Monday, 27 October 2014

Gulf Stream Stalling? Colder than average area grows by nearly 300% in two weeks!

Written and analyzed by Gary Walton

Just over two weeks ago I posted an article "The Day AfterTomorrow" Is the "Gulf Stream" stalling?  a huge area of the Gulf Stream was showing a colder than normal sea surface anomaly while most of the rest of the Northern Hemisphere oceans were warmer than normal, I am not an expert by any means so I am quoting NOAA here: Analysis from NOAA satellites shows that sea surface temperatures in September 2014 were well above normal. In fact, 60% of the Northern Hemisphere ocean surface was 0.5°C or more above the 1981-2010 average. Intrigued I downloaded a screen grab from the Earth Wind Map below, which seemed to agree with the data from NOAA showing the sea surface temperature anomaly, see below, the huge area of blue being the area colder than normal, this was 11-10-14.
I went back to The Earth Wind Map today and to my shock and surprise I noticed the colder than normal area (Temperature Anomaly) had ballooned in size by nearly 300%, stretching from Iceland all the way down to the Canary Isles, (from Alaska to Mexico in comparison) see above! In just over two weeks the colder area has grown by literally thousands of square miles......27-10-14.  

NOAA showing Pacific warmer and the Gulf Stream cooler than average.
 NOAA's satellite Data does agree with the  The Earth Wind Map images above but unfortunately the last update from NOAA is two and a half weeks old. Analysis from NOAA satellites shows that sea surface temperatures in September 2014 were well above normal. In fact, 60% of the Northern Hemisphere ocean surface was 0.5°C or more above the 1981-2010 average. See below. An unlabelled version can be downloaded here.
Then there is a huge part of the gulf stream bigger than the area of the US which for some reason is colder than normal and it is the part of the gulf stream the U.K. and Europe rely on to keep their ports ice free and provide a temperate winter climate.
If the gulf stream has stalled the U.K. and Europe can expect a winter of devastation!

A vast amount of the Gulf Stream Colder than Average!

Taking Atlantic multidecadal oscillation, (AMO) into consideration surely the colder than average area should not have grown so vast so quickly?
As I said I am no expert in this field, if any one can help us understand this anomaly please feel free to post any quote or info below, thank you.

The last time Gulf stream failed to deliver was  Winter 1962/63 The Year The Gulf Stream Stalled
What happened in England that winter was like something out of the film 'The Day After Tomorrow."
Half a century ago the UK was in the grip of a brutal winter.
Cold weather reached the UK on 22 December 1962. Snow fell across Scotland on Christmas Eve before sweeping south. The Arctic weather didn't relent until March 1963.
Central England experienced its coldest winter since 1740. Rivers, lakes, and even in places the sea, froze over.
Winter 1962/63 the last time the gulf stream stalled: Archives NOAA

The conditions made for surreal scenes - people skating in front of Buckingham Palace, a man cycling on the Thames near Windsor Bridge, a milkman doing his deliveries on skis. For 62 consecutive days, snow lay on the ground in the south of England. The next highest number of snow lying days since then is a mere 10 in 1987.
On 31 December 1962 the Times reported: "Roads were impassable at hundreds of points, many towns and villages were cut off, railways were out of action at many places or struggling against long delays on other sections, and the airports were unable till late in the day to offer landing or take-off."
But the country was not crippled. Snow ploughs were deployed and the trains - mostly steam engines - got through.
 Vegetable prices shot up by as much as 30% as crops froze in the ground. But society continued to function despite the fact that average temperatures remained below freezing for two months.
"January that year was the coldest month since 1814. There was snow everywhere and strong winds from the north and east. It was unremittingly cold. "Most of England and Wales had a blanket of snow right through the month." In February 1963 a huge snowstorm struck Northern Ireland, south west England and Wales. That led to a fall of nearly 5ft (1.5m) in Tredegar in Monmouthshire - an "outstanding amount of snow", Mr Davenport said.

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Earthwind map



 Majority of Northern Hemisphere Ocean Temperatures are Above Normal but watch out UK!
Satellites: Majority of Northern Hemisphere Ocean Temperatures are Above Normal. Analysis from NOAA satellites shows that sea surface...

"The Day AfterTomorrow" Is the "Gulf Stream" stalling?
"The Day AfterTomorrow" Is the "Gulf Stream" stalling?
The weather almost brought the U.K. to its knees last winter when storm after storm battered Britain for four months...


Anonymous said...

I've been telling people that this will be the worse Canadian winter since weather records have been kept.

I so hope that I'm 100% wrong!

Anonymous said...

Anything NOAA or any liberal or government agency says on the weather cannot be taken seriously. They photo shop the information before the put it out for us to see. You are just as much an expert than any govt person who claim to have a degree in cover up.

The Big Wobble said...

Well lets hope I am wrong!

Anonymous said...

Al Gore approves of this article. Carbon Taxes for everyone, lol.

Anonymous said...

Is Al Gore still around?

Anonymous said...

PEOPLE WAKE UP! It's already reported ((by alternative news)) that the GULF STREAM STOPPED IN 2011, which regulates the JET STREAM over North ameriKa! I'm living in a world of zombified morons. Turn off your TV!

The Big Wobble said...

Well lets hope this is not a conformation...Thanks

Anonymous said...

Where can we get a recent satellite pic of the N Atlantic? I thought one of those satellites associated with water temps was giving false readings and I think it was that specific pic. Can we get a confirmation of this?

Gary Walton said...

Here you are and it agree's with the two above Unisys