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  1. i have dozens of research documents' from Havard, Smithsonian, Nasa, etc databases, - stating' how' MASS EXTINCTIONS on planet earth that coincide with ' the' CELESTIAL OBJECT' ( THESE ARE ALL CREDIBLE SOURCES' not' CONSPIRACY WEBSITES' ) - there is actually LOTS of documentation discussing the' fact that' this ' object has perturbed much of the solar system ( even the moon , gravitational anomilies the planets ) but also disturbed' debri ( asteroids, comets, meteors) from the Oort cloud, Saturn and Jupiter USED to be a barrier but not anymore, I have MORE of these just wanted you to see' a couple'

    Periodic mass extinctions and the Planet X model reconsidered
    Whitmire, Daniel P.
    AA(Department of Mathematics, The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, Volume 455, Issue 1, p.L114-L117 (MNRAS Homepage)
    Publication Date:
    Astronomy Keywords:
    astrobiology, comets: general, Kuiper belt: general, Earth
    Abstract Copyright:
    2015 The Author Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Bibliographic Code:

    The 27 Myr period in the fossil extinction record has been confirmed in modern data bases dating back 500 Myr, which is twice the time interval of the original analysis from 30 years ago. The surprising regularity of this period has been used to reject the Nemesis model. A second model based on the Sun's vertical Galactic oscillations has been challenged on the basis of an inconsistency in period and phasing. The third astronomical model originally proposed to explain the periodicity is the Planet X model in which the period is associated with the perihelion precession of the inclined orbit of a trans-Neptunian planet. Recently, and unrelated to mass extinctions, a trans-Neptunian super-Earth planet has been proposed to explain the observation that the inner Oort cloud objects Sedna and 2012VP113 have perihelia that lie near the ecliptic plane. In this Letter, we reconsider the Planet X model in light of the confluence of the modern palaeontological and outer Solar system dynamical evidence.

    Are periodic mass extinctions driven by a distant solar companion?
    Whitmire, D. P.; Jackson, A. A.
    AA(Southwestern Louisiana, University, Lafayette, LA), AB(Computer Sciences Corp., Houston, TX)
    Nature (ISSN 0028-0836), vol. 308, April 19, 1984, p. 713-715. (Nature Homepage)
    Publication Date:
    Astronomy; Miscellaneous

    Bibliographic Code:

    A model in which the 26-Myr mass extinction cycle of Raup and Sepkoski (1984) is associated with the orbital period of a solar companion star is investigated. The required semi-major axis is about 88,000 A.U., or 1.4 light year. Its highly eccentric orbit (e greater than about 0.9) periodically brings the companion into the dense inner region of the comet cloud where it perturbs the orbits of large numbers of comets, initiating an intense comet shower in the solar system which results in several terrestrial impacts of a period of 100,000 to a million years. The companion probably has a mass in the black dwarf range of 0.0002 to 0.07 solar masses, depending on its eccentricity and the density distribution of comets in the inner cloud, and is potentially observable in the infrared.

    1. If you want to publish your findings on The Big Wobble contact me here

    2. SURE, will do, ( just don't have time right now, BUT I ABSOLUTELY WILL, I am glad to have found this website, I have found that' nobody on youtube or in the truth community is really doing any viable research especially on the subjects you're tapping into I SO APPRECIATE ALL THE EFFORT!!! I HAVE lots of research on many of these subjects - once you see how manyt research documents state how these mass extinctions' GO along with all of this, it's staggering ' actually!! THANK YOU FOR RESPONDING'

  2. Constraints on the location of a putative distant massive body in the Solar System from recent planetary data
    Iorio, Lorenzo
    AA(Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca (M.I.U.R.)-Istruzione; Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (F.R.A.S.), International Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics, Einstein-Galilei)
    Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy, Volume 112, Issue 2, pp.117-130 (CeMDA Homepage)
    Publication Date:
    Abstract Copyright:
    (c) 2012: Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
    Bibliographic Code:

    We analytically work out the long-term variations caused on the motion of a planet orbiting a star by a very distant, pointlike massive object X. Apart from the semi-major axis a, all the other Keplerian osculating orbital elements experience long-term variations which are complicated functions of the orbital configurations of both the planet itself and of X. We infer constraints on the minimum distance d X at which X may exist by comparing our prediction of the long-term variation of the longitude of the perihelion {\varpi} to the latest empirical determinations of the corrections {Deltadot\varpi} to the standard Newtonian/Einsteinian secular precessions of several solar system planets recently estimated by independent teams of astronomers. We obtain the following approximate lower bounds on d X for the assumed masses of X quoted in brackets: 150-200 au (Mars), 250-450 au ({0.7 m_{oplus}}), 3500-4500 au (4 m Jup).
    Evidence for a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System
    Batygin, Konstantin; Brown, Michael E.
    AA(Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA), AB(Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA)
    The Astronomical Journal, Volume 151, Issue 2, article id. 22, 12 pp. (2016). (AJ Homepage)
    Publication Date:
    Bibliographic Code:

    Recent analyses have shown that distant orbits within the scattered disk population of the Kuiper Belt exhibit an unexpected clustering in their respective arguments of perihelion. While several hypotheses have been put forward to explain this alignment, to date, a theoretical model that can successfully account for the observations remains elusive. In this work we show that the orbits of distant Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs) cluster not only in argument of perihelion, but also in physical space. We demonstrate that the perihelion positions and orbital planes of the objects are tightly confined and that such a clustering has only a probability of 0.007% to be due to chance, thus requiring a dynamical origin. We find that the observed orbital alignment can be maintained by a distant eccentric planet with mass ≳10 m⊕ whose orbit lies in approximately the same plane as those of the distant KBOs, but whose perihelion is 180° away from the perihelia of the minor bodies. In addition to accounting for the observed orbital alignment, the existence of such a planet naturally explains the presence of high-perihelion Sedna-like objects, as well as the known collection of high semimajor axis objects with inclinations between 60° and 150° whose origin was previously unclear. Continued analysis of both distant and highly inclined outer solar system objects provides the opportunity for testing our hypothesis as well as further constraining the orbital elements and mass of the distant planet.

  3. have not seen anything from you for quite a while... hope every thing is ok with you. miss your posts

  4. Will your site return or be updated? I really miss it. I wish you all the best, God bless and keep you and your family always.

  5. Yes it will Green Sleeves, thanks we are all fine.

    1. How much this affects the wobble, I don't know, but there are spirals of less gravity than the norm on the face of the earth. The two I am most sure of are at Giza and in Florida. The Egyptian one passes directly through the peaks of the three main pyramids and its less gravity drew up the Giza area to make it into a plateau. The one in this hemisphere starts at Corkscrew Marsh; as it gets larger it goes through Corals Castle and over the keys, which it caused to form. the reason why these islands aren't perfectly on the golden-mean spiral is due to local tides and currents. See, the once and future, and My e-mail is

  6. Gary
    Very nice interview with Caroline Rosen. You hit on so many climate CHANGED talking points. I am glad I have been researching and reading about these things for close to 20 years now. Things I may have thought to be conspiracy falsehoods or fearmongering in the 90's I see daily now. I do miss your videos where you narrate through the events. I noted that you were gone awhile and quite worried you had been taken down or ill. Glad to hear you are alive. Take care And God bless

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  9. RE: Carol Rosin Radio Show January 27th, 2017
    RE: Cause of the Earth Changes, Animal Extinctions, Etc.

    Hi Gary,

    I have followed The Big Wobble for years.

    In all the discussions I've listened to online over the years, I've not heard anyone consider that what could be happening is:

    1) A normal physical, spiritual growth/evolution process for the Earth. One that needs to take place, has happened many times before & is cyclical. And, rather than agonizing over it & trying to stop it, we need to put our energy into figuring out how to help each other best deal with it & prepare our Souls/Spirits for what's to come.


    2) Maybe this is part of a cleanup/correction/rebalancing process for the damage we've done to Mother Earth.

    For us this is crisis & catastrophe, but considering that ALL life, plants/animals/humans, is Spiritual (ie. eternal), maybe, from billions of years' perspective, this is all in a day's work for Mother Earth, so to speak.

    Thanx for all your great work!

    Much Love,
    Cynthia Miko
    PEI, Canada

    1. Hi Cynthia
      Thanks, I would totaly agree if everything I report was natural, however so much of the chaos on our planet right know is NOT NATURAL but man made, we not nature are destroying the planet

  10. thank you for the emails i now get from the big wobble about the disturbances around the world - both 'man-made' and 'natural'

    and as i do not think of 'mother' earth - but earth - surely tis we who gender things which aren't and ignore real gender when it is!

    but we, humans, do something and it effects the earth - but everything effects everything - tis all connected surely?
    so if we evolved here surely we are part of the 'everything' - and what we do is 'natural' too?

    and 'we' argue with ourselves, and each other, over how to live - whilst gobblng up this little mantle that we live on and dumping anything we don't need

    seemingly forgetting that fairly close, only miles(!) down there is some kinda rolling 'heat', 'energy', '?', that would gobble me up - if i got in the way!! hahahaha!
    puny human

    we seem to pattern stuff to understand it and until we've made a pattern, named it, made up a whole science (present day accepted logic) of it, we just keep playing with the edges of it, through our ego

    nature creates and destroys!

    don't ya think it's mad being alive as a conscious human being?

  11. The bible says "we will be destroyed from within",meaning ,we will destroy ourselves ,and that's exactly whats happening.

  12. I can tell you that in Canada, the fisheries industry around Prince Rupert is dead. Last year was the green slime that screwed up nets so badly it wasn't cost efficient to clean them. This year I can tell you the Cdn government knows the Pac NW is dead and they will most likely close the Skeena River Fisheries, which is huge. The value in Canada of commercial licences has fallen so as to not have any value. God's speed all

  13. Hey, this is from a reader in N. Carolina USA, I appreciate your news! Just wanted to express encouragement. For the truth,

  14. Hi I am subscribed to your posts, but they are not coming anymore. Not sure why. I updated my Mac computer with High Sierra, so perhaps that may be why. I would love to receive your emails again, thank you!

  15. Here’s your answer to the “mysterious” kangaroo apocalypse.

  16. The Mayon volcano is in the Philippines (Luzon south of Manila).

  17. Dear Gary Walton,

    I have been following USGS data on earthquakes for few years and only recently noticed your blogpost The Big Wobble. Since my focus is earthquakes, your posts on earthquakes are admirable. Keep up the good work.

    My interest in following earthquakes must come from my 'Geology of The World' lecturer, an Indian national Professor at my local university, Univ of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He taught us in my Geology classes circa 1981/82 till 1984/85 until my graduation in 1985.

    I did not get any work in the field of Geology because in 1985 there were widespread recession in Malaysia. I end up working in the marketing line.

    But what caught me by surprise was in one of my lecturer's statement : 'You will find one day in your lifetime waves @ tsunamis coming from the sea as high as the coconut trees! I will not see that coz I may not be around by then'. He was in his late 60's when he taught us then.

    2004 Sumatra Tsunami WAS the wake-up call for me to this statement by my lecturer and the Japan Tsunami @ Fukushima and the later ones proved true what my lecturer has said in 1984/5. I wasn't sure if he is still alive to witness these Tsunamis.

    And the other reason why I am focussing on earthquakes is religious in nature. As a muslim, the 2004 tsunami opened my conscience to the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) called the study of Al Hadiths (sayings of prophet Muhammad). He has mentioned at the endtime, there will be 3 earth-moving occassion which will cause mass sufferings. 1) At the East 2) At the West and 3) In the Arabian Peninsular.

    My study of natural disasters in relation to earth-moving @ earthquakes boils down to the 2004 Sumatra tsunami which claimed 200,000+ deaths around the vast Indian Ocean. There is no other such disaster comparable to this event in our lifetime at endtime.

    My further study of world earthquakes past and recent points to the region called the Cascadia Subduction Zone of western coast of North America. This fault zone is joined to the Alaskan Bay and mountains in the north and the San Andreas Fault to the south. This region is the hotbed of The Western One as mentioned by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This is my observation, study and conclusion. The trend of earthquakes from Alaska to Central America and extends to the South America is very telling.

    This is a difficult conclusion to make especially knowing the millions of inhabitants living along the many cities along the western coast of North America.

  18. Dear Gary Walton,

    I am also doing deep study of Islamic Eschatology and it explained many events and occurances past and present and even on the future. This is indeed an eye popping experience for us to explain the reality of the world around us. I try to touch on this topic in relation to the reality of the world that we are living now....already in the endtimes.

    Religious matter is specific in lingo and sometimes my English may not be able to perfectly translate the actual religious meaning. If there are any interests I will try to write where possible. But if there are open rejection I am not that keen to debate.

    I hope there are some mature interests out there to share informations/opinions openly.

    1. Dear aziz, your English is wonderful, as a Christian, the whole idea behind The Big Wobble, is to follow "the end times" as mentioned of in the Bible, may I say aziz, how lucky we are to be able to witness these fantastic, if tragic events around the globe.

    2. Dear Gary, I am not too sure to agree with be lucky? (haha).

      Indeed we are living in the era of the end-times. No doubt about it. And we will start to witness (if we are still alive) the 'countdown events' unfolding within the next approximately 10-20 years....the first part of an approximately '3-part series'......[Always remember only God The Almighty knows best!].

  19. Dear Gary,

    I am on a personal mission actually. I intend to scout around and find, identify and befriend such Christians as those defined in this verse of Islam's holy book, The Quran @ Koran. This is verse 82, from Chapter 5 (The Table @ Al Ma'idah) as follows :

    "Surely You will find the most hostile of all people towards the faithful to be the Jews and the polytheists, and surely you will find the nearest of them in affection to the faithful to be those who say ‘We are Christians.’ That is because there are priests and monks among them, and because they are not arrogant".

    This verse is supremely important at this end-times because it will define the upcoming reaching out and eventual cooperation of peoples of truth (the faithfuls). This interaction of the faithfuls must overcome all forms of animosities (past, present and future) on any matter be it religious, race, creed, colour, nations, regions.

    Who actually are those referred to as who call themselves 'We are Christians' as mentioned by God The Almighty in this Book (The Quran @ Koran) of His? He has identify those Christians as i) They have priests and monks amongst them and ii) They are not arrogant.

    This is my personal mission and I am hoping you or those friends of yours OR your current subscribers to this blogspot, TBW who are interested to reach out with me. I hope this honest and sincere request will be reciprocated by alike and open minded selves.

    Thank you and May God Almighty bless us all.

  20. Replies
    1. Gary, I am hopeful they will. What about you? Aren't you?

      My contention about the eventual good reaching out, relationship, interaction and cooperation between the faithfuls among Muslims, Christians and even the Jewish peoples must start now. We cannot look back and hold dearly on all issues that separates us. Aren't we call ourselves the faithfuls?

      To start the ball rolling, we should look forward when all of us in our own way believed upon the upcoming return of Jesus son of Mary. What will happen when he makes his physical appearance amongst us man on earth?

      These are some basic questions that we should be thinking off:

      Are we going to fight amongst us to have an exclusive 'ownership and control' of him?
      With which 'group' will he wholly align himself with?
      Will he align himself exclusively with only the Christians?
      If that is the case, which group of Christians will be his acceptable ones?
      Will he totally reject ALL non Christians?
      Since he is a Jew, how will the Jews accept him?
      Will they dare to accept him after what has been done onto him?

      On a lighter note, a muslim clergy once asked us.

      How will he travel?
      How will he pays for his tickets?
      Will he carry cash or a credit card?
      If cash which currency will that be? The US Dollar perhaps?
      If credit card, an American Express perhaps?

      One thing I am sure. When he comes back this world will not be the same as what we are having and living in now. For sure the vast war (called The Armageddon by Christians and The Al Malhamah by muslims) will change the face of the earth. The balance of power will be tilted to a new group of peoples. Who are they? Where are they then? Where are they now? Whatever will happen to all those who are controlling the world today? Both the so-called right or left leanings.

      Can we comprehend answers to few if not all of these questions? These are questions that flowed from my mind while I am writing. Surely there will be more questions if we all put our heads together.

      I must admit some I fairly know but admittingly not all the answers.

      Any takers to answer?
      Or to further ask?

  21. But of course aziz, the very idea of The Big Wobble is just that, to reach out to people of all faiths and warn them of their predicament. I found so many prophecies in the Bible, regarding the so called last generation, us, in other words that I decided to document "these times" and warn as many people as I can in the process. As for who are the chosen ones, only God and his Son Jesus Christ can read a man's heart and as mankind are all sinners, no man can comprehend who will survive Armageddon or who will be given eternal life after the resurrection, we can however hope.

    1. Thanks Gary for this reply. Actually after writing and sending to this blog, I started to have self doubt. Are my writings out of place? Maybe it is not suitable and is not acceptable in this blog!

      FYI I have often written to many Christian-leaning blogs but often rejected. I know there is marked difference in religious theology between Islam and Christian but my quest to find those peoples known as "We are Christians" as mentioned by The Almighty in that above verse (Chapter 5, verse 82) persists.

      I hoped we are open for interaction and discussions.

    2. You will always be welcome here aziz and thanks for the input

    3. Thank you Gary. My search have been fruitful here.

      I will contribute positively on some points or ideas in this open forum of yours. I will also make some updates and observations on the ongoing worldwide earthquakes.

  22. How do we relate earthquakes to faith in God?

    Earthquakes are ONE of the many natural disasters that befall man on earth and it is one disaster that stands alone by itself. Basically, all other disasters are related to so-called climate change unlike earthquakes. By far it is the most powerful natural disasters that consume most man through times.

    Refer to the List of natural disasters by death toll by wikipaedia

    While climate change-causing natural disasters are related to man-made activities, earthquakes are not. This is solely His's. A friend of mine a geologist in Oil n Gas operations just sent a video of Geopressure happening in Aceh, Sumatra.

    Deep earth activities and movements are dynamic forces due to relative flow of our earth crust above the liquid and fluid earth mantle. So no one can be sure where and where the next activity will strike....only upon His's knowledge.

    While occurrences of natural disasters that are related with climate-change intensified by the day, so too are earthquakes. When we say it is 'natural disaster', we seldom relate it to this 'owner' of this multiverse (not just our own universe!). We just conveniently forgets Him! He IS THE only ONE God The Almighty.

    Among the last verses that was conveyed by The Almighty to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prior to his death is related to a warning by The Almighty on man.......that He and His Prophet waged WAR on those who are consuming USURY. Refer to Quran, Chapter 2 verse 278 below:

    "O you who have faith! Be wary of Allah, and abandon [all claims to] what remains of usury, should you be faithful."

    Who are those who have faith?
    Should you be faithful?

    Most man say they have faith but almost all of mankind today irrespective of religion, race, region, color, creed are engulfed in usury related, financing, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment.....all industries involving monetary economics are usury-based.

    And what is usury? According to Cambridge Dictionary (English), usury is "the activity of lending someone money with the agreement that they will pay back a very much larger amount of money later"

    And this is the matter that He has warned all those who have faith that He and His Prophet will wage war on. And His best 'weapon' is His's stand alone one.....the earthquakes.

    The above verse among His last is not given without due reason I reckon. Indeed earthquakes are related to faith in Him! And not just a random natural happenings.....This is my humble opinion.

  23. Job 12:6-10
    6 The tents of robbers are at peace,
    And those who provoke God are secure,
    Those who have their god in their hands.
    7 However, ask, please, the animals, and they will instruct you;
    Also the birds of the heavens, and they will tell you.
    8 Or give consideration to the earth, and it will instruct you;
    And the fish of the sea will declare it to you.
    9 Who among all these does not know
    That the hand of Jehovah has done this?
    10 In his hand is the life of every living thing
    And the spirit of every human

  24. I am viewing the website disasters

    Worth to view the economic impact especially caused by earthquake in 2011. Also view

    If we noticed, the economic effect rose from the 1940's onwards......the year where USURY took root. (establishment of The Bretton Woods Monetary System after the end of the second world war).

  25. After the establishment of Bretton Woods Monetary System what happened next?

    The west (as owners of the system) made an about turn. Through Pres Richard Nixon, he erased the system single-handedly. (The USD 35 exchangeable for per ounce of gold was abolished in one fine Sunday in early 1970's). The creation of the USD as a FIAT money came into effect!

    Then in 1973, the Petro Dollar came into existence.

    Today, the west are enjoying this financial arrangement at the expense of all other mankind. And USURY is the backbone of this financial system.

    And Almighty GOD as HE has promised is waging war on the benefactors of the system. They (the wests) in turn further tighten their grip on all of mankind. How? IMF, World Bank, ECB and endless TRILLIONS printed via many QE's

    Hence today, Israel had a WALL
    Trump needs more funds to build the Mexico-border wall
    Europe has to use Turkey, Libya to control the flow of unwanted colored peoples.


    This is the question that Christians west must sincerely answers. Don't just enjoy the benefits of the ill gotten gains through Bretton Woods-Petro Dollar farce.

    It is inhumane
    It is utter disgusting
    While HE unleash more frequent and more intense NATURAL DISASTERS.....

    Has the ordinary (Christians?) citizens of the 'western hemisphere' awake?

  26. I am awaiting the voices of those who says 'We are Christians'.


  27. aziz, why are you using The Big Wobble to promote Islam, this is not the place to spread your hate of the West, I am a Christian, don't come on here telling people what is inhumane, how you insult Europe, were I live, which has helped millions of Muslim refugees, while the mighty Iran and the wealthy Saudi's turned their back on their own people. Don't insult little Israel, who built a wall to stop Muslim terrorists coming over the border to kill Jews, as Hamas and Hezbullah hide rockets and weapons under schools and hospitals. I'll tell you something about the PEOPLE of West, they have opened their arms to the poor Muslim, fed them and clothed them just as good Christians should, while sneaky cowards hiding among the good Muslim people terrorise and kill the good people who helped them. True Christians believe in love and understanding, which reading what you have written above, you don't have, aziz, you post anymore hate on here and I will delete it.

  28. Thank you Gary for being frank. I love that. Thank you friend.

    If you so wished, please delete all that I have opined. I don't and won't feel angry or disappointed.

    Whilst my search for the true Christians continues.

    May be one fine day in the immediate future we will 'meet' again. You can write to me and I will communicate with you openly then.

    By then on that fine day, you will realize that there is no hate in what I have written. When?

    When Jesus Son of Mary returns. He will turn the tables on USURY again just like what he had done on those money-lenders then.

    He is one of God's Prophet that wage war on USURY already then. He will do it again albeit more ferocious until USURY and those benefactors are swept clean.

    He will then establish the truth again as what God Almighty ordained on mankind.

    Thank you again Gary. You can delete all that was written.

    1. Aziz, your comments have been interesting, and I hope Gary does not delete them. Believe it or not, we do not consider ourselves polytheists. Our sacred writings (Deuteronomy 6:4) tell us Jehovah, our God, is One. This is not something we understand nor can we explain it, but we worship one God. This is also evidenced in Isaiah 9:6, which gives us three names for the Mighty God: Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. Hope that helps. :)

    2. Any by the way, usury is against the law here in the US. When Jesus returns, He will be judging sin. Usury is certainly sin, but it's not the only one. He will also be judging lust, adultery, theft, hatred, murder, liars, greed, envy, and even the sin of knowing to do right and not doing it. Not a single person will pass the test. Even so, there is still Hope. If you are interested to know what that Hope is, please let me know, and I would be happy to tell you from the very beginning.

  29. That first word should have been "And".