Saturday, 9 January 2016

A village in the UK endures 75 days’ rain record with more rain on the way...Sheep are developing wool rot!

This winter has been the wettest ever in the UK but spare a thought for one village in Wales.
The village name is Eglwyswrw – pronounced Eglis Oo Roo and is home to 700 Welshmen and it started raining there on October the 26th last year and it hasn't stopped since....
The unlucky people who live there have endured downpours for 75 days in a row and with more rain forecast it doesn't look like it will stop anytime soon!
It is the longest spell of rain in Britain for 92 years.
Locals are becoming miserable with the constant grey skies and rain, the two pubs have been closed down and the local sheep farmers are worried because the animals are developing wool rot.
The longest rainy spell of at least 0.2mm every 24 hours was 89 days in 1923, at Eallabus, on Islay, off north-west Scotland.
Further north the relentless rain caused further flooding on the east coast of Scotland yesterday, Aberdeen was the latest city to be flooded in the UK this winter after the river Don bursts it's banks.
Once again water levels reached record highs in yet another disastrous winter for UK residents.


More record warm! It should be around -30C (-22F) but at +1°C (39F) The North Pole was warmer than some major cities in Europe and the US yesterday!

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