Monday, 11 January 2016

Unusual never before seen tiny jellyfish-like creatures spotted in the waters off Queensland Australia this weekend

An extremely rare event has been reported over the weekend along the Queensland beaches, millions of previously never before seen tiny jellyfish-like creatures were spotted by locals in the water.
Lifesavers on duty Saturday fielded plenty of questions from intrigued beachgoers about the rare event.
Surf Life Saving Queensland regional operations manager Craig Holden said the organisms were reported at both Kelly's Beach and Nielson Park Beach in very large numbers on Saturday.
However by Sunday, there were much lower numbers of the tiny, clear, match head sized objects in the water.
For swimmer Hayley Nissen it was the first time she's ever experienced anything like it.
Miss Nissen described the sensation as feeling as though she was "swimming in sago" and felt the marine creatures hit her legs as she entered the water.
First she thought it was just sand.
"I put my hands in the surf and pulled up about 10-12 tiny jellyfish type things in each hand," she said.
"They didn't sting but I felt a tingling sensation on my lips when I went under the water."
A life saver on duty at Kelly's Beach on Saturday said he'd never seen the creatures in the water here but had seen something similar at a number of Indonesian beaches.
"People were asking questions.
You could scoop them up in your hands there were that many of them.
"We were training at Nielson's yesterday (Saturday) and they were in your mouth.
"I'm not sure if they were baby jellyfish or something else.
They are that small it's very hard to tell exactly what they are."
Mr Holden said he could only guess why they were here and how long they'd stay.
"Maybe it was rough seas on Tuesday," he said.
"I don't know how long they are going to hang around for...there's still are a few floating around."


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