Because I needed a special computer screen that would work with my Photosensitive Epilepsy that was not in my budget, she would daily feed me this 'have to know' information. Since then, this has been the first news source I check above all others. I realised right off the get-go that Gary was what is referred to in the Bible as a “Watchman!”

Watchmen in the Bible were guards responsible for protecting towns and military installations from surprise enemy attacks and other potential dangers. Ancient Israelite cities often stationed Watchmen on high walls or in watchtowers. Their job was to keep watch and warn the townspeople of impending threats. The Hebrew word translated “watchman” means “one who looks out,” “one who spies,” or “one who watches.” Sometimes Watchmen were scouts who looked out for approaching friends as well as enemies. The Bible also refers to Watchmen in a spiritual sense. God appointed prophets as spiritual Watchmen over the souls of His people: “Son of man, I have made you a Watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me” (Ezekiel 33:7; also Hosea 9:8).

I am confident that the God that Ezekiel and Hosea served created Gary to be a 'Watchman on the Wall' to warn us during these precarious days about what is approaching. I believe this is why he was born so that we who have ears to hear can take whatever appropriate action is needed as he heralds a cry and blows the shofar to alert of the gathering stormy battle. Gary, a very humble man is not only a spiritual Watchman, but one that screams at the top of his lungs the warnings that help us stay physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. He is a man that I am proud to hold close in friendship, one that I consider my brother, one that will not back down from upholding God's truth, a man who was born to carry out a special mission in these final days.... a Watchman!

William Laughing-Bear

Kasilof, Alaska


On rare occasions throughout life, one meets another whose heart, mind, and spirit are so connected to your own that you cannot help but feel like you have met a clone of yourself. Such it was years ago when my path crossed with Gary Walton of The Big Wobble.

His passionate drive to see truth triumph and lies and deceit exposed parallels my own. He's no-nonsense as he meets life head-on. His knowledge, extensive and in-depth research for 'facts' while unveiling hidden truths has gained my utmost admiration. I love the way in which he uncovers FACTS: Finding All Connecting Threats Systematically.

Gary is an inspiration to multitudes as he reports reality through the lens of truth, showing us what is 'really' going on in our world.

And last, but not least, his fervent love for God's Word and its Truths is perhaps that which we have the most in common. I'm honoured and privileged to call him my friend.

Tina Miller

Lynden, Washington


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