Tuesday, 19 January 2016

12 beached sperm whales die in week of carnage on Dutch and German coast

In what has been a devastating week for sperm whales along the Dutch island of Texel and the German islands of Wangerooge and Helgoland where 12 beached sperm whales have died in week of carnage on northern European coast.
Five sperm whales washed up on the shores of Texel on Tuesday night.
The two dead sperm whales which washed up on the German island of Wangerooge this week appeared to be starving as only small pieces of squid was found in the stomach when normally up to a hundred giant squid would be in the stomach of a sperm whale, according to the Dutch paleontologist Aart Walen.
"The sperm whales are probably hungry, and for a time lived on their own fat," said Walen.
There has not yet previously been a sperm whale washed ashore on Wangerooge.
Last week, five sperm whales stranded on the island of Texel.
The animals died later on the beach after several rescue attempts had failed.
Attempts were made to save them but had to be discontinued during the night due to weather conditions which made it impossible to move the giant mammals.
Marian Bestelink, a spokeswoman for the Dutch Economic Ministry, said: “Experts found that the whales died during the night.”
“We are going to investigate why they beached and then we will remove them,” Bestelink said Wednesday as cited by AFP, adding that the process would probably take several days.
The beaching of whales has always been a problem for Texel due to its geographical location, according to Gizmodo.
The water in the North Sea is extremely shallow which doesn’t allow the whales to fully make use of their sonar and so they can get lost or exhausted and wash up on a beach.
The clean-up operation has already begun on the island of Wangerooge.
"These whales have quite simply made a mistake," Thilo Maack, a marine biologist with Greenpeace, told German TV.
"They didn't pass Scotland but turned off into the North Sea.
That happens sometimes." It is the first time that so many whales have been beached in German waters, Maack added.
Before being taken away, the carcasses first need to be dissected to prevent explosion.
A buildup of gases in the whale’s body could cause the whale to explode if it is left lying there too long.
Male sperm whales are usually larger than the females. They can measure up to 20 metres long and weigh over 50 tons.
Earlier this week at least 45 whales died after a group of 81 washed ashore in Tamil Nadu India: Underwater disturbance... earthquake or volcano thought responsible.


At least 45 whales died after a group of 81 washed ashore in Tamil Nadu India: Underwater disturbance... earthquake or volcano thought responsible.

70% of our sea birds and 75% of the worlds fish are now depleted: No fish left in our oceans by the year 2048 NOAA: Carnage along the west coast exploding since 2011

Alaskan bird die off update: "The number is totally off the charts!" Nearly 10,000 dead murres on a 1-mile stretch of beach along with hundreds of dead star fish...Lack of food blamed

The death of more than 100,000 common murres on the west coast of America blamed on El-Nino even though die off reports started last April!

It could be tens of thousands.....Nearly 10,000 common murres found dead on an Alaskan beach on the first week of 2016


Unknown said...

With so many whales and sea birds found dead from starvation this may cause many to become extinct. You can't continue to overfish the seas like has been done for decades. The human race seems to think that the every mammal and fish, whale along with every other creature that lives in our seas will always be there to be fished out. This is a wake up call the fish are disappearing a lot sooner than 2050 I'll bet that the 70% is a lot higher than what was reported that have already disappeared because of over fishing with the large factory ships that drag nets that can scoop up tons and tons of fish including the smaller fish that seals and other mammals eat.

Gary Walton said...

Good point...the 70% has to be an estimate, it could be much much more

Anonymous said...

I wish it was just nature doing its course, but I fear it is man made weather modification using low frequency manipulation and over the horizon radar disrupting migration patterns of wildlife.

Think for a minute, a drug that humans take to block out emotions...depression medication or pain medication, it blocks nerve functions that send out and recieve frequency data to your brain in which tells you that something is not right. Take a simple ultra sound machine and hold it in one place and sooner or later, it will cause pain and either you move or you remove what is causing it. With all the artificial microwaves being carried along low frequency carriers it is any wonder that anyone can escape.

For anyone interested, study the life of Tesla and what he wrote and thought over 100 years ago when he made his patents. Then reflect on the Schumann resonces of the natural HUMM of the earth, then go to http://www.vlf.it/laurentian/livedata_laurentian.html to see what real time manipulation of those resonate frequencies are doing in real time

Unknown said...

Anonymous you may have something because no one knows what any of these governments or military is working on in top secret labs. The navy has been using high frequency sound waves in the oceans for years every time the public finds out about it groups try to stop it being done because of the damage to dolphins and whales inner ears rendering them impossible to navigate to find food. It causes their eardrums to burst.
The large blue whales that washed up dead appeared to be starving I have never heard of so many blue whales dying in such numbers before. There are not that many blue whales to begin with because as far as I know they never recovered from whaling. There is something going on and its not the weather.

Gary Walton said...

I posted this last year...The US Navy is wholly or part to blame for the whale, dolphin and sea mammals deaths in the Gulf, West and Eastern coasts claims Rear Adm. Kevin Slates.....http://www.thebigwobble.org/2015/11/the-us-navy-is-wholly-or-part-to-blame.html