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70% of our sea birds and 75% of the worlds fish are now depleted: No fish left in our oceans by the year 2048 NOAA: Carnage along the west coast exploding since 2011

By Gary Walton
Thousands of starving and dead seabirds have been shored up along the coast of Alaska, prompting scientists to investigate the unusually high mortality rate of one of the Arctic's most abundant birds. Around 8,000 dead common murres were found last week on a one-mile stretch of beach, 60 miles south of Anchorage, the true amount is thought to be more than 100,000.
The common murres have been found starving, too weak to fly, and have come inland to forage nearer the coast.
After examining around 100 carcasses, scientists said there has been no evidence of pollution or disease, but rather the birds were emaciated - they had no stomach contents or body fat.
Higher than usual mortality rates have also affected marine life by the billion, fish, sea otters, fur seals, whales, crabs, dolphins, walrus, lobster, mussels, starfish, turtles and many more have been dying in alarming numbers along the coastal waters of north America.
Dead birds and sea animals have been found along the the north American coast from Mexico to Alaska since March last year say the scientists but the death of marine animals have been increasing along the coast since 2011.
A press release from the USFWS Alaska Migratory Bird Management said that the "die-offs of the little birds is unusually large" and is likely to be related to the warmer than usual sea temperatures and El Nino weather phenomena.
El-Nino is the latest of many explanations given for the unprecedented loss of marine life along the coast, in the past experts have blamed :-  Cold water, a lack of food, an enormous toxic algae bloom stretching from Alaska to Mexico, a massive methane leak in the Pacific, US underwater weapon testing, and sea quakes.
The name Fukushima which is on most peoples lips is never mentioned by the media, government or the experts, even though between 300 and 800 tonnes of Cesium-134 has leaked into the Pacific every day since the disaster struck in 2011.
Indeed, scientists last year recorded radiation levels 50 times higher than normal along parts of the west coast.
A government funded scientist Ken Buesseler of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution claims the amounts are perfectly safe, what he doesn't say is, if the stricken nuclear plant keeps leaking radiation, which it is, the amounts will keep rising.
Maybe the reason is not Fukushima, I don't have any evidence to say it is but....The world environment organisations are not telling us the truth for fear of losing funding.
Fukushima or not, 75% of the worlds fish are now depleted, these numbers cannot be reversed, for instance, for every pound of fish caught on this planet, five pound of untargeted species are trapped in nets, turtles, whales and sharks don't stand a chance, 40 to 50 million sharks a year are killed this way.
Our oceans are close to collapse, NOAA are claiming there will be no fish left in the oceans by the year 2048.
Last year 30 billion animals were taken out of the worlds oceans, it can't recover, fish don't multiply that quick.
Back to the west coast of north America, I have done some basic research, since 2011 I have been able to find 140 reports of marine life die offs along the west coast, 20 of them were sea bird deaths and 120, fish, whales, dolphins etc.
In 2011, the year of the Fukushima disaster I found 8 reports of marine life die offs along the west coast.
In 2012, I found 9 marine life die off reports and 2 sea bird die offs.
In 2013 I found a further 21 marine life die offs and another 2 sea bird die offs.
In 2014 I found 31 recorded marine life die off and a further 2 sea bird die offs.
In 2015 a massive 48 recorded marine life die offs along with 14 recorded sea bird die offs, and a very disturbing find further south where a record 337 dead whales were found along a small part of the coast of Chile.
At the beginning of 2016 8,000 common murres have been found dead along a 1 mile stretch of coast in Alaska, the real death toll is thought to be more than 100,000, so even with my meagre attempt at research it's easy to see that since the Fukushima disaster the problem has increased enormously but a very powerful El-Nino event has also warmed up the East Pacific, however with the El-Nino event set to end this winter it will be interesting to see if the deaths continue.

There are about 2.8 million breeding common murres in 230 Alaska colonies, with a worldwide population of 13 to 20.7 million birds.
The monitored seabird populations of our world have dropped 70 percent since the 1950s, a loss of around 250 million birds in 60 years, or more than four million a year.

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Alaskan bird die off update: "The number is totally off the charts!" Nearly 10,000 dead murres on a 1-mile stretch of beach along with hundreds of dead star fish...Lack of food blamed

The death of more than 100,000 common murres on the west coast of America blamed on El-Nino even though die off reports started last April!

It could be tens of thousands.....Nearly 10,000 common murres found dead on an Alaskan beach on the first week of 2016


Anonymous said...

The people on the west coast of the United States will not believe the radiation issue until their skin starts to slide off.

Gary Walton said...

And the rest of the world will not believe in the fish depletion untill there are no fish left!

DAvid said...

SAd but true. I've said that when the 2 headed salmon shows up people will wake up. THis year's salmon run was horrific, incomes and industries smashed. IN the north a strange green slime clogged all nets at -drift and seine - and made it impossible for fisherman to even stay out there.

God's speed all

TheStarseer said...

In your article you state, "even though nearly a thousand tonnes of Cesium-134 has leaked into the Pacific every day since the disaster struck in 2011."
This is ridiculous. Get your facts straight before you publish if you want to be taken seriously.

Gary Walton said...

“Radioactive Water From Fukushima Is Systematically Poisoning The Entire Pacific Ocean” (*), which claimed that every day and for 750 days (now over 800) tonnes of toxic materials have been pouring into the Pacific Ocean.

National Geographic has a more conservative view...The government now says it is clear that 300 tons (71,895 gallons/272,152 liters) are pouring into the sea each day, enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool every eight days.

Whole armor said...

The article says 300-800 tonnes. Why don't you repeat what he wrote correctly and maybe I will take you seriously. What references do you cite? I am curious about your answer.

Doc Boughton said...

Well there you go, classic Shill attack. Seen it over and over again. Shoot the watchman who dares to speak and yet if you go to those peoples sites such as Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, what do they post? Absolutely nothing that has any bearing on our world as it spins other than the bread and circus show they buy into. People can't think, won't think and they certainly won't do there own research. Spew bravo sierra all over rather than post a site they've researched to either refute or add to your message. It's called Cognitive's a plague and consuming people.

sharon fields said...

By swearing and lying, Killing and stealing and committing adultery, They break all restraint, With bloodshed upon bloodshed. Therefore the land will mourn; And everyone who dwells there will waste away With the beasts of the field And the birds of the air; Even the fish of the sea will be taken away.
Hosea 4:2-3 NKJV

bikeamtn said...

"Our oceans are close to collapse, NOAA are claiming there will be no fish left in the oceans by the year 2048."

I’ve looked for the statement quoted but could not find any. Please cite NOAA source.
Thank you

Gary Walton said...


Gary Walton said...