Sunday, 20 December 2015

Millions of animals dead: 200 species of birds, mammals, fish, and other animals gone as Bolivia's second largest lake has all but disappeared due to drought!

Bolivia's second largest lake has all but disappeared entirely, underlining the urgency of conservation and carbon reductions to tackle climate change.
Bolivia's second largest lake has dried up with devastating impacts, proving that financial support from the European Union was not enough to save the high-altitude saltwater ecosystem of Bolivia's Lake Poopo prompting local authorities to declare a national disaster, local media reported Sunday. The governor of the Oruro province where the lake is located, Victor Hugo Vasquez, enacted a law to declare the situation a natural disaster.
The measure is aimed at speeding up the acquisition and use of funds to improve the disastrous situation, which affects the economy of the population in eight municipalities in the area.
South of La Paz at a height of over 12,000 feet in Bolivia's altiplano mountain region, the saltwater lake covered a surface area of over 750 square miles just two decades ago, but the government-declared "disaster zone" has reached crisis levels lakebed becomes as the increasingly parched.
Local media have reported that Lake Poopo, fed in part by Bolivia's largest lake Titicaca but increasingly under stress due to lengthy droughts, had been reduced to just three pools.
The shrivelling lake ecosystems has caused a mass die of millions of animals, according to research, and some 200 species of birds, mammals, fish, and other animals have disappeared from the area, including the endangered flamingo, Bolivia's La Razon reported.
The massive dry-up comes just years after Bolivia's Poopo Basin program received a US$15 million donation from the Europe Union in 2010 to support local conservation efforts.
According to former director of Bolivia's Department of Agriculture and Livestock Severo Choque, specific and adequate work on the lake "was not prioritized," even though various studies and agricultural and aquatic projects were undertaken with the funding, La Razon reported.
Researchers have pointed to climate change, including increasing frequency and intensity of the El Niño climatic phenomenon, as a key factor speeding up the lake's disappearance.
But local mining activity has also exacerbated the problem with contaminated sediment deposits building up in the lake.
Bolivia, among the developing countries hardest hit by climate change, has been on the front lines of demanding climate reparations that would see rich countries largely responsible for fueling climate change pay poorer countries to settle their historical carbon debts and help fund a global transition to clean energy.


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Anonymous said...

I remember spending years collecting data from all over in order to do weather modeling in the 1970s. The Carbon tax, that is claimed to go to assist climate change, will end up going into some ones pocket, and I am afraid, it is in the plan. From years of weather modeling, one can say, that climate changes,
And it will continue to change.
What is most amazing to me, is the climate change, along with increase in earth quakes, along with increase in volcano eruptions, and the severity of the storms has increased, and by a lot, and also on every planet in our solar system. Shoot, Saturn tilted an additional 5 degrees, and Jupiter lost its huge red spots. I am not sure how carbon dioxide made those changes through out the solar system.

Gary Walton said...

Yeah, thats a very good point...

Jumpnjack55 said...

Hello everyone,
Climate change is a natural phenomenon. It is controlled by the Creator. There are tree trunks under the ice in northernmost Canada, dinosaur fossils in Antarctica, tree stumps in the Sahara and on and on and on. The climate change at this time is for a specific reason. Find out here;


and here:

I know, I know, I am just another Bible nut but just think about it.

Gary Walton said...

Well no...You are right, everything is controlled by the creator and thanks for the input!