Sunday, 14 February 2016

On the brink of WWIII: Syrian crisis "draws everyone taking part in it into a war" Russian PM warns of world war if troops sent in

Photo Saudi troops on stanby
The world inches ever closer to WWIII this weekend as the Syrian government has confirmed that its army positions were targeted by Turkish shelling on Saturday, which also hit the positions of the Syrian Kurdish militias in the northern Aleppo province.
Turkish shelling reportedly continued Sunday.
The Syrian government has condemned the Turkish shelling of Syrian territory and described it as direct support for "terrorist" groups, Syrian state media reported Sunday, citing a letter to the United Nations reports RT
Washington has called on Turkey to cease massive artillery fire on Kurdish targets near the city of Azaz in northwest Syria, including an air base recently retaken from Islamist rebels, and to “deescalate tensions on all sides.”
Meanwhile Saudi fighter jets are deployed to Turkey's Incirlik base....
Saudi Arabia has sent warplanes to NATO-member Turkey's Incirlik air base for the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, according to a Turkish official.
Saudi troops are also said to be on stanby.
Earlier this month, Riyadh said it is prepared to deploy ground troops to Syria to fight ISIL if US-led coalition leaders agree to the offer.
Russia warned last week that foreign troops sent into the nearly five-year Syrian conflict could ignite a world war.
Medvedev was quoted as saying in an interview published late on Thursday by the German newspaper Handelsblatt that "a ground operation draws everyone taking part in it into a war".
When asked about a recent proposal from Saudi Arabia to send ground troops into Syria, the Russian prime minister answered that "the Americans and our Arab partners must consider whether or not they want a permanent war".
Al Jazeera's Rory Challands, reporting from Moscow, said Medvedev's comments were an explicit warning to the United States and its regional allies, including Saudi Arabia.
"He basically told them to back off on sending troops because if they did, this might result in WWIII.


Jeannie Kezlan said...

More than 200 dead sea turtles have washed ashore on the Costa Grande in Gro. Mexico in the past few days.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks Jeannie, I'll check it out!

Gary Walton said...

Do you mean this Jeannie?

Lizzie Sangi said...

How wonderful is new technology? The entire world can watch the "war" in real time. When it finally comes down to the wire, virtually no one will be left out, we can see the annihilation of earth, space and time, in real time; from cell phones all over the world. Thaz something to look forward to...

Gary Walton said...

Thats the spirit Lizzie!