Sunday, 13 December 2015

Gulf of Mexico coastal area now closing beaches due to Red Tide algae bloom: States of Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana: Danger to humans and marine life!

A "red tide" algae bloom in the Gulf of Mexico has led to the closing of Mississippi beaches, and the shutdown of oyster harvesting areas in Mississippi and Louisiana, and warnings of potential fish kills and human health problems in Alabama.
Health officials say red tides release toxins that can contaminate shellfish and kill finfish.
They also can cause human respiratory problems, along with irritation of the nose, throat or eyes. Mississippi officials closed all beaches and oyster reefs Friday.
In Louisiana, officials closed oyster harvesting areas 1 through 7 along the state's southeastern coast. In Alabama, health officials warned that anyone with respiratory problems should avoid mists from the affected waters - meaning people may want to avoid the beach despite unseasonably warm temperatures.

It comes only days after 40,000 acres of seagrass was reported dead or dying in the Florida Everglades National Park due to  massive algae blooms, drought and high temperatures.


30 dead seals, 18 dead dolphins, pelicans and other birds found dead along the coast of Peru: Starvation thought to be the cause

40,000 acres of seagrass dead or dying in the Florida Everglades National Park: Drought and high temperatures blamed!

Red tide bloom responsible for the death of tons of fish moves into Manatee and Pinellas counties: Florida officials are still playing down the problem

Ecological 'disaster' after tanker spills oil onto Sakhalin shore North Pacific: Bad weather preventing clean up amid fears for endangered sea lions.

Hundreds more dead whales found in Chile! "It was an apocalyptic sight. I'd never seen anything like it," Vreni Haussermann of the Huinay Scientific Center.

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