Thursday, 11 February 2016

The third massive fish die off in less than a year involving tons of species along Uruguayan beaches blamed on Algal blooms

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The third massive fish die off in less than a year involving tons of species along Uruguayan beaches blamed on Algal blooms
Last March more than 200 tons of dead fish washed up fouling up more than 60 kilometers of Uruguayan beaches, experts never found a cause.
Less than a year later it's happened again...
Translated from Spanish.
The National Directorate of Aquatic Resources (DINARA) studied the appearance of dead fish in Ramirez and Malvín beaches.
According to reports the fish appear to be shad, a species very common freshwater rivers Uruguay.
In December 2015 there was another large fish kills that appeared on the coast of Montevideo and Canelones.
In that instance the dead fish were recognised as Lacha, a marine fish used for bait for their low commercial value.
Cyanobacteria is being blamed for the most recent die off, Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) are microorganisms that structurally resemble bacteria and can be harmful to humans and animals.
Algal blooms, also known as "blooms" are events multiplication and accumulation of microalgae living free in aquatic systems, or phytoplankton.


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