Friday, 12 January 2018

100 years ago Spanish flu infected 500 million and killed an estimated 100 million people: Australian flu fatalities soar 77% in one week in England

Photo Daily Express
It's exactly 100 years since the Spanish flu infected 500 million and killed an estimated 100 million people around the world.
Fast forward to 2018 and experts are worried another monster pandemic is emerging called "The Australian Flu!"
And the caveat is, this season's flu vaccines are no match for this new virus.
Australia's 2017 flu season is now over but public health officials reported record-high rates of flu, as well as above-average numbers of hospitalizations and deaths.
The most common flu strain there was the influenza A virus known as H3N2, and the vaccine given to Australians had an effectiveness of only 10%, according to preliminary estimates.
According to La Times, the vaccine now being administered to the West uses the same formulation.
Even worse, nearly three-quarters of the 1,544 laboratory-confirmed cases of flu seen in the U.S. since Oct. 1 were of the H3N2 variety, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The Daily Mail claims flu fatalities have soared by 77 percent in just a week in England, Government figures reveal as fears of the worst outbreak in 50 years loom large.
The latest update, released today, states 93 people have lost their lives to flu already this winter - 85 in England and eight in Scotland. The figure for England compares to the previous total of 48 recorded last week.
Scotland appears to have been hit the hardest in the UK so far this winter because it is the only home nation to report a significant number of ‘excess deaths’ - when more deaths have occurred than expected.
Aussie flu, the H3N2 strain of flu which was given its name after it caused problems in Australia during its winter, is now infecting people in the UK at an alarming rate.
Almost 2,000 people have been hospitalised by flu this winter, the report also revealed, and one in four of those cases were caused by deadly Aussie flu.
Japanese flu
Another strain of flu, Yamagata or Japanese flu, was reported to have infected people in Greater Manchester this week.
Japanese flu is a subtype of Influenza B, whereas Aussie flu is a type A.
It has similar symptoms to other sub-types of 'flu but it's generally milder than A strains, according to Dr Coyle
He added: “Yamagata also tends to affect mainly children and is much more contagious as a result because children spread viruses more easily than adults.



  1. I think the biggest threat to the west is the Islamic flu that they have brought upon themselves. As far as the Spanish flu it was probably caused by their wonderful flu vaccines.

  2. If you are trying to get away from all the vaccination crap, then there are a few different natural ways. Me personally has not been down with anything for years. My throat might get a little sore now and then, but is usually gone the next day. I use a liquid silver and zinc supplement that I get from crsupplements, and drink a little. Then I take a few drops of oregano added to a small amount of water. Then without breathing I drink water until the oregano taste is gone. Oregano can be picked up at health food stores and will last quite a while. I also use garlic, that I grow myself. All of these combined make for a great immune booster.

  3. Have your Doctor check your vitamin D3 levels. You want to be at the top of the scale not the bottom of the scale.
    If your levels are at the bottom of the scale you have a greater chance of getting a flu or cold. Maximum vitamin D3 levels turns your immune system on and it goes to work instantly to destroy a virus. Vitamin K2 helps the body absorb more of vitamin D3 when taken together as not all of a vitamin is absorbed into the body. Do the research!
    Without enough vitamin D3 in the body the immune system stays static. Hence, the immune system does not go into action to destroy a virus. Also, at the beginning of a cold or flu eat a hot spicy food such as hot salsa to imitate a fever. A fever is the bodies way to kill a virus. Make sure you feel sweat break out on your forehead
    for a few minutes as you eat the hot spicy food. Peppers are good to eat as well to imitate a fever. The bodies
    normal temperature is a breeding ground for a virus without a strong immune system. By raising the bodies temperature a few degrees for 5-10 minutes on the out set of a flu or cold, you will kill the virus before it has
    a chance to cause you any harm. Flu shots can cause the flu in many people and have chemicals in them that can
    cause death, paralyses, among other side effects that can destroy a persons life. The CDC has stated that the flu
    shot is no better than a placebo. You are wasting your money and risking your health by taking a flu shot. Of course
    most people do not get a side effect from the flu shot but what it does to a person down the road has not been researched. NOTE: ALL, pharmaceutical drugs are chemicals that are not natural to the body. These chemicals can and
    will accumulate in the body and will kill you over time if you take them as prescribed by a Doctor. Doctors use drugs to hide symptoms of disease and not cure a disease. There are many natural substances that are better for the body that will actually cure a disease. Herbs and spices are amazing. Research how cayenne pepper stops a heart attack or stroke immediately. How Turmeric can cure cancer, diabetes and other disease. How Juniper berries can cure
    diabetes. How garlic can lower blood pressure. There are many other cures for disease and cancer is easily cured.
    Mainstream medicine uses chemo therapy and radiation which kills your immune system when you need it the most. It kills your immune system forever! Research chelation and bad parasites in the body. We have a symbiotic relationship with "good parasites" (bacteria). They help break down the food in the gut to small enough particles
    that the body can extract the vitamins and minerals so they can be absorbed.

    I am not a Doctor. I am a independent medical researcher. ALWAYS consult your Doctor before beginning any protocol.
    Remember, MORE is not always better. In fact MORE can cause harm or death. Do the research! Be proactive in your health and learn the truth. I hope this information helps someone. Best wishes.

  4. Fresh Elderberry Juice...My wife and I go out every fall after the first cold snap and pick enough to have on hand ..we take a shoot glass every morning..