Friday, 22 January 2016

More whale deaths along the west coast! 7 dead whales found on coast of Baja California Sur: Malnutrition blamed by experts

It's been a bad start to the year for whales around the world along with the 7 dead on the Mexican coast, 13 sperm whales died on the Dutch and German coast last week and 45 dead whales washed up on the Indian coast....
Probably more than 100,000 sea birds have died along the coast of Alaska and thousands of squid have washed up dead along the coast of Chile all after a report stating 70% of our sea birds and 75% of the worlds fish are now depleted:
No fish left in our oceans by the year 2048 NOAA:

Seven dead beached whales were found in different parts of the Laguna Ojo de Liebre, located in the municipality of Baja California Sur.
According to the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa), six calves and one youth were found dead and already had an advanced state of decomposition.
 The gray whales were located in tours surveillance carried out by staff of the Profepa, to monitor the whales during breeding season, in coordination with the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) and the Department of Ecology Exportadora.
Specialists from Profepa in Baja California and the CONANP, said the death of the copies was from natural causes and that this is an extraordinary situation not presented every year at the beginning of the breeding season.
This is because in the breeding area of ​​gray whale calves are commonly lost or are abandoned by the mother, and receiving no food die, as the calves consume around 200 liters of breast milk per day.
In January last year, Profepa reported finding 14 bodies of gray whales within the Laguna Ojo de Liebre, while in 2014 12 deaths.
7 specimens found stranded Tuesday representing 1.19% of the population of the species in the lagoon Ojo hare, according to Profepa.
None of the whales were found with lacerations or wounds caused by boats or fishing; only skin scrapings were observed caused by friction with the surface during the stranding.
The bodies were kept in the same location of the find, as they are in uninhabited areas and can compose naturally with no risks to public health.
Also part of the food chain, defined as the flow of energy and nutrients that is established between the various species of an ecosystem in relation to nutrition.


The 13 dead sperm whales off the Dutch and German coast this week were perfectly healthy and not starving as first reported...250 years since so many whales died off the Dutch coast!

12 beached sperm whales die in week of carnage on Dutch and German coast

At least 45 whales died after a group of 81 washed ashore in Tamil Nadu India: Underwater disturbance... earthquake or volcano thought responsible.

70% of our sea birds and 75% of the worlds fish are now depleted: No fish left in our oceans by the year 2048 NOAA: Carnage along the west coast exploding since 2011

Alaskan bird die off update: "The number is totally off the charts!" Nearly 10,000 dead murres on a 1-mile stretch of beach along with hundreds of dead star fish...Lack of food blamed

The death of more than 100,000 common murres on the west coast of America blamed on El-Nino even though die off reports started last April!

It could be tens of thousands.....Nearly 10,000 common murres found dead on an Alaskan beach on the first week of 2016


Bradley Dueringer said...

El-Níno my as_ this all started, the mass die offs, after Fukushima. The scientists involved will have a really bad legacy when viewed in the future after its undeniable that Fukushima was the cause and they would not even consider it as a possibility..... Humans care more about money than their fellow man or anything else.

Anonymous said...

And alas we still do not get to protect the enviroment. But alot of humans dont care much for self these days. To brain washed.

Gary Walton said...

It's too complicated to blame just Fukushima, many things are killing the fish

maidservantofyahweh said...

Shalom to you,
Fukushima, the methane gas leak, the fires, the looming "Big One" - can't we see what is going on??? This is so serious, we can't close our eyes. A lot of food comes out of the West Coast - organic anybody?

The West Coast disaster, calamity, warning:

The most important thing to do? Getting right with your Maker and listen to HIS voice through His only begotten Son Yeshua/Jesus.

Blessed greetings to you Gary and your readers.

Gary Walton said...

Thankyou maidservantofyahweh