Sunday, 4 January 2015

Amazing 44-second meteor might be space debris reentry

After a dramatic showing on December 28, locals in Santa Rita Do Pardo in Brazil are still puzzling over whether an alleged meteor shower was in fact a UFO sighting.
According to UFO Sightings Daily, the alleged UFO sighting was spotted for over 45 minutes starting around 2:10 a.m.
While some believe it could be a meteor shower, other affirm the sighting was too slow to be one. "After the flash in the sky, a roar, a scare and many doubts lurking Santa Rita do Pardo, fireballs were seen in this [madrugada]," stated an alleged eyewitness account.
According to this account, an object fell into the backyard of farmer Farcisco Souza Danta's backyard shortly after the loud noises.
Allegedly, this object was 1.7 meters in length and weighed roughly 50 pounds.
This is not the first time a UFO sighting has been claimed in Brazil.
On October 15, a bright flash of light illuminated Brazil's Recife region when an alleged UFO fell in the area.
"The flash lasted about five seconds with intense light coming from the object," said an eye witness on the Recife Astronomy Society Facebook page.
"A flaming ball broke apart as it fell towards the ground."
According to The Mirror, this UFO sighting has similarly been categorized as a "meteor falling from a meteor shower.


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